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24 March 2020What can we all do to help in the current situation?

Hi Guys,

Just a very brief update in view of the current Corona virus situation here in the UK. Firstly I am now working from home and whilst everything is on hold regarding our event I will not be quite as busy with things here as I usually am. Secondly our Facebook group and Instagram membership/following is increasing quite quickly as people start to come to us for info on where to find support, parts, service, and general news.

If anyone has any suppliers, repairers, parts suppliers etc they are happy to recommend to Jagsters please let me know and we can pop them up in our Recommended Specialists section - noting it is not just UK specialists we need recommendations on, we need global recommendations from anywhere a Jagster may be.

Additionally if you know of a great Jaguar club able to offer local support for Jagsters, again anywhere in the world, please let me know and we can get the details up for everyone.

Whilst a lot of us are working from home, may have lost their job due to this virus, or are helping on the front line supporting and helping people please help us to keep Jagsters in touch with everything out there for them and lets look after one another as best we can.

There is so much you can do.. you could post any pictures of your Jaguars on the event Facebook group, maybe write a review of a gadget or product you have recently brought that we can put on the event website, recommend clubs or suppliers, or maybe write a 'do-it-yourself' article for our upcoming tech support section on our website covering a simple job on your Jaguar that is so much easier if you know the tricks to make it easier.. so go on, why not make use of your spare time and help us as a community to support all the Jagsters in our community? Help us all, by helping ourselves - hmm, it definitely did not sound like that in my head when I thought about what to put.. lol.. but if ever there was a time for us to help one another online, and develop our event resources to enable even more support for Jagsters - this is the time... please keep safe wherever you are, and help us to help support Jagsters, wherever they are, and their incredible Jaguars.  

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