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The killing of Mary Poulter

My dear mother, Mary Poulter, 69, was murdered by a nurse on the instructions of a doctor. An investigation would reveal that the murder was carried out under the guise of the Liverpool Care Pathway - a 'pathway' allegedly devised to alleviate end-of-life suffering, but which serves as a front for the government's population reduction programme: consequently, the police do not investigate, and the Crown Prosecution Service discontinues private prosecutions.

The LCP involves the withdrawal of prescribed drugs, fluids and nutrition. This distresses, dehydrates and starves the patient, who cannot communicate because s/he is placed under deep sedation with morphine and other respiratory depressants. It can take patients up to two weeks to die. Many doctors regard such 'care' as torture and murder - for which those responsible should be prosecuted.

The government offers financial incentives to place patients on the LCP and there are cases where doctors appear to have been bribed by relatives who were beneficiaries to the patient's estate.


Why was she killed?

My mother was not in pain nor terminally-ill: she was recovering from a chest infection and I intended to nurse her back to health. She was placed on the LCP without our knowledge and consent, transferred to Kirkwood Hospice 'to convalesce', then heavy sedation began after her private homoeopathic nurse prescribed a remedy to aid her recovery. She was rendered comatose by unnecessary administration of diamorphine to prevent her communicating. Mary had reason to alter her will - and would have done so had she not been terminated. Was there a double incentive?


Who is responsible?

To obtain justice for my mother, and safeguard the public, those directly and indirectly involved in her death must be held to account:

Dr Christopher D Robinson, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (signed Do Not Attempt Resuscitation order, without consent)

Dr David C Currie, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (signed Do Not Attempt Resuscitation order, without consent)

Dr Peter H Fitton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (issued instructions to nurse to withhold prescribed drugs, fluids and nutrition, and administer diamorphine until death, without consent)

Nurse Julia Carter (now Greenwood), Leeds, West Yorkshire (followed doctor's orders).

Mrs Christine Springthorpe, Manager of Kirkwood Hospice, Huddersfield.

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