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Welcome to Sootyonline part 2.



All of the images on this site (except above) are taken from one of the largest private collections of Sooty memorabilia in the UK.

If you reached this site direct without coming via Sooty online (my first site) I hope you will take time to visit it. (This can be reached via the 'LINKS' button on the left). If you enjoy these sites please -

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As the first few buttons are of China made by KSP I think it's worth noting a brief run down of this company  see below:

Keele Street Pottery was founded in 1913/15, and was in production until 1950, when it was renamed Staffordshire Potteries Ltd. The letters 'K.S.P' occurs on all post-war products and a basic printed mark was introduced in 1962. .



1915 Establishment of Keele Street Pottery by C.H. Bowers, Elijah Brookes, J.Robinson, and H.W. Pitt

 1916 Commenced mass production of once fired egg cups

WWII Closed under Concentration of Industries Act and used by government to store shell cases

1946 Re-opened with 5 bottle ovens, producing once fired white cups

1947 Product range extended to include ornamental ware, cottage ware and other fancies

1947-1949 Acquisition of other companies

Paramount Pottery Ltd., Hanley (estd. 1946) “ white cups & cottage ware

Winterton Pottery Ltd., Longton (estd. 1927) “ dinner & tea wares

Thomas Cone Ltd., Alma Works, Longton (estd. 1892) “ dinner & tea wares

Collingwood Bone China Ltd. (estd. 1887)

Conway Pottery Ltd., Fenton (estd.1930) “ white cups

Piccadilly Pottery, Tunstall (estd. 1946) - wholesaler

Lawton Pottery, Tunstall

1949 49% of shares sold to South Western Industrial Gas and Water Corporation

1950 Name changed to Staffordshire Potteries Limited

1951 Became a quoted public company. Began to lease buildings at Meir Airport





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