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For Current Weather Conditions at Luccombe, see the "Weather" page.


 I am now using Cumulus software to update the weather data on a daily basis whenever possible. I will also be providing updates at 15 minute intervals at certain times. You can view the recently downloaded data as well as archived data by clicking the Met Office 'WOW' or Weather Underground links on my "Weather" page.


For current and archived weather information for Luccombe, Somerset, click the "WEATHER" tab above, where you will also find details of the equipment in use.

5-Day Met.Office Forecast for Porlock

(nearest available- 2 miles N.W. of Luccombe)

This Porlock weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget







Views of Luccombe


Rush Hour at Luccombe

(For more "Red Boxes" see Gallery 3 in Monochrome Section)


Luccombe: The Square circa 1900.


Mango - Tiverton's Famous Tesco Cat !

"Being open 24 hours a day requires extra sleep." -Mango, 28th August 2015.

If you are ever visiting the Tesco Superstore in Blundells Way, Tiverton, don't forget to look out for Mango, who can usually be seen cat-napping in a comfortable spot in the store's foyer. A stroke or gentle pat on the head seems to be tolerated. For more information, go to Mango's Facebook Page.


You may not be aware that when an air ambulance is needed in this part of West Somerset, it is not the Dorset and Somerset service from Henstridge on the Dorset/Somerset border that attends, but the Devon Air Ambulance helicopter from Eaglescott Airfield near Great Torrington.

While in no way wishing to detract from the excellent service provided by the former, if you are interested in supporting the Devon Air Ambulance, click on "DEVON AIR AMBULANCE" for more information. Among their fund-raising activities, they hold a weekly lottery with good cash prizes.


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