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To Book Hall

Function / Clubs / Individuals

To check date availability, price and to book the Hall or Meeting Room email Munlochyhallbookings@gmail.com or phone the Bookings Secretary Marion on 07765 806539.

If the date and booking is acceptable, two hard copies of the appropriate booking form and one copy of the Munlochy Hall Safety Plan will be forwarded to you. One copy of the booking form should be completed and signed, and returned as per the instructions on the form. A copy should be retained by you.

Payment can be made by BACS or by cheque. Your cheque should be made out to Munlochy Hall Management Commitee. BACS details will be on your invoice.

The key to the Hall can be obtained from the key security box, located on the front door. Code will be given prior to hire.

Kitchen facilities are available, including fridge, cooker, urn, crockery and cutlery. NO cooking is allowed in the Kitchen, it is only to be used to prepare, heat/reheat food items.

The Hall maintains a PRS Licence so recorded music can be played at a public event.

The main Hall seats up to 150 theatre style, and 200 for a dance.

The Hall Safety Plan can be viewed by clicking here.  




There are 3 separately controlled temperature zones for the heating system, each with its own wall mounted thermostat.

Main Hall

The thermostat is mounted on wall on the left as you come through the small gate.
The thermostat is set at a minimum temperature 12°C and cannot be turned below this – do not use any force to turn dial below this.
If the hall is below your required temperature then turn up thermostat.
Please remember to turn thermostat back to its pre-set locked position of 12°C before you leave the hall.

Pre-school Room and Toilets

The thermostat is mounted on the emergency door in the Pre-school Room (this Room is located at the rear of the Hall next to the ladies toilets).

Pre-school Room
This room has radiators with thermostatic valves – please do not adjust settings on the radiator valves as Pre-school will have set these at the required setting.

There is restricted access to this area however the temperature is kept at an optimum temperature.

The radiators in the toilets have been put at setting 2. Please leave at this setting.

Kitchen, Pool room and upstairs Meeting Room

The thermostat is mounted on the wall in the corridor, opposite the upstairs Meeting Room door.

The thermostat is set at a minimum of 10°C.

When a higher temperature is needed, firstly turn the thermostat up to the required heat.

Each of these rooms has radiators with thermostatic valves. You may adjust the setting on the radiators to the required heat, having set the thermostat, as above.

Please remember to put the radiators back to setting one when leaving the room.
Please remember to turn thermostat on the corridor upstairs back to 10°C before you leave.

The heating system will only function correctly if all doors between ZONES are kept shut. When you leave the hall it is important that you shut all doors.

We would be grateful for your help in following these operating instructions. We must keep heating costs as low as possible. If the heating is left on overnight, or over the whole week-end, it is very expensive for the Hall. The Hall does not have a janitor, and the responsibility lies with each user or user group. 




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