20 March 2020
Friday Update for you

Hi Everyone - it's Stats Friday *but* I am busy setting my day jobs' UK office staff up for a transfer to working from home. As of Monday night I believe that will include me too since most of my IT & Tech support I can do from home remoting onto users computers.

So, this week is more of a synopsis of where we are currently - rather than figures..

The majority of our event sponsors are happy to switch to our new date, and I believe that everyone who has booked a trade stand will still be doing so on our revised date.

We have only (so far) had one cancellation by an attendee (due to  a date clash) and have two more possible cancellations so have retained far more attendees than I had feared we might lose.

I don't believe there is anyone that I haven't either notified about the  change in date, or will be aware from our website, Facebook group, or Telegram chat group.

Our accomodation block has moved forward seamlessly retaining the current bookings, Denbies have cancelled our May booking and agreed our new booking date, and we are back to promoting our event, getting as many Jaguars signed up for the day as we can, and giving everyone a Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners this Autumn :-)

My focus, whilst we work through the Corona Virus, getting it under control, is to work on expanding what we offer Jagsters - to ensure that everyone can access the support they need for their Jag with more club listings, more specialists, promoting our chat group, and of course the Classifieds that allow you to buy and sell your jaguar parts safely and virus free :-)

I am extremely grateful for all the support I have had whilst getting everything moved around regarding our event - a massive Thankyou to everyone.. and now it is just a case of saying to you Please keep safe, as we want to see you at our next event - and if you know any great clubs and specialists our event website does not yet list please, please let me know.

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