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26th August 2018

Before you read any further, be aware that these are PRIVATE home-owners
being offered derisory valuations for their homes, and being forced into rented
accommodation. They are NOT council house tenants being forced to move.
THEY STAND TO LOSE THEIR HOMES. Imagine yourself in the same position.
Imagine a letter through YOUR door this morning, from the local council,
informing you that you have to move. You won't get enough for a new home.
You won't be supplied with a replacement home. Not good, is it? Now read on.

For real politics, don’t look to parliament...

Failed Architecture

Polystyrene blocks with all the the flammable qualities of the tiles you
have been told are not safe on your ceilings,
are being fixed to Wooden-walled houses!

The ONLY buyer for your home now is a HOUSING ASSOCIATION - LOOK OUT!

Who will buy the new houses?   How long will they last?  MORE dodgy-dealings with Tesco

The 'Masterplan' Explained.... or, how to try and take people's homes from them,
then tell them you are doing them a favour.

"AFFORDABLE" HOUSING - what a joke.  GENTRIFICATION, and not just in Gosport

Vote Nobody!

www.tommyshouse.co.uk  =  a (decent) £60,000 house

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