01 August 2020
Just 50 days to go - update on models and years attending

Welcome to our weekly stats.. we now have just 50 days until our Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners, and our event is tarting to take on it's final look.

This week we opened up an additional 50 places, taking us to a maximum number of 200 attending Jaguars, and within 48 hours we were down to just 36 places available - so if you haven't registered for our event yet please do so soon before these last few extra places disappear.

I have been working hard regarding trade involvement - we still have all our sponsors onboard, but very few are actually up and running or feel able to support us this year. We do still have some support though, and I am working on expanding that if at all possible.

At the same time the degree of club involvement has been increasing this year, which is fantastic as the events mantra is to connect you guys with the incredible support network out there and clubs and forums are always the best first port of call - and this year we can connect you with more clubs than ever before.

Our Welcome Packs have been reworked a little - Theresia, my far better and more organised half, has been looking at the Welcome Packs and what we can do, and has introduced some new tweaks you will hopfully enjoy on the day.

Our Welcome Pack Information packs (really poor grammar there :-)) are now 80% complete and should be ready in time, and contain much more information than ever before - again a plus regarding our Welcome Packs.

I have been watching the government statements regarding Covid19, and we are currently still fine and within the law to run, and as you know we are ensuring we meet Track & Trace requirements, and not only have a Covid Hand Sanitising Station at the event but are also including instructions in every Welcome Pack on how to sanitise correctly to W.H.O.standard, and we will have a (limited) supply of masks available on site too for anyone who feels they need the additional protection.

OK, onto the stats for the week....

Our forum threads have now received over 52,000 views
Our Facebook Group now has 1091 members
Our Twitter feed has 880 followers
Our Instagram feed has 1679 followers
We have 165 Jaguars registered, spanning an incredible 61 years of production

Our top 5 countries visiting our event website are (in order of numbers):
1) UK
2) United States
3) Germany
4) Hong Kong
5) Spain

A massive warm welcome to everyone in Hong Kong and Spain - new to our top 5 list.

I know a number of you are likely wondering what models you will see on the day, and what years are being represented on the day - so (subject to the info I have been given, and any errors on my part - plus generations have not been split) here is the breakdown of what you can meet on the day:

By year of production:

1959 x 2
1964 x 1
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1972 x 2
1973 x 1
1975 x 1
1990 x 1
1994 x 1
1995 x 5
1996 x 2
1997 x 3
1998 x 5
1999 x 1
2000 x 2
2001 x 2
2002 x 6
2003 x 10
2004 x 9
2005 x 6
2006 x 5
2007 x 10
2008 x 7
2010 x 6
2011 x 7
2012 x 2
2013 x 3
2014 x 13
2015 x 6
2016 x 11
2017 x 3
2018 x 4
2019 x 5
2020 x 4

By model:

D-Type x 2
E-Type x 3
F-Pace x 4
F-Type x 17
F-Type R x 3
I-Pace x 1
Jaguar 420 x 1
Mark II x 2
Mark IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type x 3
S-Type R x 7
S-Type (Classic) x 2
XE x 3
XF x 15
XFRS x 8
XJ x 5
XJ12 x 1
XJ220 x 1
XJ40 x 1
XJ6 x 3
XJ8 x 4
XJR x 12
XJS x 2
XK x 8
XK150 x 2
XK8 x 17
XKR x 24
X-Type x 5

That's it for this week on the stats front.. please continue to keep yourself, your family and your Jaguar(s) safe, and if you are not registered yet please consider it soon before the last few places have gone. If you have registered - I am doing everything I can to ensure you have a fantastic day out :-)

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