Latest Event News.

Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here



15 November 2019Our Friday Summary and Stats for you...

It is that time of the week already, and our annual event has had another busy week here.

Our discounted accomodation deal for attendees travelling some distance has been proving popular, and as a result we have had to request additional rooms to be made available for us.

We have received more signups, which is fantastic - including a Project 7 & a Project 8 now signed up for our next event.

We have also officially launched our Christmas competition where you could win one of two wash systems from Scratchshield, or a car care hamper from Robornes.

On top of all this we also now have a great Christmas discount for you from Scratchshield giving you an incredible 20% off their entire product range..  to take advantage of this great offer (exclusive to JaguarForumsUK attendees) just go to their website at www.scratchshield.co.uk and use the code JAGXMAS19.

Our event patron Frank Woodford MBE has asked if our attendees can help him out regarding rear passenger mats for Jaguars. If anyone is happy to supply Frank with paper or card templates of their rear passenger mats, please contact him directly as this will help him to increase the range of Jaguars he can supply his luxury sheepskin mats for.

And, finally we are currently in discussions with two additional potential sponsors :-)

It's been a busy week :-)

Here are the stats for this week for everyone:

Our Facebook page has 4,954 friends
Our Facebook group is growing, and now has 732 members
Our Instagram feed has grown to 530 followers
Our Twitter feed is steady at 617 followers
We have 44 Jaguars and 82 attendees registered for our next event
We have 2 club allocated areas so far
We have 18 official sponsors and are in talks with two more potential sponsors
We have 8 Trade stands booked so far
We have 3 Club/Forum stands booked with us so far
We have 5 awards, you can win on the day, confirmed

Don't forget if you register for our event before the end of November you will be in with a chance at one of three great prizes being delivered to your home in time for Christmas, and if you want to treat your Jaguar this Christmas you can use the discount code from Scratchshield right through to the end of December this year.

14 November 2019Our Christmas competition has officially launched!

We have just launched our annual Christmas Competition - you can find all the information about the incredible prizes on offer, and how to enter under the 'Competition' tab!! Good luck everyone!!

14 November 2019Christmas Discount for Event Attendees!!

Ok Guys,
One other item of news for you (and yep this is before our Friday Stats day :-)) is that one of our incredible sponsors - Scratchshield are offering event attendees a fantastic 20% discount on their entire product range!
I have used this system for years now, and swear by it as it forces me to split the wash and rinse, allows me to have buckets specifically for car washing, are just large enough to wash both the S-Type and C1, can be used as seats, *and* they filter the water really cutting back on the scratches I used to get - I genuinely recommend them based on experience! Just visit them at www.scratchshield.co.uk and use the discount code JAGXMAS19 at checkout. Please note that this offer is valid until 31st December 2019.
Happy Christmas everyone :-)

12 November 2019Is your Jaguar attending our 2020 event? And is it in our incredible 2020 Gallery?

OK Guys, Our 2020 Gallery is looking great and is letting you see who, and what Jaguars, you are likely to meet at our next event but we do still have a few gaps..

if your access pass is one of the numbers below please consider sending a picture of your Jaguar, pass number, and a few details about it to gallery@jaguarforumsuk.com and I will pop it up in our gallery.. you are welcome to blur out numbers plates etc if you like.. no problem but please if you get a chance to email a photo up to us for the gallery, it would be fantastic......

002, 004, 006, 009, 010, 012, 017, 029, 032, 034, 036, & 039

A massive Thankyou in advance.. and don't forget to check out our 2020 Gallery at our website to see who else, and what models of Jaguar are already registered for our next event :-)

12 November 2019Project 7 & 8 attendance

We have just received confirmation that you will get to meet not only a Project 7 Jaguar, but also a 2020 registered Project 8 at our next event..

08 November 2019Our Friday rundown and stats for you

Welcome to our Friday stats, keeping you in touch with what we are doing, and how we are getting on with things.

It has been quite a busy week for the event with Frank Woodfords incredible VIP Weekend at the Waldorf draw for the RNLI closing, our annual Chistmas competition getting ready for it's launch at the end of this month, more Jaguars than ever registered for our next event, discussions with more potential event sponsors, and now promoting our supported charity, the RNLI, through our events' forum threads.

Time is running out to register for our next event, if you want to be included in our annual Christmas competition - we already have Scratchshield & Robornes supporting it, and everyone that has registered for our next event by the end of November will be in with a good chance of a great prsent from Santa for their Jaguar, delivered in time for the big day.

I know that everyone struggled with our weekly quiz this Monday, and we just had one person manage to answer all three questions correctly so to make our next quiz a little easier for you - please read up on Jaguars activities during the war - some info about Jaguar during the war period can be found on our website www.jaguarforumsuk.com, if that is of any help.

A massive Thankyou to everyone involved with our event - without you we could not even begin to manage everything we do, whether you be our Patron, Quiz Master, Adviser, Graphics Guru, Sponsor, Supporter, Attendee or Follower - you make our event what it is.. supporting Jaguar owners from all walks of life or financial situation whether their Jaguars are showroom, cherished classics, modern, customised, restored, project or even school run - all equally welcome and viewed equally.

OK, here are this weeks stats so you can see how we are doing..

Our forum threads have amasssed over 12,000 hits
Our Instagram feed now has 506 followers
Our Twitter feed has 619 followers
Our new event Facebook page has 4573 friends
Our Facebook group has 723 members
We have 18 confirmed sponsors
We have 8 Trade stands signed up so far
We also have 3 Club/Forum stands confirmed
We have 2 Club allocations reserved so far
We have 5 awards sponsored so far
We already have 39 Jaguars and 63 attendees registered for the event
The Jaguars registered so far are already spanning from 1972 to 2018

We are on schedule for our largest ever event, offering you a convoy/drive element plus main event, specialist advice and talks on site, some work being performed on site too (details to follow), class awards, a prize draw you are automatically entered in, photo opportunities with our event Patron and helicopter, discounted food/drink to ensure you don't go hungry, plus of-course must have items and services at show prices.

if you are travelling internationally without your Jaguar we can team you up with a British Jaguar owner that is attending, and if you need accomodation we have set up a special deal for event attendees at a hotel just four minutes drive from the start point with fixed price rooms including wifi, parking, and express breakfast so you don't have any surprises, *and* we know this hotel well, we have been using them for some years now so you are guaranteed a good nights sleep :-)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Jaguar weekend, and if you enjoy our weekly Jaguar Trivia Quizes I recommend reading up on Jaguars wartime work :-)

07 November 2019The JaguarForumsUK Annual Christmas Competition is coming

Our Christmas competition is launching shortly and is open to everyone who signs up for our next Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners before the end of November.

We already have pledges from two of our incredible event sponsors, and can guarantee at least three entrants are going to win a Christmas present from Santa this Christmas, for their Jaguars!

A massive thankyou to Scratchshield and Robornes/Leather Repair Company for their support of our Christmas competition :-)

02 November 2019New article online :-)

!!NEW!! After a week of reading books and poring over online information about Jaguars history our website now has a Jaguar Marque page which covers the history of Jaguar from inception to now. I apologise in advance for any omissions or errors but hope that it proves interesting reading for anyone who would like to know more about Jaguar. Jaguar has an incredible history, and I hope our new article encourages you to read up even further about the marque of Jaguar. You can access the new article under the 'The Jaguar Marque' tab

01 November 2019Our Friday news and update

Sorry our weekly stats update is a bit later today, but so much has been going on at this end I am somewhat behind schedule :-(

Our 2020 Gallery at our event website www.jaguarforumsuk.com is growing rapidly, and is well worth checking out so you can see what Jaguars you will be meeting on the day - a first for us, and I believe a unique feature for our event.

We have just started listing attendees on the event website - take a look under the 2020 Event tab and you can find everything there :-)

Registrations have been coming in steadily - don't forget you need to register before the end of November 2019 if you want to be in with a chance in our annual Christmas competition.

Our event now has forum threads, Instagram and Twitter feeds, it's website, an active Facebook group, and now rather than using my personal profile page on Facebook has it's own organisation Facebook page you can visit, leave reviews, connect with the group from and more.

I have been working on our Instagram & Twitter feeds this week to raise our profile there this week, and next week will be in contact with our incredible event sponsors to see what prizes will be available in our Christmas competition :-)

As you now know Frank Woodford MBE, our events Patron will be attending by helicopter, with photo opportunities and more - full details of his timings will be publicised shortly so you can make sure you are around for his entrance - again another first for our event.

I am also currently in talks with two potential sponsors, who I am hoping will come onboard with us next week..

So, a lot going on currently :-)

Here are the weekly stats for you so you can see how we are doing:

Our forum threads have recieved almost 11,500 hits so far
Our Twitter feed has 618 followers
Our Instagram feed has 479 followers
We have 39 Jaguars booked and 63 attendees
We have 2 club allocations confirmed so far
We have 3 Club/forum stands
We have 8 specialist trade stands
We have 18 sponsors confirmed and other enquiries ongoing
We have 5 awards confirmed so far..


29 October 2019Community Support !!NEW!!

OK guys, we have just added a new feature to our event website here at www.jaguarforumsuk.com which will extend the support we offer from suppliers, and specialists to now include our community and self help :-)

If anyone is good at something Jaguar related, be it mechanics, electrics, software, or even things such as how to service or maintain Jaguars and you would be happy to help out other Jaguar owning members please drop an email to us via info@jaguarforumsuk.com - you can be contactable just by email, phone or all methods, you are welcome to apply limits just let us know you are happy to help and you will be listed on our Community Help page as a contact.

It may seem scary to be listed, but it what we already all do via Jaguar forums, and even our Facebook group here and it just us helping ourselves, supporting each other - so no matter how small your specialist knowledge is why not put it to use helping us to help ourselves?

28 October 2019Quick update and request

A lot is currently in progress with our event - our RNLI draw for a VIP weekend at the Hilton, worth over £900 is almost finished - you just have until the 5th November to enter it, if you haven't already. ALL monies from this draw go to the RNLI.

Our next day out event, in March next year, has already been fully subscribed! Incredible

Plus, as you know, our weekly Monday quizzes are getting more entries each week.. there is no prize for winning by answering all three questions correctly, but you do get a less blue & more Jaguar orientated Monday *and* you get listed as one of most knowledgeable attendees :-)

Our 2020 gallery is doing well, but we do still have a few gaps.. if you have one of the following Access Pass numbers could you please email your Jaguars picture in, along with your pass number and a few details about your pride and joy and I'll get it popped up there for you..

002, 004, 006, 009, 010, 012, 017, 027, 028, 029, 032, 034, 035, 036. 037

If you your Access Pass is one of the above, please get in touch.. stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com

25 October 2019New event page on Facebook launched today :-)

Ok, Our event has got to a point where it's Facebook page shouldn't really be a personal profile page, so I have bitten the bullet and have transferred my personal profile page to an organisation page (well, as far as I can figure LOL) - this will make it easier for people to like and follow our event. Soooo - you need to bear with me while I get to grips with things, but fundamentally the page is now up and can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Steve-Sheldon-108510090577228/

Please feel free to pop by, and any advice at all in getting things set up better would be really appreciated :-)

25 October 2019Its Friday!! Here is our usual weekly update for you

Hi everyone - Welcome to Friday, and Stats day :-)

As always, it seems, it has been a busy week with more people getting all three Monday Mini Quiz questions right than ever before, a number of new registrations for our 2020 event (don't forget if you sign up before the end of November you can enter our Christmas competition free), more people than ever joining our active Facebook group, our new signage for our event is ready to be picked up today, and our event patron has announced he will be dropping in on our next event by helicopter (subject to weather and any unforeseen circumstances) with photo opportunities in support of the incredible RNLI.

We have also received quotes for some incredible windscreen stickers that are classic in style and perfect for Jaguar windscreens or rear windows, a member of our Facebook group has suggested a visual quiz for everyone, which is a great idea and may be started as a mid week quiz, if you guys are interested?

For the first time ever we have managed to publish a map of the location of the main element our event, showing the route in, and the layout to expect on the day, well in advance. As we get towards the day itself we will be able to publish the layout of the clubs, forums and specialists too so you know what to expect.

That reminds me, on the day the marshals will route you based on your access pass - if your access pass just has your number on it then you will be routed to one of the general parking areas, but if your pass has a club name on it you will be routed directly to that club's allocated area - it is one of several things that we have set in place this year to make everything quicker and smoother for you. We have the high vis vests so you can find event organisers easily, new signage to get you into the main event, new better layout, a more efficient start to the day (more info on that to follow), and your access pass gives you access to everything, with everything included in it bar food and drink - noting that as usual even the food and drink will be discounted for everyone :-)

if you haven't registered for next years event yet, and would love a chance at a great Christmas present for your Jaguar from Santa don't forget to sign up before the end of November.. it is just £5 via Paypal.. and you will not only be helping us do everything we do for you, but also helping to support the RNLI - just go to the 'Register Here' tab at www.jaguarforumsuk.com.

OK, here's this weeks stats for everyone:

Our forums threads have received over 10,500 hits
Our Twitter feed has 614 followeers
Our Instagram feed has 472 followers
Our Facebook Page has 4954 friends
Our Facebook Group now has an incredible 697 members
We have 18 confirmed sponsors
We have 8 speacialist stands
We have 3 forums/clubs involved so far
We have 5 confirmed awards you could win on the day

Attending Jaguars:

001 Steve Sheldon 2007 S-Type 2.7TD SE + 2
002 Marisca Urbanus-Van Den Honaard 1972 XJ6 + 2
003 Steve Slight 2002 XKR + 1
004 Jane Weitzmann 1994 XJ220 + 1
005 Andrew Burridge 2016 F-Type Manual + 2
006 F.E. Woodford RVO MBE 2015 XJ Portfolio 3.0 + 2
007 Martyn East 2001 XK8 + 2
008 Phil Norton 2008 XJR + 3
009 Richard Stacey 2003 S-Type R + 1
010 David Swaine 1998 XJ8 3.2 Auto + 2
011 George Boardman 2016 XF 2.0D Portfolio + 2
012 Moabutah 2012 XF PL + 2
014 Mark Lambourne 1995 XJR6 + 2
015 David Ruler 2006 XK Conv + 2
017 Farhad Alerasoul 2019 I-Pace + 2
018 Kevin Greenwell 1996 XK8 in Blue + 2
019 Malcolm Till 2005 S-Type 4.2 V8 + 1
020 Lee Chitticks 2004 S-Type R + 2
022 John Jackson 2017 F-Pace 3.0 Supercharged + 1
023 Gary Woodhams 2013 XJ Portfolio + 4
024 Anthony O'Hare 2014 XK Signature + 2
025 Mick Patrick 1995 XJR6 + 1
026 Grant Cambridge 2011 X150 XKR + 1
027 Paul Johnson 2016 F-Type S + 2
028 Neal Simpson 2014 XFS Portfolio Black Edition + 2
029 Vicky Fraser 2010 XF + 3
030 Alexander Bruce 2004 XJ8 SE in Platinum Silver + 2
031 James Spall 2002 X-Type 3.0 SE + 3
033 Jimbo Bradford 2014 XFR-S Sportbrake (modified) + 2
034 Richard Clark 2004 X-Type + 2
035 Wayne Turk F-Type + 2
---- Allocated Area for J.E.C. East/West Sussex
---- Allocated Area for Jaguar Breakfast Club
---- 016 Peter Simpson 2005 XK8 + 2
---- 021 Chris Jeffrey 2014 XFR-S Sportbrake + 1
---- 032 Alan Richell 1990 XJR-S + 1
---- 036 Carl Sweetzer 2014 XFR-S + 4
---- 037 Stephen Haynes 2007 XF + 2

Overall we are ahead of schedule with things this year which is fantastic - and we have the best organised, and largest event we have ever organised for you guys :-) A massive thankyou to everyone involved with our event!

24 October 2019Anticipated layout for 2020

Ok Guys, Courtesy of Google, here is a map of our event layout for our next event May 24th 2020. You will notice two things - one is that a layout of the main arena is not shown and will follow closer to the date - likely around February/March.. and the other is the H on the map..



As I mentioned we have a new feature for our 2020 event, and it is that our event Patron, Frank Woodford Frank Woodford Mbe will (subject to the weather and any unforeseen circumstances) making his arrival on the day by helicopter.

The helicopter landing site will be in the same field as the event, but a short distance from the main arena to ensure everyones safety - however there will be photo opportunities in support of the RNLI, and the work they perform.

More info to come on this between now and the event :-)

Meanwhile please remember that if you register for our event before the end of November you not only get everything related to our event on the day, bvut can also enter our Christmas competition free for a chance at a present from Santa for your Jaguar. Making our event not only a great day out for you and your Jaguar but also a great chance at a fantastic Christmas :-) All the info can be found on our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com #MayJagMeet


22 October 2019Announcement to come - a new feature for our 2020 event!

Information will follow in the next few weeks regarding a new feature for our 2020 event.... :-)

22 October 2019Our Marshalling 'Every Little Helps' Initiative launched today

OK Guys, Peter Simpson & I are launching a joint initiative for everyone that attends the Jaguar Breakfast Club meets, and our Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners.

Marshaling is absolutely critical for events, ensuring that everyone gets to where they need to be quickly and safely, and can just enjoy the day, and it involves people volunteering, and taking the first hour or so of their day to help others.

So, we have a deal for you - a little like the Tesco - 'every little helps' campaign lol

Anyone who helps with the marshaling at the Jaguar Breakfast Club for three or more meets between now and May 24th will receive either a free Access Pass to our 2020 Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners, or if you have already registered, a refund.

You do need to make sure Peter Simpson knows that you have helped three times in the period between now (22nd October) and May 24th in order to qualify for this.

18 October 2019Our Friday Update for you

Our mini event at Eastwell Manor last weekend, hosted by our event Patron, Frank Woodford MBE was a great success. It was a small intimate event with just 10 available slots and Frank arriving by helicopter :-) There will be another mini event coming soon - so please keep an eye out for it appearing online. Our mini events are really well worth attending.

We launched a new draw online, supporting the RNLI - a Fly n Drive Experience. All monies from this draw go to the RNLI, and you will have an incredible experience being flown by helicopter to Eastwell Manor, for a guided tour and lunch before being flown back.. full information can be found in our Facebook group - again really well worth entering.

We are still running the incredible VIP Weekend at the Waldorf draw, again with all monies going to the RNLI. It has a value of up to £955, and even includes heated underground parking for your Jaguar. Please consider entering it, as you are in with a great chance at the prize and you are helping the RNLI at the same time.

The clock is ticking regarding Registrations for our next event - if you want to register for our next annual event (the biggest event we have ever run for you Guys) AND be able to enter our Christmas competition for a chance to win a great Christmas present from Santa for your Jaguar you need to register before the end of November! If you register after the end of November you will miss out on our great Christmas competition. Full registration info is on our website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com under the tab 'Register Here'.

We are really happy to be able to announce that Chris Pethick of 'Banana Creative' has joined the team here, and as a consequence we already have our new logo's. A massive Thankyou to him for his work on making this happen for us.

We have two shiny new logos! Chris has designed two incredible new logos which you may have noted we have rolled out across our event website, Facebook page and group, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our new logo makes it easy  to recognise us, and all the signage at our 2020 event will have the new logos on them making it easy to find us on the day.

Visibility of event officials was an issue in previous years, with attendees sometimes having issues tracking myself or anyone else helping organise the event - this year we will all have high Vis Vests with 'JaguarForumsUK' on the back, making us easy to spot wherever we may be on the day.

I have requested quotes for our new signage for our next event, with our new logos and am waiting for them to come in. The roundabout entrance to the main event will be clearly signposted, along with the route in, and where we have had an organiser table in previous years we are planning on an organisers tent, with almost double the table area for everything..

Here are the statistics for this week, so you can see where we are with things:

Our forum threads have amassed over 9,600 hits
Our Twitter feed has 612 followers
Our Instagram feed has 467 followers
Our Event Facebook Page has 49589 friends
Our Facebook Group has 685 members
We have 18 sponsors confirmed to-date
We have 8 Trade stands confirmed so far
We have 3 club/forum stands/allocations confirmed
We have 1 Talk by The Pro session booked so far
We have 5 confirmed awards
And 30 Jaguars signed up so far spanning from 1994 - date

Have a fantastic weekend, and remember to register for our next event soon, if you want to be able to enter our Cghristmas competition :-) 

14 October 2019Events

Our Eastwell Manor mini event was a great success, and we have the full story of the day available in our Facebook group, plus the images (as they come in) are available to see under the4 'Links' tab here.

We also have a VIP Fly & Dine Event coming up - it is a draw, with tickets just £5 each for this incredible experience in support of the RNLI. All the details for this can be found in our Event diary here, and via the Event section in our Facebook group.

Our event may be annual, but we have so much going on right through the year for you!

11 October 2019Your Friday Stats Update

It's Friday and it's stat's day! And it has been another busy week for our event :-)

We have so much going on currently, I need to update you all with.

Our 2020 Gallery is growing well, and has become one of the most visited pages on our website.. we still need to fill in some of the blanks though, so please email your Jaguars pic into me, if you are registered and haven't done so yet.

Jaguar owners are steadily signing up, which is fantastic, and of course everyone that signs up before the end of November can enter our free Christmas competition, giving you a chance to win a great Christmas present from Santa for your Jaguar.

Our Eastwell Manor mini event is this weekend! Those of you signed up for it, I hope you have an incredible time with Frank, our event Patron and I look forward to all the photos appearing online next week.

Our Monday Mini Quiz - three multiple choice questions about Jaguar trivia popped up Monday morning, with answers being posted after the school run on the same day are proving popular and brighten peoples Monday mornings up replacing blues with Jaguar trivia :-) They are posted in our Facebook group and well worth getting involved with - currently Ionut Shupy has got all three questions right for three weeks in in a row making him our current champion!

Facebook has been putting up a fight (so to speak) when it comes to uploading support files for you guys, but last night I managed to get some of them up - we have many more to come but uploads only seem to be successful every now and again, so it is taking me a while to get them up.

Our Twitter feed is becoming far more popular with our tweets being far more retweeted and viewed than ever before.

Our website had it's busiest night to-date last night with almost 90 visitors - It generally receives between 10 and 40 visitors a day. It's great to see that our event is starting to spark more interest in what we are up to :-)

Our exclusive attendee only accomodation deal is being made good use of by registered attendees wanting to stay overnight, whether it be because they are travelling some distance, or want to check out the local sights and attractions in the area. It includes, room, breakfast, wi-fi, and parking in a discounted all inclusive rate exclusive to us.

I have ordered in the high viz vests (just waiting on delivery), so at our next event you will be able to find me, and everyone invoved in running our event on the day easily - I will pop a picture up when I have them, and am currently looking into ways to display the Prize Draw prizes, and awards better on the day along with developing a better backdrop for the award presentation shots.

Ok, that's the basics of what has been happening this week and here are the current event stat's you have been patiently waiting for:

Our forum threads have received almost 9000 hits, which is incredible.

Our Twitter feed has 613 followers

Our Instagram feed has 455 followers

Our Facebook group is growing steadily and now has 674 members

We have 27 Jaguars already signed up spanning 1994 to-date

We have 18 confirmed event sponsors, and we are in discussions with other companies too

8 Trade stands of all sizes have been confirmed so far

We have 5 awards that have been confirmed for the day

Everyone, please have an incredible and fantastic Jaguar weekend on us and don't forget Monday mornings don't have to be blue now they are quiz mornings :-)


09 October 2019News to come...

Further to asking everyone if there was anything more we could do for you, considering our non existent budget, we are now looking into our options and seeing what more we can bring you from the options that have been put forward.

Thankyou everyone for your input and if there is anything else you can think of that we might be able to implement for you please just drop a line to us via the 'Contact Us' page - we would love to hear from you

04 October 2019It's Friday, and time for the stats on where we are so far :-)

A lot has been going on this week.

Our 2020 Event gallery is really starting to fill out as registered attendees are adding their Jaguar pictures to it. For the first year ever you can see what you are going to meet on the day in advance :-)

We have had a steady stream of registrations, which is great (and remember if you register before the end of November you get the chance to enter our great Christmas competition) and in response to feedback about the process have setup a page specifically for registrations on our website at www.jaguarforumsUK.com to make it easier than ever for you.

We have been discussing windscreen stickers this end, and have connected with someone who produces incredible logo images and are hoping in the next few weeks we will have a new logo for you which will either run alongside our current one or possibly replace it. Mored info on this to come as we go.

Further to issues with visibility of key people at our last event we have just ordered in hivis vests, labelled JaguarForumsUK, so at our next event if you have any issues or maybe just want to chat with anyone involved in the event you will be able to find us easily.

I have made contact with the majority of our sponsors to update them with how we are doing, have contacted some companies that we have dealt with in the past to see if I can reestablish a connection, and are in touch with a couple of potential sponsors.

Our Facebook group became inundated during the week when a member accidentally put his contact list forward as members, which took us a while to sort through.

Mark Lambourne has accepted the post of Admin on our Facebook group, and joins Frank Woodford MBE and myself, looking after everyone there - a massive Thankyou to him for this and please join me in making him feel welcome in the post.

Our website has just had its busiest week ever - a massive thankyou to everyone for that :-)

I am going to shift my focus from the website and Facebook group for a week or two, and see if I can locate any of the more unusual Jaguars out there - if anyone has any leads on any that they know of out there that may be able to make our event, please let me know as I would love to make contact with them if I can.

Ok, onto what you have all been waiting for - the weekly stats..

Please remember I am not known for my stats or maths as a lot of attendees will tell you :-)

Our forum threads have received over 8,150 views to-date
Our Facebook page has an incredible 4957 friends
Our Facebook group has a very active membership of 667 incredible Jaguar owners
Our Twitter feed has a stable 613 followers
Our Instagram feed has 450 followers
We have 18 official event sponsors that are confirmed for our 2020 event
We have 8 Trade stands confirmed so far
We have 3 club/forum stands and 2 club allocations so far with 60 reserved places
We have 5 awards confirmed so far
We have 25 Jaguars that have signed up with us independently of any club allegiences
Our accomodation deal, exclusive to attendees, is getting a good takeup
And here are the top five countries that have visiteed our website in the past week, in order of most visits

1) UK
2) Netherlands
3) USA
4) France
5) Canada

It is great to see that Jaguar owners/enthusiasts are following us from so many places - and don't forget if you are travelling internationally for our event and cannot bring your Jaguar with you (excess bagage maybe not an option? :-)) we can organise accomodation for you and even team you up with a British Jaguar owner for the day.

Finally a huge and massive Thankyou to everyone for their support and involvement in our event - without you we would not have the event we have!

01 October 2019New online Library

I have just launched our online library for event documents and possibly expanding into anything that our attendees would like to be there.that will be use to everyone - you will find it under the 'Documents' button on the menu.

27 September 2019Here is your weekly update :-)

It's that time of the week again, and time for your Friday update.

There is so much to tell you about, we have had a very busy week with more going on than you may have known.

As you will know we had some issues with entry access at the main part of the event this year, so we have been working on ways to ease things and make your time with us smoother.

Anyone who has registered for our 2020 event will have already discovered our new registration system, and dash sheets/access passes - very much, a much improved system over our previous events.

Additionally we have been in talks with the Rotary Club regarding gaining some assistance with marshalling so we can get you guys into the event quickly, efficiently and to the best places for the day, in exchange for a plot on-site, and a percentage of our profits. We thought the talks had stalled, but they haven't and things are looking quite positive, so between the improved access pass system and more manpower on marshalling you shouldn't experience the queues we had at the last event.

Our event Facebook group has been going from strength to strength with over 30 people joining it in just the last week. Our Facebook group has not one but two prize draws running currently - one that involves a donation for the RNLI, and the other is completely free to enter. We also have a competition for the best round logo for our event that anyone can produce running there too.

Our event website has undergone some huge changes with more graphics, a better layout, and now with a Feedback page so you can tell us how we are doing, plus a gallery of the Jaguars that are signed up for the 2020 event - in previous years you have had to read through a list, and visualise what Jaguars you will likely get to see on the day, now you can actually see what you are going to meet on the day, before the day.. a huge improvement on our old system.

We have managed to retain a huge percentage of our sponsors from 2019, & for 2020 and have added some new sponsors which means you get ECU remaps and tuning performed on site on the day itself, plus we may be offering a free Diagnostics clinic on the day too.

I will be making contact with our sponsors over the next two weeks, and we will hopefully see the number of trade, and club stands increasing as I make contact. Additionally I am waiting to hear from four Jaguar clubs who are considering stands and allocations with us on the day.

We have managed to get the attendee accomodation deal in place earlier than usual for our next event, and places there are already filling up - we have managed to get a deal of £69 per room/night including free WiFi, free parking, and Express Start Breakfast. This is a significant saving on the usual costs, and well worth taking advantage of if you are travelling some distance.

As you know, our event is not-for-profit and supports the RNLI via our event Patron Frank Woodford MBE, everything we get from our event sponsors goes to attendees, and registrations go to cover our website hosting, printing, infrastructure such as signage and of course the RNLI and (we hope) the Rotary Club - making us a great event to get involved with..

Our event is an odd one if I don't say so myself as we have mini days out through the year now, quizes every Monday (yep just like going down the pub for a quiz but Jaguar orientated and in the comfort of your browser :-)), competitions, draws, general info and chat so despite being an annual event with no membership we actually have something on the go right through the year :-)

Ok, as I said it has been a busy week for our event, sorry if it has lulled you to sleep.. :-)

Here are the latest stats on how we are doing, so you can see in figures:

Our forum threads have received an incredible 7,619 hits
Our event Facebook page has just shy of 5,000 friends
Our event Facebook Group now has 657 members
Our event Instagram feed has 439 followers
Our event Twitter feed has an incredible 612 followers
We have 18 incredible sponsors confirmed
8 Trade stands have been booked so far
3 Clubs stands/allocations have been confirmed so far
We have 5 class awards confirmed so far that you could win on the day

Have an incredible Jaguar weekend whereever you may be, on us

23 September 2019Event Gallery

I have just added a gallery for our 2020 Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners, so (subject to which owners agree to their cars being shown here) you can get an advance look at what to expect to see on the day itself.

23 September 2019Additional Confirmations

I am happy to be able to announce that the Leather Repair Company has confirmed it's involvement with our 2020 event, and will, again be hosting one of their incredible 'Talks by the Pro's' sessions. Also Bub Wedding Cars, who have been with us for many years, but missed last years event, will be onsite to discuss all your wedding vehicle needs. A huge thankyou goes out to both companies for continuing their support of our event


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