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Latest Event News.

Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here



25 May 2019Less than 12 hours to go...

It's now 9:15pm the night before our event - all the boxes of Welcome Packs, prizes, and all the various bits and pieces are all in a central location ready to go.. the S-Type is as ready as it can be.. I think most of the last minute issues have all been resolved, or at least dealt with.. and I'm knackered lol

Tomorrow I should be leaving for Pease Pottage at about 7:45am to be there for around 8am to make sure everything is ready for everyone and the start of our Jaguar day out :-)

We have good weather, 160 Jaguars, 250 attendees, 8 awards, some incredible prizes in the prize draw, and you even get a free newspaper with your Welcome Packs in the morning..

We should have a discount on Costa at Pease Pottage Services, subject to the shift being told about us (which doesn't always happen :-( ) and we have a 10% discount at Denbies on our breakfasts and lunches there.

A massive thankyou to everyone involved with our event - without you we would not have the day ahead that we do.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow, and hopefully give you a great Jaguar day out :-)

25 May 2019Bub Wedding Cars DPF issues

Another update for you.. I am sorry to say that Bub Wedding Cars have just had to cancel out due to DPF issues on their Jaguar.

25 May 2019Almost ready...

I didn't wash my S-Type 2.7D last week as I was holding out until our event.. weather here dry but looking variable today so washing it tonight and hoping it stays clean into the morning :-) Tree pollen, tree sap, bird poo.. ugh.. thenkfully I waxed her three weeks ago I think it was so hoping it all washes off fine :-)

Tonight I will be shifting everything from all over the house to one central area for the morning and we do have a lot this year without a doubt :-)

We are down to literally a handful of free slots still available so if you haven't signed up yet there is still time but you need to be quick.. and you could join 160 Jaguars spanning over 80 years of production, trade stands, club stands and club/forum areas, show prices, talks, and so so much more - we have a complete day for you and accpording to Accuuweather have booked good weather until after we have finished for the day :-)

Don't forget it's 8:30am, and you *should* have access to a discount at Costa to get you started as well as a discount on food/drink at our main venue :-)

See you there!

25 May 2019Good weather for the event ...

Just checked the Accuweather forecast for tomorrow and the risk of showers is now not until 5pm meaning that we (as good as you can figure from a British weather forecast) should have a dry day with a mix of sunshine and clouds with a temp of 19 degrees :-)

24 May 2019Loads of last minute activity

A huge thankyou to everyone for their support whilst I am working through all the last minute changes that usually happen in the 48 hours before an event. I appreciate it.

This is when I get to lose most of what little hair I have left on my head each year :-)

We now have just four places remaining!!

I do have a little wriggle room if needed on this figure, but not much so if you have yet to sign up for this years event please do so quickly or you will miss out on this years event.

24 May 2019Final confirmation of booking received and discounts...

Another quick update for everyone: Our booking with Denbies has just received final confirmation, now that we know the weather forecast is OK, and we will have the usual 10% discount there in the downstairs restaurant..just state you are with our event & if queried say that it has been authorised by Anna. We should also have a 20% discount at Costa at the start point.. But we know from experience there that this may not happen due to info passing between shifts there.. It has been approved by two duty manager there though.

24 May 2019Club & Forum Afilliations

We are pleased to say we have the first two club afilliations in, and are currently waiting to hear back from a number of other clubs and forums not just from the UK but also from Europe and further afield. I will update you as the responses come in.

24 May 2019Last requests for our 2019 event

Our event is THIS weekend!!

Today, I am dealing with a number of last minute cancellations and enquiries about our event so please bear with me regarding things.. I am working on everything, but the events online updates may be a bit hit or miss today :-(

We genuinely have the biggest free Jaguar event we have ever put together with 160 Jaguars, 80 years of production, custom Jags, Muscle Jags, Showroom and even school run/daily commute Jags, specialist trade stands, clubs, forums, awards, prizes, Jaguar knowledge quiz, talks by the Pros and so much more.

If you haven't signed up yet you can mesage me here, or via the Contact Us page at the website JaguarForumsUK - The free annual convoy & meet event for Jaguar owners to sign up - we just need to know the model and year of Jaguar, your name, and how many people will be travelling and that's it.

We have a great free Jaguar day out for you - so why not join us?

23 May 2019A little good news..

There is one other bit of news today, which whilst it has to be vague for the moment, is good news nonetheless.. we have been approached by someone who produces tailor made luxury items for Jaguars and other luxury cars at an incredibly good price that also supports a charity with the sales. I cannot say much more until the day, but I think it is something quite a few of us would be very interested in :-)

23 May 2019Official Photographer

I have just heard from our booked event photographer that due to a family emergency he will be unable to attend our event this weekend.

This leaves us two and a half days before the event with no official photographer.

If anyone knows a photographer that would be available, and happy to work in exchange for advertising please, please put them in touch with me.

In the meanwhile, could I ask that if on the day you take any pictures that you would be happy to share with the event, and for us to use in tweets etc over the next 12 months please just email them across to me after the day. I will be taking photos on the day as best I can between what I need to do, but as you all know from previous years my photographic skills rate level with my maths and statistics :-)

Meanwhile, I can only apologise to those of you expecting to see an official photographer at the event, and hope that you are happy to share any pics you take with me so we can still get a selection of photos in our OneDrive account for everyone to view, and for our advertising tweets through the next year.

23 May 2019Just two and a half days to go...

Just two and a half days until our event now!!

We have had a few cancellations due to ill health - I genuinely wish everyone a very rapid recovery and look forward to welcomeing them to our 2020 event.

On the flip side we have had a number of new signups, and I am just waiting on confirmation of a block booking of three Jaguars. These three Jaguars are very different to every other Jaguar we have ever seen at our event, and are sure to kick off discussions on the day.. I am personally very intersted in looking over them on the day, should they confirm.

I am still waiting to hear back regarding club afilliations, but suspect it may be a while as this is a very busy period for all clubs.

Meanwhile, I have added the 2020 event photos & forum thread links to our website so you can get to check out the new header image for our 2020 event, and even presign for the event itself.. you know me, always planning ahead :-)

The limited places we have available for this years event are going quite quickly, despite some cancellations, so please sign up quickly if you want to guarantee your slot - we have a great FREE Jaguar day out for you :-)

22 May 2019The rundown of our day so you know what to expect

We now have just three and a half days to go until our event!

We are down to just ten places available, which is fantastic - we have a huge selection of Jaguar models signed up this year, and spanning more years of production than ever.

I have been watching the weather forecast like a hawk for three months now and currently it looks likely there may be scattered showers, but fundamentally dry and 20 degrees which is as close as we're going to get to ideal - hopefully it means I won't look like a sunburnt zebra this year :-)

I am curently waiting on responses to the afilliation invitations that have gone out to a number of Jaguar clubs, and will of course update everyone as responses come in. If we can get this up and running it will make a huge difference to our event, connecting our European & UK based Jaguar owners.

Our 2020 event has already kicked off and is accepting signups, should you want to guarantee your slot at our next event. We have more of everything for you (as always) and are planning on the largest international involvement to-date.

As for our current 2019 event, please note that you need to be at Pease Pottage Services for 8:30am for event registration and to claim your free Welcome Pack. If you are planning on travelling directly to the main venue please make sure I know to hold a Welcome Pack back for you. We will be at our start point until around 9:30am at which point we will head off for Denbies. Please note if you arrive early at the start point you can only park free for 2 hours!

At Denbies please follow the marshalls instructions ensuring they are aware if you are booked as part of a club allocation. This is more important than ever this year as we have a more complicated layout than previous years to ensure no-one is more than a few metres from everything that is going on, and to cater for the clubs and forums that are now involved with our event.

After arriving please hang around the main area initially as we will be organising a photo shoot of everyone at 10:30am.. and it would be great if we can get everyone in it.

In your packs you will have one or two quiz sheets - if you need more quiz entry sheets please just ask me, I will have a few spares with me.

At 11am I will run through the quiz with you guys, prior to letting you get on with your day and filling out your quiz answers as you go :-)

At 11:30am the first of three 'Talks by the Pro's' will kick off - really, really worth attending - these guys really know what they are doing and there is so much we can learn from them, and apply to looking after our Jags.

Lunch is between 12 noon and 1:30pm - please make sure you state you are with the JaguarForumsUK event to get a discount in the downstairs restaurant, which you will find on the other side of the shop in the main building.

At 1:30pm we kick off two more Talks by the Pro's, noting that the PVD presentation even taught new tricks to the semi pro attendees at our event last year - incredible

At 3pm we have the presentations of our awards, remembering that the Peoples Choice award is one that YOU vote for, so make sure you fill in your voting form and get it into us before the award presentations.

We will have tickets to the prize draw available all day, just £1 a ticket, and it all goes towards the costs of running the event and everything we do through the year. We have some incredible and dare I say, unique prizes including luxury luggage for your Jaguar, Wash systems, manuals and loads, loads more. The prize draw will be at 3:30pm

At 3:45pm we will have run through the quiz answers (my decision is final before you ask lol) and we will have a photo shoot of the attendees with the highest scores and a special prize for the attendee most deemed in need of gentle guidance about Jaguar :-)

At 4pm there will be the final end of day speech, and the end of our great Jaguar day out.

Lastly, and I know with most of us having RWD we will already be aware of this, if the weather is damp at all please, please take it very easy on the grass at Denbies :-)

That's it.. a years work comes down to 18 paragraphs and a day out lol.. I genuinely hope everyone has a great day out with us, and if on the day you have any problems or issues you can find me either on the JaguarForums.com/Organiser stand at the main entrance or running around like a headless chicken trying to keep on top of things as we go :-) Have a great day out with us :-)

21 May 2019New Afilliate Program Launched

We have just launched a new afilliate program with the aim of putting attendees more in touch with Jaguar clubs and forums, whilst gaining much more club and forum involvement with our event. A win-win situation for everybody :-)

20 May 2019Logo hunt....

Our event is now six years old, and on it's eighth event - we have our official header which is updated every year (and yes the 2020 one is ready to go in the next few days :-)) but we don't have a logo for our event.If anyone has an idea for one, or is good at designing logos please put forward any ideas you might have, and we will go for whatever everyone votes for as the preferred option.. Very best regards, Steve

20 May 2019Switching to the paid version of our webspace?

I have been looking at the options available to us regarding our event website, and have just enabled a 30 day free trial of the paid version of our webspace. Please take a look around, & if you get a chance let me know if the improvements make a difference to your browsing here - if enough people like the change we will switch to the paid version..

20 May 2019Just 12 places are still available for our 2019 event!

It's this week!!

We have just 12 places still available for our JaguarForumsUK Convoy & Meet event this Sunday 26th May and if you are unsure about signing up please sign up and give us a try.

We have not just a main event but also a convoy/drive element, free Welcome Packs on registration on the day, awards, talks, show prices, clubs, forums, and specialists to meet you. You can attend the 'Talks by the Pro's' and learn how to look after your Jaguar even better, you can quiz the specialists on site regarding any problem or issue your Jaguar may have, you can win any of eight class awards on the day, even enter our Prize Draw (just £1 a ticket) for some incredible Jaguar orientated goodies, or enter our Jaguar knowledge quiz and prove you are one of our most knowledgable attendees of 2019.

If you sign up you will be joining 160 Jaguars spanning over 80 years with everything from cherished classics tracing the very start of Jaguar right through to the latest showroom models. You will get to see Jaguars that have not only been kept as close to standard as possible, but also customised Jaguars, and muscle Jaguars with up to 700bhp.

You may be wondering what our event costs, after all we have packed a lot in.. and that may be a consideration for you..

Our event is genuinely FREE - free to sign up for and to attend! Your only costs on the day will be food/drink (which will be discounted for attendees) and entry into the Prize draw - so go on, why not sign up and join us for our 2019 event?

17 May 2019Progress update

Every time I take a day off from our event, I end up playing catchup and today has been no different. I am getting there, but will likely be chipping away at things through the weekend to make sure I am ready for all the last minute bits next week.

We are now down to just 13 places available so if you are considering our event please sign up before these last few places have gone.

Our event has been doing well, despite my day off and we now have:

160 Jaguars spanning over 80 years of production and almost 230 attendees signed up
Our Facebook page now has 587 friends
Our Twitter feed has 596 followers
and our forum threads for this years event have amassed almost 45,000 hits - absolutely incredible
Even our website here has been quite busy :-)

I have some new leads on clubs that are potentially interested in our 2020 & 2021 events and will be in contact with them either over the weekend or early next week when I am back on top of everything.I will also update everyone regarding the affiliations that we are looking to set up, as soon as I have more information for you - again it is on my list - I just have to get that far down the list

15 May 2019The three year plan ...

Just 11 days to go until our 2019 event and very limited places still available!

One day I will surprise everyone and say nothing is currently happening regarding our event - however this is not that day (blah)

We are down to just 14 places still available - it would be great if we could fill those last places so if you are still considering signing up for our event, please sign up - we have a great day out for you, and would love it if you could come along and join us on the day.

As you all know we have a three year plan for our event, with this year 160 Jaguars, next year 200, and then 300 for our anniversary event in 2021 - drawing in Jaguars from Europe as well as the UK.

Part of this plan is affiliating our event with Jaguar clubs in both the UK and Europe, encouraging clubs and individuals from both the UK and Europe to get more involved with us, making our event even more of a win-win for both Jaguar owners and specialist companies that we trust. We are looking to increase the number of clubs attending our event, giving attendees the full range of support they need to look after and maintain their Jaguars.

Our event will retain it's grassroots vibe, with Jaguars not only welcome from any background or walk of life, but all considered equal - without any elitism.., the event will always be free to sign up for and attend, non profit, and there to connect everyone with everything they need whilst giving you a great Jaguar day out.

As I pull things together I will of course keep everyone in the loop..

Currently I am in the process of getting in touch with the clubs/forums that we already work with, and will be formally making contact with two European clubs later this week, early next week...

Please keep an eye on our forum threads, Facebook page and of course our event website for the latest as we go, and if you are a club or forum interested in what we are doing please just get in touch

Meanwhile though if you have signed up for this years event you have a great day ahead of you this May bank holiday, & if you haven't signed up yet.. why not give us a go? We have a great (free ) Jaguar day out for you.

13 May 2019Quick update

There is quite a bit going on currently.. we are now down to just 15 places having just booked an XFRS that has been uprated to 700bhp! I have also finally managed to triple check and confirm with Pease Pottage Services that we have the conservatory room on the left as you go in, and a discount on Costa products there. Additionally I am in discussions with two potential new sponsors for our 2020 event as I type..

12 May 2019Welcome Packs

As of today the Welcome Packs are ready for the day - over 3,800 items, 160 Welcome packs all boxed up in four boxes of 25Kg each :-) We have the biggest free Welcome Packs to-date for this years event. Additionally you can pick up your free copy of the latest Classic Motor Monthly newspaper on the day too :-)

10 May 2019Our website is expanding

We have just kicked off the new Reviews section with our first review, and have started to incorporate more great pics from our event into the pages for you. Please feel free to take a look at our review (don't forget we do also have a discount in place currently for Scratchshield here) and keep an eye out for more reviews as they appear.

08 May 2019Guest book

Don't forget, if you like our website, or have any thoughts for new features, or something we could cover please leave a note in the guestbook as it would be great to hear what you think :-)

07 May 2019Last of the Welcome Pack item deliveries and assembly..

Ok, almost eveything is now in for your free Welcome Packs - I am just waiting on one further delivery and should then be assembling your packs this weekend.

In total I will be assembling over 2,500 items across the packs over the course of two days - I am really hoping that the free Welcome Packs contain all the info you need along with a selection of goodies you love, or can put to good use :-)

01 May 2019Next event just launched on Facebook

Our 2020 event has just been launched on our Facebook account.... :-)

30 April 2019The latest news with just 26 days to go

We have just received a cancellation, so we now have an additional place available for an attending Jaguar meaning we currently have 27 places available, with just 26 days to go.

Please consider signing up your Jaguar and joining us on the day :-)

We have also just signed up one of the most unusual Jaguars I have ever seen, and it is certain to be a huge talking point at the event... you have to see it to believe it, and even then you may not.

Lastly, don't forget you still have the option to sign up in advance for our 2020 event which has new additional fun features, more Jaguars, more Talks by the Pro's and more - just visit the events website at www.solidlinux.co.uk, all the info you need is there.

29 April 2019Almost final call...

We now have just 27 places available for this years event, and we are already taking bookings for next years event here at the event's website.

If you haven't signed up for this years event yet please do, and take advantage of one of the remaining slots we have available - we have a great day out for you with Jaguars spanning over 80 years of production already signed up - and its free to sign up for and attend - you even get a free Welcome Pack at event registration on the day to get you in the swing of things:-)

If you can't make this years event - Why not pre-register for our 2020 event here at the event website? We will have even more packed into the day for you:-) We only need to know your name/alias, year and model of Jaguar and how many people in your party - that's it... and you can use our 'Contact Us' page, email us at JaguarForumsUK@solidlinux.co.uk, post a message on one of the forum threads, via our Facebook page, or even dm us on Twitter :-)

29 April 2019The results are in

Over the weekend there was a vote on the events Facebook page for what showroom model of Jaguar people would like to see brought along by Tony from Harwoods.

I am pleased to say the results are in, and Tony will be bringing a showroom F-Pace SVR 550 PS along for everyone to see on the day.


27 April 2019Polling this weekend - which Jaguar?

Please take a look at our Facebook page this weekend and vote for which showroom Jaguar you would like brought along to our event this year.. we have two choices, and whichever has the most votes by Monday will be the one Tony will bring.

Thinking on it, I don't know any other Jaguar events where you get to choose what you want to see :-) Please pop by the Facebook page and put a like against your choice of the two.

Remember the poll closes on Sunday night :-)

26 April 2019Availability of places...

We are down to the very final 28 free places.. please sign up quickly if you want to guarantee your slot on our free Jaguar day out.

25 April 2019Discount Codes

One of our incredible sponsors has just agreed to offer our attendees an incredible 25% discount.. huge thanks to them for this - full details can be found on the 'Attendee Discounts' page

21 April 2019Easter...

A very happy Easter to everyone involved with our event - Have an incredibe long Jaguar weekend on us, and if you haven't signed up yet - please do.. it's a great Easter present for you, your Jaguar and your family :-)

18 April 2019Teaser....

Just as a teaser for you - our May 24th 2020 event is shaping up nicely with some new fun features for you including snap, crackle and pop, and Clean Getaway fun competitions on the day.. I am currently working on a number of features, and getting everything in shape for you with a new logo, new competitions, a mix of both regular sponsors, and new, and trying to get not just Talks by the Pro's but specialists in action onsite for you.

Please keep an eye out for the launch of our 2020 event :-)

17 April 2019A few additional spaces have just been freed up

Ok, there has been some movement between our 'Walk through the Years of Jaguar' section and the club allocations, some car changes, and of course my mathamatical skills :-) - which has freed up a few more places for us :-)

This is good news for anyone considering signing up for our event this year :-) I have updated the main thread with the changes, and this will filter through over the next few days for you.

I have been on the case with our incredible sponsors, and some more Welcome Pack items, and prizes have arrived which is great, and more items are on their way for us - a massive thankyou to our sponsors for this.

This year will be the first year where our numbers have outstripped the level of support our sponsors have been able to give for our Welcome Packs, so where you are used to everyone having the same goodies, samples etc in the Welcome Packs on the day, this year every Welcome Pack will be unique.. I will be working to try and make sure everyone has a similar value of goodies on the day though, and you will as always have all the paperwork, and info you need for the day.

If you haven't signed up yet please consider doing so - we have a great Jaguar day out for you.

15 April 2019Less than 20 places still available

As of today we have less than 20 places still available for our 2019 event.. incredible.. so if you would like to attend please apply quickly to be in with a chance.

Our 2020 event planning is well under way now - and news on this event will be online in the next few weeks. We will be able to host up to 200 Jaguars (40 more than  this year), and will hopefully be expanding everything for you from the stands, through to new features you can enjoy on the day. Please pencil in 24th May 2020, and keep an eye out for the event appearing online :-)

08 April 2019Place availability and venue....

Ok guys, it's a Monday, which is never the best of days but I do still have some good news for you to brighten it up.

I have just spoken with Denbies to double check everything, and they have been kind enough to offer attendees the 'usual' 10% discount on all food/drink brought in the restaurant downstairs, the same as in previous years - guaranteeing you a lunch at a gtreat price on the day .

They are, as always very wary of the weather due to our allocated area being on grass, and will triple check with me a day or so before our event, but we have this worry every year, and the long range weather forecast is still for the odd shower with clouds/sunshine and around 18-20 degrees on the day so we should be OK.

Additionally, we are now down to just 25 places left for our 2019 event.. please sign up soon to ensure you don't miss our 2019 event

05 April 2019Book quickly to guarantee your free slot..

We are now down to 26 places available at our 2019 event! Please book quickly to guarantee your slot on our free one day Jaguar event this summer.

01 April 2019Limited places now available

After taking bookings over the weekend, we are now down to just 29 places still available for our 2019 event - we have so much for you at our free Jaguar event from awards and prizes to talks by the Pros, show prices on essentials, and advice on everything from DPF's through to leather and paintwork, performance parts and upgrades, a quiz to see how much you know about Jaguar, and even a convoy, as well as main event components.

Please sign up quickly to guarantee your place - it's free to sign up for and attend - all you need is your Jaguar and some fuel :-) Even accomodation is covered with a special deal we have for you just 5 minutes from the start point with fixed prices and guaranteed availiability :-)


29 March 2019More good news

More good news for everyone - Julian Ferraro have just agreed to sponsor the 'Julian Ferraro E-Type Trophy' for a second year, so we now have not seven but eight awards up for grabs on the day.

Huge thanks to Julian Ferraro for their sponsorship and support of our event :-)

28 March 2019Press coverage

If you all remember we made it into Grant Fords 'Fordies Favourites' column in Classic Motor Monthly last year - if not, don't worry you can access his article at our event website here.  It was very well written, and definitely helped raise awareness of our event.

Well, he will be back this year! Where last year he concentrated on the convoy itself, this year he is concentrating much more on the main event element with the awards, prizes, talks and everything else we have on the go :-)

So, please join me in making him feel welcome at our 2019 event and be forewarned your Jaguar may well make the press :-)

27 March 2019Limited places left!

We are now down to just 35 free slots available for our 2019 event, with 125 places already booked - and we still have 60 days to go until our event!

Please book your slot quickly to guarantee your great Jaguar day out with us..

26 March 2019Where are we with things?

OK, there has been a lot going on regarding our event and I should be updating you with where we are currently with things..

Three of our incredible event sponsors have already supplied their promised goody bag contents, and prizes, which still leaves a large number of sponsors I have made contact with and will hopefully be making contact with me shortly - I am on the case, and we already have 10 of the promised prizes through for the prize draw, and our Welcome packs have started to develop.

The event paperwork, which is the event info, itinerary, voting forms and dashboard sheets etc. have all been printed up - with more of the paperwork in colour this year just to impress you :-)

Due to quantities of goody bag items being more limited this year & in view of our event growing at the same time, our event is limited to 160 attending Jaguars, which means we are already down to limited availability with just 37 places left! Next year our event will be limited to 200, if I can manage it, and then for our anniversary event 300. If you haven't signed up yet - please do or you may miss out on this years event!

Our Talks by the Pro's have been confirmed by the companies hosting them on the day, and I am currently looking into a prize option for the quiz module - no guarantees, and it may have a twist to it.. but I am working on it for you.

Our initial start point, Pease Pottage Services have booked us in, with a discount on Costa products and the Conservatory is set aside for us. I do still need to triple check all OK with them closer to the date as we have had issues before with the discount :-)

I will be making contact with Denbies again mid April to again, triple check everything with them and to verify that we are OK for an attendees' discount in the Carvery there and their incredible selection of food and drink for everyones lunch.

We currently have seven awards you are in with a great chance at, and I am in discussions with one of our sponsors to try & organise an eighth award.. more news on that to come.

With clubs and forums getting involved with our event this year ( a massive thankyou to them for their leap of faith in us, and for getting involved) we now have not only the 'Walk through the Years of Jaguar' but also three club specific areas you can drop in on on the day plus two club/forum stands.

Additionally with the club and forum involvement we have managed to increase the span of Jaguar production we cover this year to 81 years!! Absolutely incredible and (subject to the usual) we should have an SS100 and a D-Type attending - two incredible classics I am looking forward to seeing in the flesh.

The event website (www.solidlinux.co.uk) is still seeing approx 5 to 10 visitors a day which is fantastic. I am looking into expanding it, possibly after this years event, but it is unlikely to become more polished with my webs skills, or more graphical whilst hosted at a free hosting site but will contain even more info - but hey, we do have an event with no budget so it is to be expected lol

International interest in our event has been growing, with some non UK Jaguar owners already looking to book with us for next year, and European clubs interested in becoming connected with us. It is something I am looking into currently with the aim (yes I know.. plans of mice and men lol..) to getting National and European clubs much more involved in our 10th anniversary event in 2021.

So there you go, I would love to say that is where we are in a nutshell, but our event is getting too big to fit in a nutshell :-) If you would like any info about our event, or want to sign up just get in touch and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

22 March 2019Weekly stats published

This weeks statistics showing how we are doing, including years of production covered, what models of Jaguar are signed up and more have just been published - please check out our Facebook page, or forum threads for all the info

21 March 2019Sponsorship

We have just 66 days to go until our 2019 event so I have, this week, made contact with all the incredible sponsors of our event to start collating the remaining items for our Welcome Packs and Prize Draw.. 

I just have the Welcome Letters to print up next week, and the event paperwork everyone gets on the day will be completed too.

We have an incredible free Jaguar event - free to sign up for and attend.. it is a day out suitable for everyone from petrolheads to families.

We are down to limited places remaining, with 120 Jaguars already signed up for this year including everything from a 1938  SS 100 Jaguar through to E-Types, a D-Type, and virtually all the mainstream models right through to 2019. So please, if you own a Jaguar and want a great free Jaguar day out please consider signing up :-)


19 March 2019More news, more attending Jaguar models..

So where are we with our 2019 event just a few days after we last looked?

We signed up a gorgeous 1938 SS100 Jaguar over the weekend, and today we have tracked down a D-Type that may be able to make it, if the work it is currently having done, is done in time :-)

Our JEC club allocation is filling up fast, and I will be chasing the XKEC and F-TypeEC clubs shortly to see if we can list who they have coming.. all giving us a better picture of our event.

I am currently just under halfway through making contact with all our sponsors to follow up on any pledges for our goody bags, and prize draw.

A massive thankyou goes out to everyone for not only putting their Jaguars forward for our event, but also those of you who are managing to locate some of the more exotic or unusual rare Jaguars - you have made a huge difference to our event and the range of Jaguars for attendees to meet.

We already have the largest and most complete event we have ever put together, and we still have 68 days to go :-) Anyone who hasn't signed up yet, please do - our event is free, all you need is your Jaguar and we have a great Jaguar day out for you :-)

18 March 2019Busy weekend...

OK, it's been a really busy weekend for our event with the JEC club area starting to fill with JEC members cars, new signups, and we now have Jaguars spanning not just 50 years of production, or even 60, but 81 years of production! Incredible!

The long range weather forecast is for a mixture of clouds and sun and 20 degrees for the day, which is great news - I will continue monitoring it through to the day though for any changes.

The sticking point for me this weekend has been the free Welcome Packs - where every year to-date everyone has received a pack with a range of goodies that is consistent for everyone, this year we are bigger than the budget some of our incredible event sponsors have set aside for our event.. so this year you will all have the same info as each other, but the selection of goodies such as samples, freebies etc will be varying from pack to pack - I will nonetheless be working hard to keep everything equal in terms of value for everyone.

After working through my stocktake, and tallying what I believe our sponsors wilI be happy to donate for our day in total (yep, a leap in the dark based on six years of our event lol) We are limiting the total of attending Jaguars to 160 - just for this year.. next year we are realistically aiming for 200 Jaguars, prior to our anniversary event in 2021 where I am aiming for 300 Jaguars inc European clubs and forums.

Additionally a raft of ideas have been coming in from attendees, and we should be implementing some of them next year - I am working on how best to implement them currently.

So to summarise, this has been quite a weekend for us, we have had quite a few new signups, and moving around of where attendees will be on the day, I have hiot a few issues with the Welcome Packs this year and you will have a unique selection of goodies in each bag unlike previous years where everyone had the same, there are new features and ideas in the pipeline for 2020, and 2021 is in the planning stages as the biggest event to-date. The only flip side to all this is that we have a limit of 160 Jaguars this year and we are into limited availability already with 69 days still to go.

15 March 2019Progress update

We have been in touch with Robin, who won the prestigeous 'Scratchshield Best Turned Out Jag' shield last year, and have asked him if he is happy to present the award to this years winner - and he is :-)

We have also been in touch with Pease Pottage Services, and spoken to their current duty manager, and we are booked for the Conservatory room for the morning, and they have also kindly agreed to our 'usual' attendee discount of Costa products on the day. I will call them again a week or so ahead of the event just to double check everything is in place.

I have just taken delivery of the promised goody bags from SNG Barratt, and an incredible £100 in vouchers for the prize draw - a massive thankyou goes out to them for this.


14 March 2019LinkedIn

Did you know our event is on LinkedIn? Please consider linking to us there under the username JaguarForumsUK :-)

14 March 2019Facebook account down earlier

Just to let you know we were experiencing issues with posting on our Facebook account due to the worldwide outage on Facebook earlier - however our other channels continued working fine.. It is now back up and running :-)

13 March 2019Mathamatical issues - we are even bigger!

Ok, time to admit to it - my maths is genuinely as bad as I keep telling you - I have just gone back through the numbers for our 2019 event and I got it significantly wrong - we actually have 116 Jaguars signed up so far!! Incredible.. a massive thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to sign up for our 2019 event!

I am in contact with our sponsors to see if they can increase their level of sponsorship, to ensure any new signups can also receive Goody bags on the day.. additionally I am back to my print runs again it would seem over the next few weeks to produce the additional event info, quiz sheets etc etc we now need :-)

13 March 2019New event feed added to the website

I have just added a new page to our website which will give you a summary of where we are with the current event, it will update at the same time as the event forum threads, but will only list the latest summary unlike the forum threads that carry all the news, details and running info on our event. You can find it from the main menu at the top of this page as 'Current Event'

12 March 2019We are into triple figures :-)

Today we reached 100 attending Jaguars, and then exceeded that figure by one - thankyou so much to everyone for their support of our 2019 event.

The flip side of this is that we now have limited places still available, so please book quickly if you want to be sure of your free slot at our event this year.

Plans are very much afoot for our 2020 event, with some incredible new interactive features to come - please watch this space for more news on this as I develop it :-)

Colin at Bag-World.co has come forward for the second year running, and is donating a number of incredible bespoke luggage pieces to our Prize draw - a massive thankyou to him for this.


11 March 2019Quite a bit happening....

Quite a bit is on the go with our event currently - We now have not just the 'Walk through the years of Jaguar' but also three allocated club/forum areas, two club/forums stands, and of course all our specialist company stands too for you.

So go on, why not sign your Jaguar up for our great free Jaguar day out this May 26th?

All you need to do is email, post, or dm your name, Jaguar model & year, & how many people travelling and that's it you are signed up.

If you need somewhere to stay the night for the event we have you covered with rooms being reserved at fixed prices specifically for attendees, at Holiday Inn Express Crawley, which is just five minutes away from the starting point of our event.

So go on why not give us a go, and join everyone else at our one day Jaguar event?

07 March 201979 days to go.. and counting

Ok it is almost Friday and I have managed to get the last of the paperwork designed, and now just need to get it printed up for you guys. So I am on schedule :-)

I have also started following up with our incredible event sponsors, and we have the beginnings of the Welcome Packs already in storage around my home :-) with more items to follow as I go.

As I gain more information regarding the prize draw items that our sponsors are kind enough to donate I will let you know too.

Our days itinerary is also set now (subject to any last minute changes):

8:30 Event registration, Welcome Pack Distribution and Welcome Speech
9:15 Transfer of Jaguars to the Convoy/Drive start point
9:30 Start of Convoy/Drive element
10:15 Arrival at Denbies (please follow Marshals instructions for parking on site)
10:30 Group Photo Shoot with attending Jaguars as the backdrop
11:00 The JaguarForumsUK Most Knowledgable Jaguar Attendee of 2019 Quiz module
11:30 Presentation by LeatherGuard on leather cleaning, Cleaning products & the LeatherGuard system
13:30 Presentation by PVD Approved with a talk & Q&A session on detailing your Jaguar
14:30 Presentation by the Leather Repair Company on leather repairs and restoration
15:00 Presentation of awards for Best Interior, Best Exterior, Best Turned Out, Peoples Choice, Most Interesting, Best Classic XJ, & Best XF/F-Type
15:30 Prize Draw winners announced for some incredible prizes for your Jaguar
15:45 Quiz results announced and photo shoot of the 2019 Most Knowledgeable Attendees
16:00 End of day speech and the end of our 2019 Jaguar day out

04 March 2019Latest update for you with 82 days to go :-)

It's Monday, and it's been a busy weekend for our event.. we are now very, very close to closing negotiations with an incredible classic car body workshop that do everything from the basics through to complete restorations, and they will hopefully be bringing some classic Jaguars, in showroom condition, for everyone to see on the day..

Additionally Robornes and the Leather Repair company have produced two incredibe bespoke awards for you to win on the day.. pictures to hopefully follow later today..

Also, I am still in talks with two additional potential sponsors that would be a good match for us, and this weekend has seen our event garnering even more support from Jaguar owners in France & the Netherlands..

So, I can, even with our 2019 event still 84 days away, honestly say we have the biggest event to-date for you so please, please consider signing up - it's free to sign up for and attend, free awards, free talks by the Pro's and so much more - your only costs on the day will be food/drink (which will be discounted for attendees) and the Prize draw which is just £1 a ticket and helps towards covering the events running costs and you can win anything from the basics through to a Classic Jaguar experience. If you are worried about travelling to our event we have even managed to organise fixed price, guaranteed availability of rooms for attendees at the local Holiday Inn Express.

01 March 2019Just 86 days to go - how are we doing?

Our event is developing well - we have 9 trade stands, 6 clubs/forums participating, our forum threads have received over 24,300 hits, and the number of attending Jaguars is steadily increasing as we approach the day.

I am still in discussions with a number of companies that are interested in getting involved with us, and am still on the trail of 2 showroom SS Jaguars that may be able to attend.

Our event now has a number of European Jaguar clubs following it on social media, who I am hoping to be able to get involved in our 10th anniversary event in two years time - yes, I am planning two years ahead with our event :-) But as our event has grown it has become not just an all year round thing for attendees with discounts, reviews, news and more but also roughly a year to organise too :-)

We are now on our way to 80 Jaguars signed up for this years event spanning from 1955 - 2019 - why not sign up free and join us this year?


21 February 2019Just 94 days to go until our 2019 event....

OK guys, we have just 94 days until our event and some tasks are coming to the limit of what I can manage, and other tasks are surfacing that I have yet to do.

As for event sponsorship, I have had no further takeups recently so I am concentrating on working hard with our current existing sponsors over the next days to make sure we have everything right for both you the attendees and them.

Event paperwork - as of today the attendee registration paperwork has been designed and printed up, leaving me with the convoy/drive mapping, welcome paperwork and 'support us' paperwork yet to do.

Welcome Packs - we have received items etc from one sponsor so far - all in storage for the moment, and I have started tracking down the advertising literature which will be going into the packs, prior to following up with our sponsors for the remaining items we are waiting on.

Soraya from DesignCats has asked for the data on stand sizes, so she can rework the planned layout into a real life layout - I am contacting everyone who will be specifically running a stand on the day, over the next week to ask for this info.

Our Facebook account has been really picking up - with European Jaguar clubs, and owners friending our event

Our Instagram account has been fairly quiet but becasue it is more difficult to use with a desktop I am only occasionally updating it

Our Twitter account has been gaining followers from the States lately, as well as the UK

Our website, whilst it has lulls and busy periods, is really starting to pick up some traffic which is great, incredible really as I am not a web designer in any way lol

We have had some more attendee signups this week which is fantastic - if you are considering signing up and have yet to do so please, please do so sooner rather than later - we have a great free Jaguar day out for you

19 February 2019Just 96 days to go....

We now have just 96 days left until our event, and if you haven't signed up yet for it - you are running out of time.

We have the biggest event to-date for you with everything you have come to expect from our free one day event, and more so if you are thinking about signing up, but are still undecided here is the list of what you get free on the day:

Convoy & Main Event
Free Welcome Packs on registration at the start with the usual freebies, samples, info and more
Free Talks by the Pro's
Oodles of free advice by specialists
Class awards your Jaguar could be in with a great chance at
Show prices on must-have products and services
Meet the clubs and forums that support you and your Jaguar
Enter a quiz to become one of the most knowledgeable attendees for 2019
Great company
Incredible Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production
For a small cost (£1 per ticket) you can enter the prize draw for any of a number of great prizes to take home
Food and drink will be discounted at both Pease Pottage Services and Denbies to help keep your costs down on the day.

So go on, why not give us a try? We may be a grassroots event, but we offer a great Jaguar day out with features you would usually only find at a ticketed event. We are suitable for everyone from die hard petrol heads through to families - anyone who owns a Jaguar.

We even have a deal with Holiday Inn Express offering attendees fixed price, guaranteed availabilty of overnight accomodation for the event (just 5 min drive from the start point), should you need it.

Between now and the event why not check out our forum threads in the UK events sections at JaguarForums.com JaguarForum.com and JagChat.net? Or have a good look around our website here and take advantage of everything we have to offer even between events from Christmas competitions, to reviews and any discounts we may have for attendees.

19 February 2019New article on LinkedIn

13 February 2019Layout for our day at Denbies

The layout at our main venue, Denbies should be published by the end of the week giving attendees, and trade/clubs/forums a chance to see where they will be on the day - remembering that the team from DesignCats will be onsite on the day mashaling to ensure everyone gets to their best possible spot.

07 February 2019Why should you sign up for our event?

Curious about our Jaguar event, how it started, what it's aims are, and what you can gain from signing up?

I would love to say me too :-) But in truth I can answer it all..

Our event started with just a simple message on my home forum JaguarForums.com asking if anyone wanted to meet up in the south east.. it was prompted by another member of the forum who suggested I asked around. Suffice to say 6 of us met up on a cold damp December day and it was agreed that maybe another meet might be an idea.

That was the start of the event.. :-) and now, so far this year we have over 110 attendees signed up with three months to go, Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production, club and forum support and presentation, trade sponsors, show prices, talks by specialists, awards, prizes, and even a quiz module.. we have even moved from the open public seafront road at Brighton to our own enclosed grass area at Englands largest wine estate, Denbies.

The aims of the event are primarily to enable anyone from any background or financial situation to have a great Jaguar day out, whilst learning more about their Jaguar from specialists, gaining show prices, discounts and support both from the Jaguar community and the traders that we not only know and trust but offer great value for money.

The event is a not for profit event, depending on the prize draw element to generate enough income to cover it's running costs, and as of last year was finally starting to catch up with it's costs after being funded by myself for a number of years :-)

As for what you can gain.. our event puts you in contact with not just trade specialists we trust, but also clubs and forums, you can ask all and any questions of the specialists onsite, and even attend talks by them on their specialist subjects. You can gain show prices, win class awards, prove your Jaguar knowledge, even (if you pay a small cost for prize draw tickets) win anything from the basics we all need through to a Jaguar experience for yourself. All this in a superb venue with great likeminded company, and Jaguars from all walks of life spanning over 60 years of production.And it doesn't stop there - our event has a website with archive photo's, history, a Christmas competition for great prizes every year, and even product reviews coming soon..plus details of any current discounts we have managed to get for you :-)

Our event is organised by a Jaguar enthusiast, sponsored and supported by Jaguar enthusiasts just for you it's primary aim not to make money just to help you look after your Jaguar and keep your costs low in any way we can..

So go on, why not give us a try - you have nothing to lose and everything we have to gain :-)

05 February 2019How is our 2019 event developing?

We have a great free Jaguar day out for everyone with 111 attendees already signed up, Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production, and more trade/club/forum stands than ever before.

We have class awards - one of which you get to vote on as an attendee, an incredible prize draw you can enter, talks by the Pro's, show prices, all the free specialist advice you need, and so much more including, new this year, a quiz module (yes, that is somewhat out of the box, but the winners will get a photoshoot on the day and the chance to defend their title in 2020 :-))

There has never been a better year to sign your Jaguar up for our free annual event - we literally have more of everything for you - and it is still free :-)

Just use our 'Contact Us' page here, or email JaguarForumsUK@solidlinux.co.uk with your name, model/year of Jaguar, and how many people will be travelling and that is it you are signed up.

28 January 2019The XKCC is now supporting our event

Just a very quick update to let you know that the XKCC have just signed up to support our event and will have a contingency onsite on the day and will be very happy to meet with you on the day. A massive thankyou to them for signing up with us for 2019

25 January 2019Our Itinerary - it will change as we approach the day :-)

As promised here is the itinerary for our 2019 event :-)

Please note that I am expecting some changes as we approach the day, with negotiations currently in progress regarding further potential awards and presentation slots we may have for you - but I will update the itinerary as we go, so you always know what to expect on the day itself.


8:30 Event registration, Welcome Pack Distribution and Welcome Speech
9:15 Transfer of Jaguars to the Convoy/Drive start point
9:30 Start of Convoy/Drive element
10:15 Arrival at Denbies (please follow Marshals instructions for parking on site)
10:30 Group Photo Shoot with attending Jaguars as the backdrop
11:00 The JaguarForumsUK Most Knowledgable Jaguar Attendee of 2019 Quiz module
11:30 Presentation by LeatherGuard on leather cleaning, Cleaning products & the LeatherGuard system
13:30 Presentation by PVD Approved with a talk & Q&A session on detailing your Jaguar
14:30 Presentation by the Leather Repair Company on leather repairs and restoration
15:00 Presentation of awards for Best Turned Out, Peoples Choice, Most Interesting, Best Classic XJ, & Best XF/F-Type
15:30 Prize Draw winners announced for some incredible prizes for your Jaguar
15:45 Quiz results announced and photo shoot of the 2019 Most Knowledgeable Attendees
16:00 End of day speech and the end of our 2018 Jaguar day out


23 January 2019Emails...

Hi Guys, The past two days have been far more interesting than anticipated. I have discovered I am just as dependant on my mobile phone for running the event as I am on my desktop - it was time to upgrade my phone, and where the usual apps etc went across smoothly - setting up all the email accounts, Twitter, Facebook etc proved a little more challenging.. after two days of battling with it I am now finally back online with our event I am so so happy to say :-)

Yes never before did I ever feel so relieved to get email and social media up and running :-)

21 January 2019Sponsorship News

Ok, I had an idea at the weekend (yes I know a rarity at any time you are all going to say :-)) but as a result have kicked off talks with a potential event sponsor that will come as a surprise to everyone if this international company concerned is agreeable - and may well be the start of a very slight shift in our sponsorship base but the start of quite a bit of potential growth for us.. more info to follow if this pans out - meanwhile don't worry I am still also working on everything else and the itinerary should be with you guys by the end of the week :-)

18 January 2019Latest Progress Update

OK it's a Friday and just 128 days until our event, and quite a bit has been going on (as always) so time for a quick update on where we are with our event so far.

Our forum threads have received over 15,000 hits
Our event website has received over 3,500 page views
Our Facebook following is still increasing and we now have almost 400 friends
Our Twitter feed has 571 followers
and our Instagram feed 157 followers
We have 50 Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production and 87 attendees
We have 6 trade stands and 5 club.forum stands booked
and finally 4 Presentations and 5 Class Awards for you.

We now have a new voting system for the Peoples Choice Award, and I am happy to say that we have had one previous sponsor re-sign with us this week, and one of our sponsors has also just agreed to host a presentation slot, which is fantastic.

If you know anyone with a Jaguar who would enjoy a great free Jaguar day out with everything we have please encourage them to sign up as we have a great day ahead of us :-)

16 January 2019Sponsorship News

Just a quick update regarding our event sponsorship - SNG Barratt have just signed up with us for our 2019 event - a massive thankyou to them for their continued support of our event

15 January 2019Going European, and what we have for you for 2019...

Further to contingents from both Germany & the Netherlands attending our event in the last few years, I have started to promote our event in Europe to see if we can encourage Jaguars from the continent to join us and get involved in what we have to offer with our free event. More to come on this as we go.

If you are already signed up to attend our event, here is a taste of what we have for you so far, with more companies due to come onboard as we approach the day itself.

You can meet specialist companies who know Jaguars inside out regarding valeting, detailing, engine remapping, general maintenance, servicing, performance spares and upgrades, leather care and repairs, paint care, any dealership queries, and more.

You can also participate free in specialist presentations regarding leather care, leather cleaning and protection systems, paintcare inc polishing valeting and detailing.

Add to this your free Welcome Packs with info, samples and more on arrival at the start point, a convoy to our main venue, awards for a number of classes, prizes, incredible company and Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production.

Everything is free on the day with the exception of food and drink (however you will have a discount on this) and a small cost per ticket for the prize draw. The talks, advice, convoy, awards, welcome packs, and more are all free making this a great day out for anyone on a budget. There will even be must-haves at show prices to help you keep your Jaguar running costs down.

All you need to do is sign up - and even that is easy - we just need to know your Jaguar model/year and how many travelling via the 'Contact Us' page here, Twitter (@JFBrightonMeets), email JaguarForumsUK@solidlinux.co.uk, or Facebook /JaguarForumsUK - take your pick as to which is easiest for you.


11 January 2019How is our event planning going? Here's the latest for you

Ok guys, It has been a busy week for our event without a doubt, and it's a Friday :-) so it's time to cover where we are, what we have done, and what we are in progress with..

The quiz element has now been printed up and is ready for the day as are the newly designed dash sheets. I have made contact with the majority of people and companies involved with our event, and am hoping for positive feedback as if anyone is going to drop out of supporting our event it tends to be at this point in the year - so fingers crossed. I have located one or more SS cars and a specialist that refurbishes classic Jaguars and I am in very early talks with them and hoping I can persuade them to become involved.. it would be incredible if attending Jaguars included examples not just of new, modern, and classic Jaguars but also Jaguars almost from the very beginning of Jaguars inception. I am working on it :-) You may be aware from one of our forum threads that here has been some discussion (as there is every year) regarding trying to get an XJ220 or other unsual performance Jaguars to our event - but so far I am drawing blanks. If I do get a hint of a chance I will of course let you guys know.

Next week I will be making contact with previous sponsors to see if they may be interested in getting involved with our event again and I do also have a couple of new leads I will be following up on.

Hopefully by mid week next week I can get back to event promotion and encouraging more Jaguar owners to join us at what (in complexity at least this year) is the biggest event to-date we have ever run.

Here are the figures of where we are currently:

Our forum threads have received almost 14,000 hits to-date - incredible
Our event Facebook page now has 385 friends
Our event Twitter feed now has 572 followers
Our Instagram accoiunt has 151 folloowers
We have 16 incredible sponsors
6 Trade stands have been booked to-date
We have 5 Jaguar clubs/forums taking advantage of stands
3 Presentation slots have been booked so far
You can win any of 5 class awards on the day
So far we have 51 Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production and 81 attendees signed up

We have 135 days left until the day itself now, let's make this genuinely the biggest and best event we have ever run - if you know anyone with a Jaguar (of course you do) see if they might be interested in our event, and if you know any Jaguar orientated companies it would be great to involve, please put them in touch with us..

Have a great Jaguar weekend :-)

09 January 2019Latest news update

It has been a busy start to the year - I managed to catch a batch of 'man flu' which put me a few days behind schedule but I am almost back on schedule now with everything.

Our dashboard sheets have been designed and printed up, and our new feature - the quiz element has been completed.

The new quiz element covers general knowledge and trivia regarding Jaguar from 1920 through to 2004. The winner(s) with the highest scores on the day will be in a photoshoot of our most knowledgeable attendees in 2019 and open to defend their title in the 2020 quiz.

In the next couple of days I will be in contact with our current event sponsors, previous sponsors that may be interested in supporting us again, and a few leads I have on potential sponsors.

Our attendee numbers have been growing, as has our online presence with not just UK Jaguar owners following our event but Jaguar owners from around the globe, and in the years ahead we may be striking up associations with some of the worldwide clubs that have been in contact.

Our event is now in the 'home run' for our 2019 event - so please keep an eye on here and our forum threads, social media etc for all the latest info as we approach the day itself and if you have not signed up yet for our free Jaguar day out please do so soon and guarantee your slot at our 2019 event - we have a packed Jaguar day for you :-)

02 January 2019Happy New Year to everyone involved with our event :-)

First of all a very Happy New Year to everyone :-) 

I have managed to get the dashboard sheets designed and printed up, but am still working on the Quiz feature, so not as ahead on things as I had hoped for, but getting there, and still close to on target with things.

If you have already signed up for this years event, we have the biggest event to-date with club and forum participation as well as the trade, in addition to the new Quiz to see who amongst our attendees is the most knowledgable about Jaguar.

If you haven't signed up yet, please do so, and the sooner the better, to guarantee your slot at our free Jaguar day out - it's free to sign up for, free to attend, with discounts, samples, talks, awards, prizes, trade stands and even club and forum participation - it is an event run by Jaguar enthusiasts for Jaguar enthusiasts on a non existent budget but still managing all the features you would expect at a ticketed event.

So why not start off 2019 by making it a Jaguar year and signing up for our free event? You might even get to drive away with one of our show awards on the day :-)

21 December 2018The last Friday before Christmas... :-)

It's the last Friday before Christmas, and over the period I will be working on the background parts of the event including the dashboard sheets, and the quiz development, so I thought rather than the usual list of stats I would just take this opportunity to bring everyone upto date with what we have booked so far for our 2019 event.

We have a growing list of incredible event sponsors, we have trade stands, forum and club stands, talks by the pro's, a quiz to test your knowledge of Jaguar, the biggest prize draw fund to-date, awards covering Jaguars from every walk of life, samples, discounts, information, specialist advice, & products at event prices..

Also our list of sponsors will hopefully increase early in 2019 subject to talks with an incredible company that produces the most beautiful Jaguar accessories we have ever seen - more info to follow on this.

Curently at our convoy & meet event you can discuss leather repairs and protection, paint care, servicing, repairs, upgrades, valeting & detailing, engine remapping, & meet myself from JaguarForums.com, and people from JagChat.net, XKEC, F-Type EC, and JEC.. specialists on hand to discuss any issues you may have, even full dealership support should you want it will be onsite.

So go on, why not treat yourself and your Jaguar to a great Jaguar day out - it's completely free, and suitable for anyone be they a petrolhead or a family.. why not sign your Jaguar up this Christmas for a great day out?

In the meanwhile please have a fantastic Jaguar Christmas, and New Year (and don't forget to sign up for our event :-))

18 December 2018Pre Christmas News

I have received confirmation from two companies that they are happy for our website to carry reviews of their products - which is great news.

This will allow us to highlight their must-have products, giving you the lowdown on value for money and how they perform not with the professionals, but with the 'average Jaguar owner' - hopefully we will also get the opportunity to offer some discounts and specials on the products reviewed.. If anyone else has Jaguar orientated products they would like reviewed please just drop a line to the usual email address, or the contact page on the event website.

Additionally, our event now seems to have a much more global following on social media with the UK obviously in the lead but also with people from Spain, Russia, Poland, Netherlands, USA, New Zealand and more all keeping an eye on our event, and up to-date with how we are doing :-)

As those of you who know me will know - Our event is non profit (actually it is just starting as of last year to catch up with it's costs to-date which is great) and it's only aims are to enable anyone from any background to attend a great Jaguar day out, save money on their Jaguars running costs, and put them in touch with products and services that I know and trust, and only those.

Our event has way outstripped anything I could have ever envisaged - 2018 has been an incredible year for us with new features added this year, and even more planned into 2019.. an absolutely massive '2018 Thankyou' goes out to everyone involved with our event be it supporting us, sponsoring us, attending our events, or just following us - I appreciate it so much more than you could ever know - thankyou for enabling me to run this event, keeping it connected with its roots and helping attendees (hopefully) look after their Jaguars for less, and have fun :-)

Have a great Jaguar Christmas and New Year

12 December 2018What are we up to over the Christmas period?

It has been quite a week for our event - our Christmas competition has closed giving five winners a great Jaguar Christmas, we have welcomed two new sponsors onboard, now have the largest incredible prize to-date for our prize draw on the day, and have even now signed up an incredible professional photographer :-)

I am just waiting on final confirmation that the last prizes are on their way to the winners before I can sign off on this years competition.

I will then start work on the design and printing of the dashboard sheets, and designing the new feature - the quiz sheets for the day - noting winners of the quiz will be in a photoshoot and advertised on the event website as our most knowledgable attendees of 2019.

I am hoping to get that done over the Christmas period, and will then be making contact with our current sponsors to bring them up to date with our progress so far around the start of January, prior to making contact with some of our previous sponsors to see if they will consider re-signing with us..

that is enough to keep me going over the Christmas period I think :-)

This week has been really busy regarding our event, and I hope everyone has enjoyed being involved with things as we develop our event

12 December 2018Photographic company signed up

Good news - It's almost always good news with our event :-) I am happy to be able to announce that Rocket Photography (www.rocketphoto.co.uk) have just signed up with us as Official Event Photographer for our 2019 event.. please join me in welcoming them to our event :-)

10 December 2018Our Christmas competition is now CLOSED to entries, and sponsor update

Our Christmas competition has now closed to entries, and the five lucky winners have been contacted and should have their prizes with them in time for Christmas, courtesy of our incredible sponsors - Robornes and Scratchshield. Huge thanks to them for their support, it genuinely makes a difference to our event attendees.

Additionally as of today, I have had final confirmation that ClassicJaguarDrives.co.uk are very happy to work with us and are now sponsoring our event, and as part of the sponsorship deal we have one of the largest prizes to-date for our Prize Draw on the day itself - a passenger slot on a Jaguar roadtrip worth up to £500. A massive thankyou to them for their support of our event.

07 December 2018Our event is already bigger than last year, with five months to go!

It has been another busy week for our event with more incredible sponsors signing up for our event, more trade stands, more pledged prizes, and more :-)

Also, if you haven't entered the free Christmas competition yet, please make sure you get your entry in before midnight Sunday 9th of December or you will risk missing out on a great Jaguar Christmas :-)

Our event is ahead of schedule with everything, and subject to all the usual, looks likely to be over double the size of our last event :-) We already have more trade stands, club & forum stands booked than ever before, and there is just under six months to go until the day.. next month I will be starting to keep an eye on the long range weather forecasts.. fingers crossed.

For those of you into statistics here are the statistics on where we are so far:

Our forum threads have received over 10,100 hits
Our new event website has received over 2,800 page views
Our events' Facebook page has 320 friends
Our event Twitter feed has 572 followers
Our Instagram account is still growing and has 139 followers
As of this morning we have 15 confirmed sponsors
We have 7 trade stands booked
We have 5 club/forum stands/plots booked
3 Presentation slots are booked so far and will increase as we approach the day
We have 5 confirmed awards you are in with a chance at
We have 67 people, and 44 Jaguars spanning from 1955 right through to 2016 signed up so far

We have the Christmas competition running until Sunday, with prizes arriving with the winners in time for Christmas, and then I will be starting work on the paperwork side of the event over the Christmas period, and in January I will be kicking off a real push to encourage attendee signups, to ensure no one misses out on the largest free Jaguar event we have ever run :-)

05 December 2018Latest news - Sponsorship and Christmas competition updates

I have a little more good news - Anglian Remaps have just signed up with us for our 2019 event, and will be taking advantage of one of our free trade plots on the day. Additionally I have news of one other incredible sponsor who produces the most beautiful must-have items for Jaguar owners - I will be talking to them early next year to see what we can arrange with them for you guys - more news to follow as we go.

A huge thankyou goes to Anglian Remaps, and our 'mystery' sponsor for signing up with our event - I genuinely appreciate the incredible support we get from everyone associated with our event helping us to make our Jaguar day the incredible, and unique, free day out it is for everyone.

Entries are still coming in for our Christmas competition - Don't forget you need to get your entry in by the 9th of December to be in with a chance at one of five prizes we have for you this year... and you can even sign up for our 2019 event at the same time as entering the competition, guaranteeing you not just a great chance at a prize to make your Christmas a great Jaguar Christmas, but also an incredible Jaguar day out!

30 November 2018How are we doing at the halfway point?

There has been a lot going on in the last week to update you with, and I am happy to be able to say that we now have Jaguars spanning over 60 years of production signed up - incredible.. thankyou so much to everyone that has signed up so far.

Our event Christmas competition is going well, and you now have only 10 days to get your free entry in - if you haven't entered yet, please consider doing so - this year we have five prizes up for grabs and the only requirements are that you are resident in the UK, and have either attended one of our seven previous events, or are signed up for our next event - you can even sign up for our next event and enter the competition at the same time if you want :-)

Our event has started attracting interest from all around the globe with a mixture of Jaguar owners, and Jaguar orientated companies signing up to follow our event on Twitter or Instagram, and friending our event Facebook page - so I am hoping where I can manage more for you guys for 2019, I can manage even more for you in 2020.

Meanwhile for those of you into the figures more, here is where we are so far:

Our event forum threads have amassed over 9,500 views
Our website has now received over 2,700 page hits
We now have 44 Jaguars spanning 61 years signed up
67 people are signed up as attendees so far
Our earliest Jaguar currently is from 1955.
We have 13 incredible sponsors
Curently we have 5 trade stands and 5 club/forum stands/plots signed up
We have 3 Presentation slots booked so far
Our event Twitter feed has grown to 568 followers
Our Instagram account now has 137 followers
and our events Facebook page now has 319 friends

Please consider entering our free event Christmas competition if you haven't already entered it, and if you know anyone with a Jaguar that would love a great free Jaguar day out please point them to our event, everyone is welcome whether you have a treasured classic Jaguar, a daily runner, or even a money pit like mine has been lately :-) We all love Jaguars and the more attendees we have the more we can manage for everyone :-)

20 November 2018Time running out to enter our FREE Christmas competition

Entries are coming in steadily for our great free Christmas competition sponsored by our incredible event sponsors Scratchshield & Robornes, but time is running out!

If you would like a chance at one of two wash systems, one of two leather cleaning kits or even a special and unique engraving of your Jaguar please get your entry in by the 9th of December 2018 or you will miss out on this!

You can use the 'Contact Us' page, or email us at JaguarForumsUK@solidlinux.co.uk with your contact details, specifying you are entering the Christmas competition.

It's free to enter, and you can win a great present for you and your Jaguar - it will even be with you in time for Christmas!


16 November 2018How are we doing?

A lot has been happening recently regarding our event......

The Christmas competition has had entries coming in steadily, offering two wash systems, two leather cleaning packs, and a unique engraving of your Jaguar model with your number plate on it, all up for grabs and to be with the winners in time for Christmas. The competition is only open to entries for another 23 days so if you haven't entered yet please get your entry in sooner rather than later, rather than miss out on giving your Jaguar a great Christmas :-)

Our website & forum threads have been getting busier, two more Jaguar clubs have signed up for pitches at our event, and I am currently working on the one promised new feature for our event as well as another feature that will make our event even more of an all year thing for everyone. This has meant a little less social media activity promoting our event , but I am hoping the background work will pay off for us :-)

Now for those of you into statistics here are the figures:

Our forum threads have received over 8,100 hits to-date
We currently have 57 Attendees signed up with 39 Jaguars
We have 13 sponsors
We have 5 trade stands booked so far
We now have 5 clubs/forums with pitches booked
You can see 3 Presentations
Our event's Facebook page now has 294 friends
Our event Twitter feed is growing and no has 557 followers
And our event Instagram account has 136 followers

If you know anyone with a Jaguar who would enjoy a free Jaguar day out with lots going on, please point them to our event, and if they do decide to sign up for it they can enter our Christmas competition too :-) Whether your Jaguar be a school run/daily runner or a celebrated classic you are equally welcome and have as much chance of winning one of the annual awards or a prize in our prize draw - so please consider giving our free event a go :-)

13 November 2018Further Club & Forum Involvement

Full details will be appearing in the events' forum threads over the next few days but I am really happy to be able to announce that two further Jaguar clubs have come forward and wish to get involved with our 2019 event.

This will take the figure to 5 clubs/forums now participating in our event helping attendees to not just be introduced to products & services of interest, but also clubs and forums who support you right through the life of your Jaguar helping make our 2019 event the biggest & most complete event to-date.


01 November 2018Our FREE Christmas 2018 competition has been launched today!!

Our annual event likes to keep your Jaguar costs down, help you take care of your Jaguar, and give you a great day out every May. But we don't only have what happens at the one day event, we also have discounts through the year and our Free Christmas competition too, all for our attendees.

This year we have the biggest free Christmas competition to-date, courtesy of the incredible Scratchshield and Robornes giving you a chance at winning any of the following prizes - we have two wash system sets, two leather cleaning kits AND a special engraving of your model of Jaguar with your own number plate on it.

It has been launched today with entries already coming in from around the UK. The competition will run until the 9th of December with the five winners pulled out of the hat on the same day with the aim of getting your prizes to you in time for Christmas day! 

Please consider entering - it's free (as with everything regarding our event) and it gives you the chance to not just have a great Christmas but to have a fantastic Jaguar Christmas on us :-)


24 October 2018Christmas discounts for event attendees

OK guys, the news just keeps coming regarding our event, and as always it is good news :-)

In association with our Christmas competition which will be launched in a few weeks time, Scratchshield have just agreed to a huge 25% discount on their entire range of wash system products, when purchased by event attendees, between now and December the 25th.. Just visit their website following the link here: https://www.scratchshield.co.uk/discount/Jagxmas18 to automatically receive the discount.

Lots more news yet to come to help you look after your Jaguar for less..

19 October 2018Our first club/forum signings

We have just had our first club and forum signings! You can now meet not just JaguarForums.com onsite but also the JEC and JagChat.net - A huge thankyou to both for their support of our event!

Our event has acheived quite a few watersheds as it has moved from just five or six people having a chat and a mug of tea, to 100+ Jaguars per event, to trade sponsorship, and then trade stands onsite, and now Jaguar clubs and forums getting involved  :-)

A MASSIVE thankyou goes out to everyone involved with our event - without you we wouldn't have the event we have, nor would our event have ever met it's objective which is to ensure Jaguar owners from any background or financial situation can meet companies we trust and can depend on, connect with support networks and have a great Jaguar day out suitable for everyone from families to die hard petrol (or diesel :-))heads..

We have so exceeded anything I thought we could manage - Thankyou!
(and don't forget to sign up for free if you haven't already :-))

18 October 2018How are we doing so far?

Ok guys, it's time for an update on where we are so far with the event :-)

We are doing well, and are genuinely tantalisingly close to being able to announce the first club/forums that will be getting involved with our event for 2019 with ongoing discussions in progress as I type this.

Our forum threads have received almost 5,500 hits to-date
Our website, whilst more difficult to quantify, has definitely been seeing more traffic lately.
Our event Twitter feed has 557 followers
Our event Instagram account now has 127 followers
Our Facebook page has 261 friends
We have 17 Jaguars and 33 people already signed up to attend
We have 10 official event sponsors
We have a deal in place for attendees requiring guaranteed accomodation for our event
We have 5 trade stands signed up so far
& 3 presentation slots are already booked

Add to this our upcoming Christmas competition launching in six weeks time, and announcements to come regarding forum and club participation inc club stands where you can meet the clubs and forums on the day, we have quite a bit going on for you :-) Please keep an eye on the event forum threads, Facebook page and (new) website for all the latest info as we go, and if you have not signed up yet, please consider giving our free Jaguar day out a try - our event will show you a great Jaguar day out suitable for everyone with prizes, awards, talks by the pro's, show prices on must-have items, a convoy element, free Welcome packs and discounts, incredible scenery and location and so much more. Remember our event is free to sign up for, free to attend - so why not give us a try?

17 October 2018Our Christmas 2018 competition is being launched soon

It's just six weeks to go now - please keep an eye on our 'Competition' page for full entry details 

16 October 2018Re-signing for our 2019 event

Some good news for everyone - Haynes Manuals have just signed up with us for another year as an official event sponsor. Huge thanks to them for their continued support

15 October 2018Club & Forum Participation

We currently have one forum looking into sponsoring a class award, and a large national club looking into running a club stand at our 2019 event.

This enables attendees to not only meet companies supplying services and products that they need, but also clubs and forums that will support them for the life of their Jaguar - all at our event :-)

If you run a club or forum and would like to get involved please get in touch - it would be great to have you onboard.. our attendees would love to meet you..

01 October 2018Christmas Competition

This year will be the second year that we will have been able to run this competition, with it becoming a feature in our events yearly calendar.

Details will be announced closer to the time, but suffice to say we will be running a free competition to ensure that your Jaguar does not miss out on Father Christmas's visit giving you a chance to win a great prize :-)

Entry will be free as always and easy to enter so why not pencil it into your calendar and keep an eye out for the announcement nearer the time.

26 September 2018Accomodation deal details confirmed

Ok, I now have the final details for our event attendees requiring accomodation over the weekend of our next event..

We are remaining with:

Holiday Inn Express London Gatwick Crawley
Haslett Avenue East
West Sussex, RH10 1UA

Tel: 0044 (0)7976 858 751
Fax: 0044 (0)1293 525 529

The cost for attendees is £68 per room, per night including breakfast, parking, & wifi and you can book Fri, Sat, and/or Sunday nights as required,

Please note we have a number of rooms reserved specifically for us, to guarantee that you have no problem with booking a room, if needed, right up to a few days before the event itself.

You can book a room for the event with the following info

Group Code: JAG

Online at : https://www.hiexpress.com/redirect?path=hd&brandCode=EX&localeCode=en&regionCode=1&hotelCode=CRYUK&_PMID=99801505&GPC=JAG&viewfullsite=true

Or by phone +44(0)371 423 4876

24 September 2018Accomodation deal for event attendees

We have just agreed a package with Holiday Inn Express - Crawley, to guarantee those attendees that are travelling long distances to our event, fixed price guaranteed accomodation close to our start point with breakfast, free parking & wifi all included. They are reserving a block of rooms exclusively for our attendees :-). A huge thankyou goes out to them for this. Full details will follow as soon as I have the booking code for you.

21 September 2018More incredible photos now online

Latest update for you - Bert from the incredible PVD Approved has just released his photos from our 2018 event to us and they include a lot of shots I didn't manage to get on the day. To see them go to the Links page and follow the 2018 Photos link there to see them - some great shots there now from the day

20 September 2018Trade stand & Presentation slot bookings now being accepted

I am currently in contact with our unconfirmed sponsors, to see if they are happy to re-sign for us for 2019 and am in negotiations with Holiday Inn Express to see what deal I can obtain for attendees that are travelling longer distances to attend our event.

Additionally I have just started taking bookings for the free trade plots on the day, and am hoping to start taking bookings for the presentation slots which give you the attendee, a  chance to get up and close with the professionals teaching you the tricks of the trade when looking after your Jaguar.


10 September 2018Latest update

Ok, we have eight months until our next Jaguar event, and it's time for a quick update on where we are with things, how things are progressing and what we are hoping to achieve in 2019.

Currently we are doing well with the following stats already for our 2019 event:

Our Twitter feed has 555 followers
Our Facebook Page has 258 friends
Our Instagram feed has 112 followers
Our 2019 event forum threads have received over 2800 hits
11 Jaguars spanning 1995-2013 are already signed up with 22 attendees
We have nine sponsors confirmed so far
We have two awards confirmed
Two sponsors are already offering incredible discounts to attendees right through from now to our next event

I have restarted the Twitter, & Instagram feeds for our event, the Facebook page is now getting regular updates again, and I am currently raising our profile with our existing confirmed event sponsors prior to making contact with our unconfirmed existing sponsors.

Our venue is confirmed and booked, and I am hoping we can manage around 200 Jaguars for the day spanning at least the usual 60 years or so of production. If we can encourage some of the older classic or unusual Jaguars to attend this year it would be fantastic.

You can sign up via our forum threads, Facebook page, Twitter msg, or by emailing and there is even a contact form here on the event website - our event is free to sign up for, puts you under no obligation and offers you a full one day Jaguar event with awards, talks, prizes, trade stands, full dealership support, incredible cars & company, and all at a beautiful venue - and its FREE so go on, why not sign up?

Useful links for you include: The event Twitter feed @JFBrightonMeets #MayJagMeet, Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JaguarForumsUK, Website at JaguarForumsUK | Home, email at JaguarForumsUK@solidlinux.co.uk, & finally Instagram @JaguarForumsUK

02 August 2018Our new event website has just been launched

Whilst our forum threads and facebook page are great for the very latest news about our Annual JaguarForumsUK Convoy & Meet event a lot of general information gets lost in history and it would be great to have this general information available at a static location where people can for example read up about previous events, find links to event photos, even find out who sponsored which event or even how many people attended, plus location information and so much more..

So, here it is - very much a very early work in progress, but over the next few months it will be developing into your one stop source for all the general information about our event with our forum threads and Facebook page always carrying the very latest information about our event.

So for the very latest information regarding our event hit the forum threads or our event facebook page, as they will always be the most current - but for general information you will find it here.

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