31 March 2020
Time off... Jaguar time :-)

I know it's not a Friday, in fact it is only just a Tuesday but I just wanted to update everyone with regard to me, and what I am up to.. today is my last day working from home for my day job - as of tonight I will be in furlough leave - effectively time off work, but less money than ever and no where to go anyway :-( So whilst there will not be much going on in the way of event updates for a while I will likely be posting how I get on with all the outstanding jobs I can do on my S-Type with what I have available to me.. giving you a great chance to point out where I may be going about things wrongly, or even rightly, and maybe even giving anyone else who is off work ideas on what they can do for their Jag in this period with resources we all have to hand (and those of you who know me, know I have only ever had the basics - even that is debatable apparently lol)

Everyone please keep safe, at home, and taking care of those around you whilst I educate you all on how I do things here lol :-)

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