Modern Eye Care in Scotland..
13 May 2019

Club member and optometrist Eric Govan, was speaker at the 13th May meeting and had as his topic ‘modern eye care in Scotland’.

We heard that the modern term ‘optometrist’ is now used in place of the older ‘optician’ (and various other terms) as it is protected since a 1989 Act, which legally defines qualifications and training that are required in order to practice. We also learned that it is only since 2006, in Scotland, that the role of optometrists has been extended to include additional - and important - primary checks on eye health. The additional responsibilities involved retraining.

The talk proved to be extremely interesting, with much detail about modern eye testing and especially about the treatments now available for conditions such as cataract, diabetic damage, trauma damage and glaucoma. Eric illustrated his talk with pictures of some of the techniques and procedures now in use. It was reassuring to learn of the progress that has been made by the profession over the years; progress that greatly benefits us all.

Just one example is in the treatment of cataract, which is now a safe and painless procedure. The cloudy natural lens is removed and a replacement artificial lens immediately inserted, to provide immediate good vision - usually without the need for corrective spectacles. Not so long ago the natural lens was removed with no replacement; meaning a lifetime use of heavy correcting spectacles - and a loss of peripheral vision.  

A most interesting talk and, following questions, a vote of thanks was proposed by Ian Kennedy.


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