10 April 2020
Our Friday Stats for you this Easter Friday

Hi Guys and Welcome to our usual Friday Stats :-)

In amongst all the news regarding our event this week, the most important things is that you keep yourself, and your family safe, wherever you may happen to be, as we want to see you safe and well (and your Jaguar) at our next event, so please continue to take care, wherever you are, until this pandemic is under control.

As you will be aware, we have moved the date of our 2020 Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners to the 20th September - and potentially our first ever autumn event for you guys. Our choice of date seems to be in line with sporting organisations estimates of when events are likely to be resuming, so I am very hopeful that we can acheive a great day out for everyone this year this autumn.

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, we have understandably had no further signups for our event, however (unlike your average Jaguar event) things have been anything but quiet here :-)

I have managed to get all our archive images from our 2014 event right through to our 2019 event online on the event website for everyone.. just visit the 'Image Archive' tab on the website and you can check them out year by year :-)

Our event website (yep, still not a web designer lol) has also started to improve with a new, more subtle colour scheme, and the textual content being fine tuned with a few errors I finally spotted, being corrected.

Our Specialist Register now has its first recommended European specialist listed :-) If anyone has a specialist in their area in the UK, Europe or the world that they trust and recommend, please let me know as I can make sure our fellow Jagsters also know of them and can make contact with them if they need them.

As well as our website improving, with even more there to help connect you with anything you and your Jaguar need, our social media side has been developing in the past week, as more and more Jagsters are looking to connect with our event online. Our Twitter feed has remained fairly constant but our Facebook group, and Instagram accounts have been gaining followers like never before.

Our Instagram, & Twitter feeds are there to keep you in touch with the latest news, info, and pics from our event, whilst our Facebook group keeps you in touch with the very latest news from around the world about Jaguar, and what Jagsters are upto currently. Our Telegram chat group keeps Jagsters in touch with all the latest gossip and chat not just about our event but also everything around our event. And then there is our Facebook page which gives you a chance to check out our event and what is going on without getting too involved :-)

If you haven't checked out our event yet, please consider popping over to www.jaguarforumsUK.com and taking a look at us.. you will find clubs, forums, & specialists all there - enabling you to find any support you need for your Jaguar. Plus you can check out our Image Archive, story of the Marque, check out up and coming events around the UK and the world, and more.. and if you follow our Instagram feed, Twitter feed, or Telegram chat group, or our Facebook group you can keep up with everything that we are up to..

For those of you waiting on the stats this week - I have gone through everything and there is only a few figures that have really changed, or stand out, and I have listed them below for you:
An incredible 36276 forum thread hits
A massive jump to 895 people following our Instagram account
A huge increase to 917 Jagsters signed up with our Facebook group
A steady increase to 4971 people friending our Facebook page
A rock steady 628 people following us on Twitter
A huge (for us) 1246 Web Page hits

Top 5 countries visiting our website this week:

1 - UK
2 - Germany
3 - Australia
4 - Netherlands
5 - South Africa

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