28 July 2020
JUST 53 DAYS TO GO - very latest update *PLEASE READ*

Hi Guys,

I know it has literally just been a few days since Friday (Stats and News day) but a lot is currently going on regarding our event, and I need to update you all on things - if I don't update you now I will likely forget to mention to you guys until Friday as those of you who know me will likely have found out over the years.. yes I remember everything, but if I don't then act on it, I usually forget again lol :-)

OK, onto the news.

We have pretty much filled up our 150 attendee Jaguar slots, as of yesterday! On the one hand absolutely incredible - I genuinely did not think when we postponed the event in May, that we would be so well subscribed for the September date - an absolutely massive Thankyou to everyone - I am doing my very best for you guys to give you the best post lockdown event possible.

This has led to the opening of a further 50 slots.. so anyone who has yet to register for our Great Day Out for Jaguar Owners still can, but with some clubs expanding their allocated areas quite quickly, I would recommend registering as soon as you can to guarantee your slot. This is the very final 50 places as it takes us to the maximum number of Jaguars we can cater for with what our sponsors have agreed to supply us with this year.

As you all know, the lockdown has lead to a lot of businesses temporarily closing, or just working with a skeleton staff, and venues have been in short supply for events such as ours. We were very furtunate in that we were able to rebook our slot with Denbies, and it has worked very well with the timing of lockdown restrictions being eased. It has not been the same story for a number of clubs, and as a result of this we have agreed to loan a section of our field on the day, near the trees at the rear, and the helipad, to the Official Bentley Owners Club. They are in no way connected with our event, and there will be a physical gap between their event and ours.. so nothing is changing regarding our event, the vibe, or what we are up to, however we are doing what we do best and being inclusive, and supportive of the greater community that we are a part of. They will have their own unique passes for access, but will not be included in the awards or prize draw.

Other news for you is that I am just waiting on the preliminary layouts of our calendar to become available, I am still very much on the case with our event sponsors and have managed to get the beginnings of our Welcome Packs pledged and on their way to me, some of the prizes for the prize draw are in the post, and over the next couple of days I am hoping to get 80% of the information pack content of the Welcome Packs printed up for you all with just the itinerary to finalise closer to the date and print up.

If you are a member of a club that would like a FREE club stand plot and maybe a club allocation area please put them in touch with me, as we still have some space available for them, also if you run a business that supports Jaguars - be it part supply, maintenance, servicing or ancilliary services and would like a FREE trade plot on the day please get in touch with me whilst we still have some plots available. Just email me at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com and I can send you all the info you need, and get you booked in.

Finally, I am still in discussions with the majority of our sponsors, so the itinerary is going to possibly change before the day itself - hence I am holding off printing up the itinerary for you until I am sure.

Oh, one last thing, yep always something I forget to mention - as of today Denbies have just agreed to the 'usual' 10% discount in the self service restaurant downstairs in the main building, which is incredibly generous of them in view of the circumstances this year.. Just state you are with the JaguarForumsUK event when ordering your food to obtain your 10% discount on the day.

Don't forget to register your Jaguar for one of the few events still running this year, whilst we still have 50 places available, and if you would like a club or trade stand plot on the day please, please get in touch.

Please keep yourselves, your families, and of course your Jaguars safe wherever you are, and I look forward to meeting you on the day :-)

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