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Perfect Pitch, is a rare auditory phenomenon characterized by the ability of a person to identify or re-create a given musical sound.

This is a rare trait. Studies show around one in ten thousand people have perfect pitch however many never discover they have it. ... It's natural and one instantly just knows the pitch (Interestingly, people with perfect pitch have a higher incidence of synesthesia).

Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. Another form of synesthesia joins objects such as letters, shapes, numbers or people's names with a sensory perception such as smell, color or flavor.

How can you tell if you have perfect pitch

One way would be the ability to voice any note when prompted. For example, have a friend call out random notes on the scale while they're checking a tuner app on their phone. It's your job to repeat the note, singing it in perfect tune.

Another way would be the opposite of that: Have a friend sit at a piano and randomly hit and hold keys. It's your job to say what note it is without looking at the piano.

It's a neat trick that some are gifted with naturally, but it can be trained. Many people feel that Relative pitch is more useful, but most would agree that training to develop both would be best for musical ear training.

Do all singers have perfect pitch?

No, most singers have relative pitch- they have the ability to pitch the note via an instinctive/ or hard-wired awareness of the interval between pitches. ... As Isaiah notes, the ability to sing "relatively" on pitch is what's needed. Most folks can hear pretty accurately when a note is wrong.

Playing Aids

Included on this website, mainly to benefit Music Teachers so that they can refer their pupils to the content, is a random selection of Youtube videos.   Each video is related to pitch in one way or another so that a better understanding is achieved. 

The main advantage of presenting tutorials in the form of a video is that sight and sound are combined in a way that can be repeated over and over again until the subject matter is understood.

Often several videos deal with the same subject, the advantage being that a different approach often results in a better understanding.   A search on the Internet often finds more videos that may be helpful.  This website just gives a taste of what is available.


The administrators of this website are grateful for the share facility provided by Youtube and thank those involved in their production.

The selected videos give a taste of what is available on Youtube and indicate how the Internet can help those involved with music.

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