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Welcome to the post pages of Jeffrey Davies, a regular contributor to the Neath Ferret - the No.1 Social media website in Wales for news and discussion on current affairs.

Jeff digs and delves for news that you would not normally see and pastes it on to this website

Jeffrey delights in doing long posts which the Neath Ferret cannot handle because of space constraints, therefore this dedicated website will endevour to handle it

Regular readers will have noticed that Jeffrey has the unique ability of finding news outside the box while endeavouring to overcome a form of what he says is dementia - what appears to readers as some sort of dyslexia - a problem with words - although this does not apply to what he copies and pastes.

Jeffrey must be admired for his determination to get his views in print.   Readers will hopefully make appropriate allowances for the effort made which is without the aid of grammar and spell checkers.   Everything is printed as written so that the problem is clearly visible.

It can therefore be said that this is an unique way of reporting and showing up a problem so that others may fail to understand. No use is made of a computer  correction programme, which perhaps another person would do to mask the problem.

It is published, in good faith and as written to show how Jeffrey is making the effort when many others would sit back and give in.

Also it is a challenge for computer programmers to come up with something that can help in the way of dictation - which we understand already exists.   At the very least, we hope that we are making them aware of a root problem.

We sincerely hope that writing is a form of therapy for Jeffery and that it keeps his mind active.   For his long posts he copies and pastes most of his material after first selecting the subject.  This proves to us that he is computer literate.    Indeed, perhaps this website may lead to further aids for anyone with a similar problem.

Included in the menu is a number of other websites giving some useful information on DEMENTIA.

Finally, we must add that Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have dealt with dyslexia, as indeed have many other notable people.  As far as dementia is concerned, it is something that is not often highlighted as it is done on this website - so we hope that we have inspired those with similar problems.

If anyone wishes to respond to Jeffrey they may do so on the Twitter page of the Neath Ferret.

Other contributors to the Neath Ferret also have their own pages, see LINKS on Neath Ferret,  each allowed independent unedited freedom.

To sum up:  This website aims to help Jeffrey and others like him by trying to understand dementia related problems while allowing him to express his views in print.



Jeffrey Davies is responsible for the content of this website, which is printed as written. It is published in good faith and to highlight what Jeffrey calls dementia.

The administrators are not responsible for the advertisements that are put on by the hosting service and do not endorse them in any way whatsoever.

No responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or the content of any third party website linked with this one.

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