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I just wanted to say how interesting your site is. As a 47 year old, it's great to see some of the paraphernalia, some of which I remember and some I don't. I'm now kicking myself for not buying some of it when I had the opportunity as it's like gold dust now. I particularly want to try and get hold of those rubber type charity pins from Help the Aged. So if anyone out there knows where I could get them . . .

Great site. Well done!
Posted by Tracy Appleton on 04 January 2013
sooty lamp
i have a sooty lamp anyone an idea of the value
Posted by frank on 03 July 2011
Lamp base
Hello, I have two Sooty items, one is the kneeling Sooty money box with red outfit the same as you have a picture of, I also have the same design piece but this is a lamp base. Sooty on this item has blue dungarees with a round hole in head and heel for the lamp fittings.Both are marked "1972" Have you any info who made these two items please. Thanks, Peter
Posted by PETER WHITE on 15 March 2011
Hello Sootyonline!

I stumbled on your site by accident and spent a happy hour or two re-living old memories. I'm 53 now, but it made me feel like a kid again.

Growing up in the 1960s, I was a big fan of Sooty and co while Harry was still looking after them. I watched the TV shows, collected the comics and annuals and even had a Sweep glove puppet. He was my favourite (don't tell Sooty, will you?)

Here's a little story for you. The dates and details may be a little out. My memory isn't what it was!

One year (probably around 1967) my Dad took me and my younger brother, who was about 4, to see Sooty & Sweep live on stage at The Civic Theatre in Chelmsford. I think it may have been a Christmas show. It was a lovely surprise, considering my Dad wasn't earning much in those days.

During the performance, Harry asked the children to put up their hands if they would like to go up on the stage for a chat. My little brother was the first to be picked. You can imagine how excited we were! I'll always remember that moment of glory:

Harry Corbett: "Hello little chap, and what's your name?"
My Brother: "Laurence"
Harry Corbett: "And how old are you, Laurence?"
My Brother: "4"
Harry Corbett: "And what would you like to be when you grow up, Laurence?"
My Brother: "A Man"

That brought the house down, and Harry found it difficult to talk for laughing so much. He seemed a lovely man - as I'm sure he was. I wish I still had the programme from that evening, as well as all the old comics and books. They would probably be worth a few pennies now...

Keep up the good work on the site. I'll be back!

Best wishes from Richard.
Posted by Richard on 08 February 2011
Sooty audio cassettes
Wow, you've got practically everything Sooty related. Brilliant collection and great to see the audio cassettes you own too. Any chance you can say what tracks are on the Songs From The TV Show Vol.1 tape as there's no record of it online? Thanks for sharing and hope you keep adding more.
Posted by Mark on 06 December 2010
This website
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