11 September 2020
Last big News and Stats post before our 2020 Event

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the last big news and stats update before our event next weekend.

So, so much has been going on I'm not too sure where to start.

We survived the UK governments changes in legislation, and this has been verified by our event Patron Frank Woodford MBE who has access to the House papers, and Denbies Team management too.

We have a hand sanitiser station at Denbies, instructions on the use of it in your Welcome and Info Packs, signage to remind you to social distance, will be policing the new government ruling of no more than six people around any one car or trade/club stand, and doing our best to keep everyone safe. We will also have a limited supply of masks should anyone need one.

Your Access Pass is the key to everything on the day.. it needs to be displayed on the dashboard for entry, & award judging (which is going on through the day). You need to take it with you into Denbies to claim your 10% discount on food via the conservatory restaurant or food hatch, and it is your entry into the Prize draw at the end of the day.

Frank Woodford MBE will be arriving by helicopter on the day at arounf 10:45am, and leaving mid afternoon. At these times please keep children and pets safe, and away from the helicopter, and follow the instructions of marshals throughout - they are there to help keep you safe. 

We have the biggest event ever this year with more Jaguar models than ever, and spanning from the 1950's right through to 2020 (and yes the 50's does pre-date me before you ask :-))

Covid has had a huge effect on our event, with a stack of new procedures being added to how we run, health and safety concerns coming to the fore, and even managing to run the event at all.

It has also had a devastating effect on our event sponsors' capability to support us. As a result you may find less trade stands than you might have expected, & the Welcome Packs are not as well populated as you are used to. A few of our sponsors have really stepped up to the plate though despite everything. For example we are hoping to have our 2021 Calendar available at the event (its going to be close) and it has been produced in close association with Scratchshield, in support of the RNLI - a massive Thankyou to them for this - our first ever calendar, with our members Jaguars featured throughout :-)

Our Pease Pottage start point has been reduced to a meet and greet service to minimise contact - please ensure you know your Access Pass number in order to get booked in and receieve your Welcome pack or Info pack ()noting that these have all been in storage for one week prior to the event to ensure they do not carry Covid.

At Denbies you will need to log in again with the marshals (all part of track and trace) and please follow their instructions carefully so we can get everyone in, and settled as quickly as possible.

The start of event speech (itinerary in your pack) is important to listen out for as you will learn about any changes to the itinerary, last minute info, and learn who needs to have their Jaguar ready for judging when.

I will let you know more as and when I know it.... :-)

Meanwhile, please take a look at the span of Jaguar models, and years we have this year (noting that I am not known for accuracy and am dependant on the info you guys have given me :-))

Daimler Double Six x 1
Daimler Sovereign x 1
D-Type x 2
E-Type x 6
F-pace x 4
F-Type x 19
F-Type R x 8
F-Type SVR x 2
F-Type S x 4
I-Pace x 1
Jaguar 420 x 2
Mk II x 2
Mk IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-type x 5
S-Type (Classic) x 2
S-Type R x 10
XE x 9
XF x 14
XFR x 1
XFRS x 7
XFS x 2
XJ6 x 6
XJ8 x 5
XJ220 x 1
XJL x 2
XJR x 18
XJS x 5
XK x 9
XK150 x 4
XK8 x 24
XKR x 32
X-Type x 7

1959 x 3
1960 x 1
1962 x 1
1964 x 1
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1968 x 1
1969 x 1
1970 x 1
1971 x 1
1972 x 1
1973 x 1
1975 x 1
1986 x 1
1989 x 1
1990 x 2
1992 x 1
1993 x 1
1994 x 2
1995 x 5
1996 x 4
1997 x 3
1998 x 6
1999 x 1
2000 x 4
2001 x 4
2002 x 8
2003 x 14
2004 x 12
2005 x 6
2006 x 7
2007 x 12
2008 x 8
2009 x 2
2010 x 10
2011 x 7
2012 x 5
2013 x 4
2014 x 12
2015 x 12
2016 x 16
2017 x 5
2018 x 6
2019 x 6
2020 x 7

Please have a great (and safe) weekend, and don't forget this weekend is the perfect time to start getting your Jaguar ready for the biggest JaguarForumsUK Great British Day Out ever run.. 

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