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This original 1970s arcade machine was offered to me in 2011 by someone visiting this site. When it arrived at my home it needed a jolly good clean.and remove the spider which had taken up residence. Movement was restored to the puppets and the music played through presumably the original old 8 track. The problem was that it only came with a tape of fairground organ music which was quite bizarre when watching Sooty, Sweep and Soo. A number of options were explored for replacing the 8 track itself - none particularly viable and still the music was not the original.

12 months on and I was so very fortunate to be put in touch with Richard Cadell (owner of the rights to Sooty) who immediately offered his help and provided me with the original soundtrack and modern media with which to play it. Without Richard’s help the restoration of this machine would have stalled and I am extremely grateful to him.  Please enjoy.

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menucolours #FF0000
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