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Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here



16 July 2019New domain name and email address

We have changed domain name and email address!

Because our event is not-for-profit and at the same time has had literally no budget for a number of years, we have been running everything under my personal, family domain www.solidlinux.co.uk.

Thanks to an earlier donation from our event patron, Frank Woodford MBE, I have now been able to move us to a domain that makes much more sense.. we only have one email address against it though, as this reduced the cost by quite a big factor..

Our website can now be located at www.JaguarForumsUK.com, and if you want to get in touch please use our new email address of steve.sheldon@JaguarForumsUK.com

A massive thankyou to our patron for enabling this with his donation.

13 July 2019New Sponsor

Please join me in welcoming the first of several new signups for our 2020 event - Jaguar Parts 24/7 :-)

Jaguar Parts 24/7 specialise in supplying components for the following Jaguar models:

XJ40, XJS, X300, X308, XJ6, XJ8, XJ12, XJ81 Double Six, S-Types & X-Types

Please mention our event when contacting them :-)

11 July 2019More 2019 photos

There has been quite a bit of activity in our photo archive with additional pictures from our 2019 event being added in the past few days - please feel free to take a look :-)

10 July 2019More incredible images

I have just backtracked and found a batch of incredible photos taken at our 2019 event by Bert from PVD Approved, and I have just added them to our 2019 photo archive. Please feel free to take a look, and enjoy them here

08 July 2019In Talks

Just to let you know I am in talks with two possible sponsors - I am hoping for good news for us in the next 24-48 hours :-)

03 July 2019Social Media

Our Social Media channels have been incredibly active recently - our Facebook page now has over 2,500 friends, and both our Instagram & Twitter feeds are picking up in popularity.

 I have been updating the website with updated, and some additional information for everyone, and have been working on promoting our club affiliation program, and the sponsorship packages we have for Jaguar orientated businesses.

Additionally I have had positive feedback regarding our new feature, where we team Jaguar owners who are without their Jaguars, with British Jaguar owners that are attending our event, so I am busy promoting that too.

I haven't received feedback yet from Purple Signs regarding our signage, and if I have not heard from them by next week will contact them to see if and what else I may need to supply for them to be able to create our signs for us.

A massive thankyou to everyone involved with our event, in so many ways - without you we would not have the incredible event we have :-)



28 June 2019our Friday Update

Ok, what's happening currently with our event?

Our Facebook following has really picked up in the USA, with a lot of interest in our event from everyone there that loves British Jaguars. A massive Thankyou to everyone for their support.

One Jaguar club in America is happy being associated with us, I am working on getting the details in place, but it is taking a while to organise so details to follow as and when I get them.

We are promoting the option for non UK Jaguar owners to team up with British Jaguars attending - it will take a while for this to have any impact on non UK owners, but it does offer them another option for attending.

Discussions with the Rotary Club in Dorking, regarding their possible involvement with our event are ongoing. More info to come on this as soon as I know more.

I am part way through obtaining the quotes I need for our improved signage - we will have a large banner at the entrance to Denbies for 2020, and logo'd signs in Denbies pointing the right way to ensure you can enter the main event without issue.

I am currently waiting on the Features of specialist companies for you.. please keep an eye on our event website at www.solidlinux.co.uk for when they appear.

I am very aware that our Twitter & Instagram feeds are quiet currently, and they should be continuing with the level of activity you guys expect, but I can only be in so many places at any one time and have prioritised what we are progressing at this moment in time.

Thankyou again to absolutely everyone for your involvement with our event - I really do appreciate your help whether it be just following or friending us, or any of a number of ways you can be more involved with us - without you we would not have the incredible grassroots Jaguar event that we have.

26 June 2019Big in America

Our event is becoming very popular with Americans, and their love for luxury British Jaguars.. we have a huge (and still growing) American following on Facebook now. A massive thankyou to everyone Stateside who has friended our event!

Don't forget, if you can make it to the UK for our next event we can offer you fixed price quality accomodation close to the start point (unique attendee deal) and will team you up with a British Jaguar that is attending, so you will get the full Jaguar experience from the day.

21 June 2019Our Friday update for you

Ok, It's Friday and time for an update on how we are doing with our event.

The biggest news this week is our event's Facebook account! It has grown from 600 odd friends to over 2,200 with most of the growth over a 48 hour period. It has been incredible! Thankyou so much to everyone who chose to friend our event and get involved.

We have our first club allocated area request in, and you can now meet JEC East & West Sussex at our next event with their own area there. I have also made contact with a number of other UK clubs to see if I can interest them in Club Allocation Areas, Affiliations, or Club stands for the day.

Additionally we have received a donation from our Patron Frank Woodford MBE, via the events Paypal account ,which in view of peoples comments about our event signage, I am going to put towards replacing our signs for 2020. I know our signs were not as good as you guys really needed in order to get into the event smoothly so hopefully this will help ease that for you.

As you know our event constantly runs either just meeting its running costs, or at a loss, so for me it is a huge, absolutely huge thing that it now has enough support to start giving everyone the experience that they want.. a massive thankyou goes out to our Patron for the donation, the support of our attendees, and everyone who has signed up to get involved whether it be friending us, registering for our next event, or getting involved in any of the many ways there are that you can. Without your support we wouldn't have the event we have, or finally be in the position where you can have the best possible Jaguar experience with the event. THANKYOU!

19 June 2019Club allocations

Ok, we have two regions of a Jaguar club that currently feel unable to be part of our affiliate program, but have chosen to sign up for a club allocated area at our next event - please join me in welcoming them to our upcoming event

17 June 2019Our Facebook account

Over the course of the weekend, our event was picked up on Facebook by a number of people, and has since picked up a huge following :-)

I have been struggling to keep up with things, and we have now gone from just over 600 Facebook friends to over 1600 Facebook friends in 48 hours, and the figure is still climbing as I type.

If you have friended our event on Facebook, and I have not got back to you to say Thankyou, I apologise.. it does not mean I am ignoring you, I have just been overwhelmed by the numbers that I am dealing with.

A massive thankyou to everyone fopr choosing to friend our event and keep in touch with what we are up to - I genuinely appreciate it.

14 June 2019Our weekly update on how we are doing

Ok Guys,

It's a Friday and time to update you with where we are with our event :-)

It has been a remarkably busy week considering it is almost a year until our next event :-)

We have extended our 'all year round' advertising from just the 'Friday Ad' to 'Friday Ad', 'FreeAds', and 'Gumtree', paying for a weblink on the Gumtree advertising to make it easier for people to access us directly from the advert.

Our events Facebook friends now come from as far afield as North America, Finland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain & France to name a few.

We have started promoting the option for attendees travelling longer distances without their Jaguar, to team up with British Jaguar drivers on the day so they can still have a full on Jaguar experience with us.

We have had a good response overall, from our 2019 event sponsors with quite a number of them re-signing for 2020, and are in discussions currently with North America Jaguar Clubs, some additional new specialist companies in the UK, the Rotary Club in Dorking, and we are even seeing if we can work with the Jaguar Experience team at the Jaguar factory. As always only a percentage of everything in progress will be successful.. but (as always) I am on the case and quite persistent lol especially for win-win situations which these all are :-)

Our Scratchshield promotion has finished but we do wtill offer an attendee discount on the incredible Bag-World bespoke luxury luggage for your Jaguar.

And finally, not only has our event website been smartening up but you may have noticed a new section appearing called 'Features' This area will give you the lowdown on some incredible specialist companies and what they can offer you, which in some cases, you like me will be unaware of.

Please consider signing up for our event - all the sign up info you need is on the 'Our 2020 Event' page at the event website - we have an incredible event for you, and in the meanwhile you are very, very welcome to keep up to date with us, with the changes, improvements and more as we develop them, and don't forget the Christmas competition coming up too, free for attendees to sign up for :-)

Here are the stats so far for you:

Our website is getting busier, with far more use being maqde of it as an information source for both attendees and potential attendees :-)
Our event Twitter feed now has 594 followers
Our event Facebook page has 683 friends
Our event Instagram feed has 281 followers
We have 12 incredible sponsors signed up so far
We already have 3 trade stands booked up
We have two UK clubs affiliated with us to-date

12 June 2019New section online, and affiliate discussions in progress

OK guys, a quieter day for me so far but still quite a bit going on regarding our event..

The 2020 event page on the website has been revamped to make it easier to share with our forum threads,

Talks are very much in progress with North Amercan Jaguar clubs,

I have just opened a new section on our website which will carry features on incredible Jaguar specialist companies filling you in on all the info you need to know about what they can offer you.

I have been following up our incredible sponsors for logo images as part of the work I am doing to smarten up our event website.

And I currently have designers block regarding our poster design lol - I will hopefully get past it and we will have our posters soon :-)

www.solidlinux.co.uk #MayJagMeet

11 June 2019Invitations update

The majority of our affliate invitations have now gone out - if I havent contacted your club or forum and would be interested in an affiliation with our event, with a free listing entry as an affiliate on our website, any public events you run listed in our event calendar, and the option to reserve a club allocation plot at our event please just get in touch.

Additionally if any non UK club wants to attend, but cannot bring their Jaguars with them I will endeavour to match them with British attendees to ensure that they still get a full on Jaguar experience :-)

Our events' aim is to enable Jaguar owners from any background or walk of life to connect with the incredible support network, and services that are out there for them, whilst giving them a great day out - it would be great to be able to extend this to not just primarily the UK, but attendees and clubs from wherever they are - there is so much to be gained - it is a win-win situation for everyone.

So if you have received an invitation please consider connecting with our event, and if you are interested but have not receieved an invite please get in touch - it would be great to hear from you and connect.

10 June 2019Invitations and posters

Two completely unrelated things are currently going on..

I have had requests for posters advertising our event - I am hoping to have something designed by the weekend which will likely be A4 size and printed up on an ink jet printer with the aim to getting next years ones printed at a printer. If you would be happy to display a poster advertising our event to your visitors or customers please let me know and I will add you to the print run.

Additionally our Affiliation Invitations have just started going out - so if you would like to be involved with our event as a club or forum, and haven't heard from us please just drop me a line, you get a free club allocation on-site on the day, can forward me any events you want us to list in our events diary, and will be listed (with a link) on our club affiliates page...


08 June 2019!!NEW!! Event Registration Online

I have just added the option to register for our 2020 event to our website - if you scroll down the 'Our 2020 Event' page you will see an a new option to sign up for our event - just fill in the details requested, click on 'Add to Cart' and you will be taken to your PayPal account and can pay.. simplifying the application process event more!

07 June 2019Our first Friday update for our 2020 event

Ok everyone, it's a Friday, and we may have only just launched our 2020 event but there is stackloads going on.

Our event has moved from being financed by the Prize Draw to a small registration fee that includes FREE Welcome Packs, FREE entry into the Prize Draw, Guaranteed inclusion in the award judging (your Jag must be present for this), and the option of FREE entry into our Christmas competition for a Christmas present for your Jaguar. One of the plusses with this is the registration process has been streamlined and you receive your official dashboard ticket for the event at registration :-)

I have spent quite a bit of time working on our website at JaguarForumsUK - The Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners trying to improve your experience. The site has more of a solid consistent feel to it now, however I am still adding features in and tidying things up. I have given up trying to keep the web address consistent, as it was disabling the mobile friendly view - so now you can browse our site easily with your mobile, as well as your PC or laptop :-)

Our new patron has given me my first hit list of things to sort, and I am working through it currently.

In addition to all this discussions are still taking place regarding the event layout, convoy element, and timings so please keep an eye on the event via forum thread, social media, or our website for the latest as we go, or drop me a line with your thoughts and get involved :-)

Finally, I am currently making contact with our current event sponsors, and as responses come in I am updating the 2020 event details. I will be making contact with Uk & European clubs next week hopefully regarding club & forum affiliations which give clubs access to add public club events to our event diary, advertising for a year, and an allocated club area at our 2020 event..

Now for the stats (some way to go to match our 2019 event stats :-))

Our event Facebook page now has 628 friends
Our Twitter feed has 594 followers
Our Instagram account has 274 followers
Our forum threads have already received 679 hits
We have 10 Jaguars spanning 22 years of production signed up

Please bear with me as I continue to pull everything into place for our 2020 event, and please feel free to check in regularily, or drop me a line and get involved, as we head towards the biggest event we have ever organised :-)

05 June 2019The latest regarding our 2020 event

I will be making contact with our existing event sponsors to check in with them and to see if they are happy to support us for 2020, and progressing our club affiliation program to bring more Jaguar clubs onboard with our event, over the next week or so.

Additionally, with the help & support of our Patron Frank Woodford MBE I am working on a raft of improvements for our event - full info will appear as I go, so please keep an eye on our website for the latest :-)


29 May 2019Our 2020 Event is officially launched

OK I have signed off on everything regarding our 2019 event, and our 2020 event has been launched with a raft of improvements, and changes to make it our best great Jaguar day out to-date - more Jaguars, more specialists, a streamlined attendee registration system and so so much more :-)

29 May 2019The synopsis of our 2019 event

The night before our event I collected all the boxes of Welcome Packs and prizes into the hallway at home, and settled down to checking the forecast and a sleepless night wondering what I might have forgotten.

At 7:45am Mark Lambourne arrived with two Jaguars, and Martyn East with a third Jaguar and we loaded everything up for the day split between the Jags, and headed up to Pease Pottage Services.

When we got to the Services there were Jaguars everywhere, some parked up with owners having a chat, others pulling up just as we got there, and yet more coming in as we were getting set up.

The services had reserved our usual conservatory room there, but the agreed discount on Costa products didn't materialise.
The Welcome Packs were handed out as people registered, and a number of attendees left quickly in order to get their club areas set up. We ran through the planned day ahead, and everyone set off for Denbies and the main event.

I was the last person out (as usual) and travelling in convoy with Tony from Harwoods to Denbies. Despite knowing the route we managed to take a wrong turn and had a good look around Dorking before arriving :-)

On arrival at the the main event there was a huge queue of Jaguars waiting to get in, with a number of the classic Jaguars pulled over to one side to avoid overheating.
As you pulled into the event it immediately struck you that this years event was radically different to previous years with a lot of Jaguars parked up in double rows as being the only way to fit everyone in close to the trade stands etc.

There was two things that struck you as you parked - one that because of two traders dropping out we had a couple of gaps in the trade area and that the club areas were very busy.

We managed to get a group shot of most of the attendees at the start of the event - as always it was not complete but I would say a good 75% of everyone.
The rest of the event was a blur to me lol.. I managed to get my stand organised, with prizes on show including workshop manuals, a Bag-World Weekend Bag, 10 shoe bags, 1 suit bag, 2 x £50 SNG Vouchers, 4 Scratchshield 2 bucket wash systems, 4 Scratchshield filter systems, Genuine Jaguar accessories from Harwoods inc F-Type Keyring, Classic Jaguar Keyring, Cufflinks, & F-Type Leather card holder to name a few and started circulating, checking in on everyone and promoting the Prize Draw.
The attendees checked out the talks by Bert from PVD Approved, and Michael from the Leather Repair Company, and circulated with the largest range of Jaguars we have ever assembled.. everything from a gorgeous 1938 SS100, through to a 1958 Formula One Jaguar Racing Car, to E-Types, every modern model of Jaguar and even custom Jaguars..

Lunch at Denbies was great.. the 10% discount on food/drink made great food even more affordable ensuring everyone was fed :-)
During the afternoon the weather closed in and we had rain at about 2pm.. leading to quite a few people leaving.. however it was only a shower and passed quite quickly.
Due to people leaving and the potential weather we moved the awards and prize draw forward. The prize draw as always took a while to get through everything, and at the end of it we even had free t-shirts to distribute :-)

The awards went smoothly, although Michael from the Leather Repair Centre had vanished due to the call of nature, so Tony & I judged the Best Interior and Best Exterior awards on his behalf.

it was a great day out, with the weather putting a bit of a dampener on things in the afternoon but we had the largest range of Jaguars ever there, the club areas were very popular, and both attendees and traders and clubs felt it had been a worthwhile day.

There was, as always, some issues which became apparent due to the growth of the event, some due to there not being enough of me to be everywhere with everything, some due to the method of getting people into the main event, a bit of an issue with the start point, and not managing to get all the information to everyone, ticket sales for the draw which fell considerably shorter than expected, and some other smaller issues.

This was to be expected as our event is developing organically, and these things will surface as we develop.

The night after the event and through bank holiday Monday I was brainstorming with a number of core attendees to see if and how we could solve the issues for our 2020 event, and I believe we have, additionally I am now officially being mentored - which I know sounds odd for something that I do in my spare time (OK, OK all my spare time, all year now) but I believe that the changes that the brainstorming agreed on plus my being mentored should make a huge difference for everyone involved with our event. We now have a route forwards implementing fixes for all this years issues, and I am being trained as an event organiser :-)

I absolutely saw nothing of this coming lol

We did also have another issue, finally, with our official event photographer dropping out due to a family emergency but a lot of people who attended have been incredible and photos have been arriving in a steady flow.. a MASSIVE thankyou to everyone for this! All the photos are moving onto the event Facebook page and the events OneDrive account for everyone to access.

A huge thankyou goes out to the traders, clubs, forums and attendees that attended this years event - without you guys we could not manage what we do, not even close - and I apologise for the wrinkles we had this year, but with a plan in place agreed with a number of our core attendees and my being mentored I believe I can truly offer you a 2020 event that trumps eveything we have managed so far :-)

Please keep an eye on our event website, Facebook page and of course of forum threads for all the news as we go, and get involved in any way you can - the more everyone is involved the more we can do, and get right :-)

Thankyou, thankyou so much for making 2019 our best year to-date.

25 May 2019Less than 12 hours to go...

It's now 9:15pm the night before our event - all the boxes of Welcome Packs, prizes, and all the various bits and pieces are all in a central location ready to go.. the S-Type is as ready as it can be.. I think most of the last minute issues have all been resolved, or at least dealt with.. and I'm knackered lol

Tomorrow I should be leaving for Pease Pottage at about 7:45am to be there for around 8am to make sure everything is ready for everyone and the start of our Jaguar day out :-)

We have good weather, 160 Jaguars, 250 attendees, 8 awards, some incredible prizes in the prize draw, and you even get a free newspaper with your Welcome Packs in the morning..

We should have a discount on Costa at Pease Pottage Services, subject to the shift being told about us (which doesn't always happen :-( ) and we have a 10% discount at Denbies on our breakfasts and lunches there.

A massive thankyou to everyone involved with our event - without you we would not have the day ahead that we do.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow, and hopefully give you a great Jaguar day out :-)

25 May 2019Bub Wedding Cars DPF issues

Another update for you.. I am sorry to say that Bub Wedding Cars have just had to cancel out due to DPF issues on their Jaguar.

25 May 2019Almost ready...

I didn't wash my S-Type 2.7D last week as I was holding out until our event.. weather here dry but looking variable today so washing it tonight and hoping it stays clean into the morning :-) Tree pollen, tree sap, bird poo.. ugh.. thenkfully I waxed her three weeks ago I think it was so hoping it all washes off fine :-)

Tonight I will be shifting everything from all over the house to one central area for the morning and we do have a lot this year without a doubt :-)

We are down to literally a handful of free slots still available so if you haven't signed up yet there is still time but you need to be quick.. and you could join 160 Jaguars spanning over 80 years of production, trade stands, club stands and club/forum areas, show prices, talks, and so so much more - we have a complete day for you and accpording to Accuuweather have booked good weather until after we have finished for the day :-)

Don't forget it's 8:30am, and you *should* have access to a discount at Costa to get you started as well as a discount on food/drink at our main venue :-)

See you there!

25 May 2019Good weather for the event ...

Just checked the Accuweather forecast for tomorrow and the risk of showers is now not until 5pm meaning that we (as good as you can figure from a British weather forecast) should have a dry day with a mix of sunshine and clouds with a temp of 19 degrees :-)

24 May 2019Loads of last minute activity

A huge thankyou to everyone for their support whilst I am working through all the last minute changes that usually happen in the 48 hours before an event. I appreciate it.

This is when I get to lose most of what little hair I have left on my head each year :-)

We now have just four places remaining!!

I do have a little wriggle room if needed on this figure, but not much so if you have yet to sign up for this years event please do so quickly or you will miss out on this years event.

24 May 2019Final confirmation of booking received and discounts...

Another quick update for everyone: Our booking with Denbies has just received final confirmation, now that we know the weather forecast is OK, and we will have the usual 10% discount there in the downstairs restaurant..just state you are with our event & if queried say that it has been authorised by Anna. We should also have a 20% discount at Costa at the start point.. But we know from experience there that this may not happen due to info passing between shifts there.. It has been approved by two duty manager there though.

24 May 2019Club & Forum Afilliations

We are pleased to say we have the first two club afilliations in, and are currently waiting to hear back from a number of other clubs and forums not just from the UK but also from Europe and further afield. I will update you as the responses come in.

24 May 2019Last requests for our 2019 event

Our event is THIS weekend!!

Today, I am dealing with a number of last minute cancellations and enquiries about our event so please bear with me regarding things.. I am working on everything, but the events online updates may be a bit hit or miss today :-(

We genuinely have the biggest free Jaguar event we have ever put together with 160 Jaguars, 80 years of production, custom Jags, Muscle Jags, Showroom and even school run/daily commute Jags, specialist trade stands, clubs, forums, awards, prizes, Jaguar knowledge quiz, talks by the Pros and so much more.

If you haven't signed up yet you can mesage me here, or via the Contact Us page at the website JaguarForumsUK - The free annual convoy & meet event for Jaguar owners to sign up - we just need to know the model and year of Jaguar, your name, and how many people will be travelling and that's it.

We have a great free Jaguar day out for you - so why not join us?

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