29 May 2020
This weeks news & stats for you

Welcome to our usual Friday News and Stats bringing you up to date with our event :-)

A massive Thankyou goes out to everyone who has submitted images of their Jaguars for the 2021 Calendar, I really appreciate it, and don't forget all proceeds from calendar sales go to the incredible RNLI, and it could be YOUR Jaguar on walls around the world through 2021 :-)

It has been a huge success so we are extending the time you have to get any last minute entries in, and you now need to get your entries in by midnight on the 5th June - so if you haven't had a chance to organise a photo, or get it in to us you now have a few more days to do so.. and voting on the images will start on the 6th June.. Good luck!

I have (as has everyone) been watching the news intently for news regarding outdoor events and as of Monday outdoor markets are being allowed, and a few weeks later indoor markets, so I am now 80% sure we will be Ok with our new dateof the 20th September as long as we practice social distancing, supply sanitiser etc etc.. so, if you haven't signed up for our 2020 event yet, please do.. we would love to have you and your Jaguar with us on the day. I believe we will be one of the first grassroot Jaguar events back up and running post lockdown too, helping Jaguar owners reconnect with our event, and the incredible support network that we work with, heping support you and your Jaguar.accomopdation with

Those of you who have booked accomodation for our event using our attendee deal, please check your booking has been moved forweard correctly to the new date as we have had a couple of attendees whose bookings were not moved forward correctly - so please check your bookin, and if there are any issues or problems drop me a line at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsUK.com and I will follow things through for you.

Our event website has been growing and is well worth checking out if you get the opportunity, and this weekend we are reviewing a bargain basement rear view mirror with built in dashcam for those of you with limited windscreen estate and/or a limited budget - again well worth checking out.

OK, here are this weeks stats for you, so you can see how we are doing as we approach our first ever autumn event:

We have receieved an incredible 42,849 hits on our forum threads
Our Facebook Group is still growing and now has 961 members
Our Instagram account now has 1537 followers
Our Twitter account is stable at 856 followers
Our Telegram Chat Group is also stable at 36 members

This week we have a new lineup of countries that have been visiting our event website, and we welcome a new country :

1) UK
2) Germany
3) US
4) Bangladesh
5) Canada

That's it for this week - please, please keep yourselves, your families, and of course your Jaguars safe wherever you are and don't forget to get those images in for the 2021 Calendar, and to make sure you have signed up for our first ever Autumn event this 20th September :-)

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