Latest Event News.

Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here.

(If you have any Jaguar orientated news you would like mentioned here please just email the details to News@JaguarForumsUK.com)



01 April 2020!!NEW!! Image Archive

We have just added an image archive.. It is a section that will grow over time, but gives you access to the image archive we have of our events (even including some proviously unpublished images) please feel free to take a look, and check in from time to time as we add more images, and event years to this for you.

31 March 2020Time off... Jaguar time :-)

I know it's not a Friday, in fact it is only just a Tuesday but I just wanted to update everyone with regard to me, and what I am up to.. today is my last day working from home for my day job - as of tonight I will be in furlough leave - effectively time off work, but less money than ever and no where to go anyway :-( So whilst there will not be much going on in the way of event updates for a while I will likely be posting how I get on with all the outstanding jobs I can do on my S-Type with what I have available to me.. giving you a great chance to point out where I may be going about things wrongly, or even rightly, and maybe even giving anyone else who is off work ideas on what they can do for their Jag in this period with resources we all have to hand (and those of you who know me, know I have only ever had the basics - even that is debatable apparently lol)

Everyone please keep safe, at home, and taking care of those around you whilst I educate you all on how I do things here lol :-)

27 March 2020Friday Stats & Event News for you

I know Friday has always been Stats day for our event, but with the current Coronavirus lockdown, and Jagsters hopefully self isolating with their families, Friday has switched to a more general news and request day..

I am aware that some Jagsters have already gone down with this terrible virus, and my thoughts are with them and their families at this time.

I am also self isolating, and have been working from home since Monday night, and as of the 1st of April will be on Furlough leave.. which means a drop in 20% of my income, I am still employed but not allowed to work until taken off Furlough leave which is likely going to mean finally doing some gardening, and am planning to clean the interiors thoroughly on both the S-Type and the C1, which to be honest is well overdue.

Our annual event, for the first time ever, has been put back to 20th September (subject to review as we go) and now we need to fill our time at home with some Jaguar goodness to keep us going a few more months.

I am looking for ways in which we can top up on our Jaguar time as I call it, and am looking for anyone who may be able to help with any of the following, enabling us to help all of us get through the cabin fever involved with everything currently..

Any recommended suppliers/repairers/parts suppliers we can add to our Specialist Register.
Also if you would like to second someone already recommended please let me know and I can add another star.

Any stories you may have about your time with Jaguars.

Details of any clubs or forums that you can recommend to other Jagsters.

Oddly, if you know any Jaguar orientated jokes they would be very welcome in our Telegram chat group to help brighten some peoples days up.

If you know any quick fixes for Jaguar issues - why not write a quick guide or article and we will put it up on our event website for everyone.

Anything anyone can do to help lighten things for our fellow Jagsters and help us get through this time of Coronavirus and the restrictions would be fantastic.

Any of the above can be emailed to me at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com, equally any ideas anyone has are very, very welcome.

Meanwhile please keep yourself and your family safe there, as we want to see you at our next event :-)

and Finally Thankyou so much to everyone for your continued support of our event :-)

26 March 2020!!NEW!! Jaguar Stories

We are looking for your Jaguar stories to keep our fellow Jagsters entertained whilst we work through the Coronavirus lockdown.. email any stories you may have (personal or otherwise) and we'll get the best stories online in a new section of the website, to stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com and let's get to know one anothers Jaguar stories :-)

24 March 2020What can we all do to help in the current situation?

Hi Guys,

Just a very brief update in view of the current Corona virus situation here in the UK. Firstly I am now working from home and whilst everything is on hold regarding our event I will not be quite as busy with things here as I usually am. Secondly our Facebook group and Instagram membership/following is increasing quite quickly as people start to come to us for info on where to find support, parts, service, and general news.

If anyone has any suppliers, repairers, parts suppliers etc they are happy to recommend to Jagsters please let me know and we can pop them up in our Recommended Specialists section - noting it is not just UK specialists we need recommendations on, we need global recommendations from anywhere a Jagster may be.

Additionally if you know of a great Jaguar club able to offer local support for Jagsters, again anywhere in the world, please let me know and we can get the details up for everyone.

Whilst a lot of us are working from home, may have lost their job due to this virus, or are helping on the front line supporting and helping people please help us to keep Jagsters in touch with everything out there for them and lets look after one another as best we can.

There is so much you can do.. you could post any pictures of your Jaguars on the event Facebook group, maybe write a review of a gadget or product you have recently brought that we can put on the event website, recommend clubs or suppliers, or maybe write a 'do-it-yourself' article for our upcoming tech support section on our website covering a simple job on your Jaguar that is so much easier if you know the tricks to make it easier.. so go on, why not make use of your spare time and help us as a community to support all the Jagsters in our community? Help us all, by helping ourselves - hmm, it definitely did not sound like that in my head when I thought about what to put.. lol.. but if ever there was a time for us to help one another online, and develop our event resources to enable even more support for Jagsters - this is the time... please keep safe wherever you are, and help us to help support Jagsters, wherever they are, and their incredible Jaguars.  

20 March 2020Friday Update for you

Hi Everyone - it's Stats Friday *but* I am busy setting my day jobs' UK office staff up for a transfer to working from home. As of Monday night I believe that will include me too since most of my IT & Tech support I can do from home remoting onto users computers.

So, this week is more of a synopsis of where we are currently - rather than figures..

The majority of our event sponsors are happy to switch to our new date, and I believe that everyone who has booked a trade stand will still be doing so on our revised date.

We have only (so far) had one cancellation by an attendee (due to  a date clash) and have two more possible cancellations so have retained far more attendees than I had feared we might lose.

I don't believe there is anyone that I haven't either notified about the  change in date, or will be aware from our website, Facebook group, or Telegram chat group.

Our accomodation block has moved forward seamlessly retaining the current bookings, Denbies have cancelled our May booking and agreed our new booking date, and we are back to promoting our event, getting as many Jaguars signed up for the day as we can, and giving everyone a Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners this Autumn :-)

My focus, whilst we work through the Corona Virus, getting it under control, is to work on expanding what we offer Jagsters - to ensure that everyone can access the support they need for their Jag with more club listings, more specialists, promoting our chat group, and of course the Classifieds that allow you to buy and sell your jaguar parts safely and virus free :-)

I am extremely grateful for all the support I have had whilst getting everything moved around regarding our event - a massive Thankyou to everyone.. and now it is just a case of saying to you Please keep safe, as we want to see you at our next event - and if you know any great clubs and specialists our event website does not yet list please, please let me know.

19 March 2020Help needed to help us to help Jagsters everywhere...

OK everyone - our event may have been put back a few months, but we still have a Great British Day Out coming up for you so don't forget to register - the more Jaguars we are able to register the better our chances of more specialists, clubs and forums getting involved with us.

Also we are still looking for specialist recommendations around the world - and don't forget if we already have a specialist listed that you would recommend, still let us know so we can add another star to their entry.

And finally we are still short of international Jaguar clubs in our Club/Forum Register - so if you are a member of a great Jaguar club, again anywhere in the world please let me know and we will get them listed so everyone can find them.

During the Corona virus pandemic it is more important than ever that we, in the Jaguar community, look after, and out for each other - please help us to help everyone by making it easier than ever for them to hook into local Jaguar communities, obtain parts and so on.. and we know there is positive news out there that can brighten everyones days so lets get it into our Facebook group.

Our message to everyone involved with our event is please take care, look after yourselves and please help us to help Jagsters around the world, wherever they may be, connect to their local Jaguar communities and support

18 March 2020Updated info regarding change of date

OK everyone I need to update you with things.. I have made contact with all our incredible sponsors and supporting companies that I have email contact details for, and have asked Holiday Inn Express to move our reserved block forward to the new date. If you do not want your accomodation booking moved to the new date for any reason please contact Holiday Inn Express via the details in the 2020 Event section of our website and they will correct things for you. Equally the link/code has been adjusted to the new dates, so should still work - please let me know if you have any issues at all.

Also remember that your registration for our event has automatically moved forward to our new event date - if for any reason you cannot make the new date we can refund your registration, or transfer your registration to our 2021 event to make sure you don't miss out on a Great British Day Out - but we would love to see you on the 20th of September :-)

As I hear more from our sponsors etc I will let you know, and you may have already noted our event website has had it's counter reset for the new date too...

If anyone has any queries, or issues regarding the change of date, or feels I should have contacted them directly and have not, please, please drop me a line and I will be happy to help resolve any issues you may have as a consequence of the change.

18 March 2020Corona Virus Update

After a great deal of thought regarding the Corona virus, government advice, and of course the safety of everyone involved with our event we have had to make the decision to move the date of our 2020 event.

The Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners 2020 is now set for the 20th September 2020.

Everyones Access Pass has automatically been switched to the new date, so if you can make the date of our first ever Autumn event, you don't need to do anything - however if you are unable to make the new date you can either request a refund of your registration, or switch it to our 2021 event.

Everything about our event is remaining the same, as we will all be looking for a GREAT Autumn Jaguar event..

Please watch our event closely for the next few days for the very latest news on our events switch to its new date....

Finally, a massive Thankyou to everyone for their support not only in our very difficult decision to move the event date, but over the next few days/weeks as I get everything re-jigged for the new date.

13 March 2020Our Friday Stats for you .. and CoronaVirus Update

Welcome to our event's weekly Friday Stats :-)

For those of you that are new to our event - we are an event with a difference - we not only give you as great day out once a year, but also connect you with the clubs, forums, specialists and more that you need right through the year. We are not-for-profit, support two incredible charities, and are primarily here for YOU.

Part of our events commitment to you is that we update you every Friday with where we are with things, event news, numbers on everything, and on the day itself you can win awards, prizes, obtain show prices on must-haves, tap into specialists, clubs and forums there to meet you, get some work performed on site, and meet not only the team involved with everything but also Jagsters from all around the world.

Currently the Corona virus is on everyones mind, and rightly so - we are watching and following government advice regarding events, which currently is that we are fine to continue with this years event, and even if they were to follow the route that the Scottish parliament has followed we would still be able to run , as we are below the threshold of 500 people for outdoor events. We will of course, keep you upto date with everything regarding this as we go.

This week we have really grown!! A massive Thankyou to everyone who has been either becoming more involved with our event, or getting involved with us for the first time :-)

We are approaching another milestone with our event as both our Instagram following, and Facebook group memberships approach 1000.. in addition, we now have even more global clubs listed in our Club Register, and our Specialist Register is growing too.

It is with YOUR help and input that we can put Jaguar owners in touch with the incredible support network out there - be they clubs, forums, specialists, parts suppliers and more, so please if you have someone you trust to go the extra mile for you  and your Jaguar just let us know, and we will help other jaguar owners find them.

OK onto this weeks stats (yep, I know - the bit you have been waiting for :-))

Our forum threads have amassed an incredible 31,672 hits
Our Facebook page has 4,950 friends
Our Facebook group has 884 members
Our Instagram account has 799 followers
Our Twitter feed is constant with 620 followers
We have 88 Jaguars and 168 attendees booked so far
We have 21 incredible sponsors
We have 10 trade stands booked so far
We have 5 club/forum stands booked
We have 3 club areas booked
You can win any of 7 class awards available on the day

You can join in our real life fun & interactive Jaguar trivia quiz on the day, chat with specialists, sign up with clubs and forums, buy those must-have items at show prices as well :-)

And as I say we are much, much more than just an event - with your input we can help even more Jaguar owners connect with forums, clubs and specialists that we know and trust.. so please get involved with us, and help us to help you :-)

Ok, on that note I am off lol... Please have an incredible weekend wherever you may be, and anything you can do for fellow Jaguar owners please just let me know - be it a specialist recommendation anywhere in the world, or a club no one may have heard of.

Have a GREAT Jaguar Weekend :-)

11 March 2020We are so much more than you would think....

Did you know our event is more, much more than just an event?

We support Jaguar owners right through the year with recommended specialists, a club register, a Telegram Chat group, Facebook group, an event diary covering global Jaguar club events (and more..) and loads of info to help you find the support and help you need looking after your Jaguar - whenever and where ever you need it.

We are not in competition with clubs and forums, and are not funded by businesses - we are independent and our ethos is to connect Jaguar owners from every walk of life with the incredible support network out there.

How much do we cost? We are free to Jaguar owners, and businesses.. anything we receive from businesses goes directly to Jaguar owners not us, Jaguar owners pay a £5 registration fee for our annual get together event but get free Welcome packs, free entry in prize draw, and free entry into judging for class awards, and after infrastructure costs all profits are split between our two incredible charities - the RNLI & Rotary Club.

We are here for YOU! Please get involved with us, and help us support not just Jaguar owners, but also the wider society..


10 March 2020Time running out for club/specialist registrations

We are getting close to the time limit on event layout design, so if you run a club or forum that would like to take advantage of a FREE club plot, and allocated area for your members (attendees still have to pay £5 registration but will have access passes exclusive to your club area on the day) PLEASE GET IN TOUCH ASAP and the same for any companies wanting a FREE trade plot on the day noting we work with businesses big and small, local and international, and even work with businesses that depend on Jaguars for their day to day work highlighting them to attendees.. Please just drop a message to me at stephen.sheldon@solidlinux.co.uk and I can get everything in place for your club or business. We even include any promotional materials you many have, FREE, in our Welcome Packs for attendees.

09 March 2020Can you fill in the blanks?

Our 2020 Gallery is doing well, but we are missing a few pics of your pride and joys.

If you have one of the following AccessPass numbers, could you send in a pic, your Access Pass number, and a few words about your pride and joy to Gallery@JaguarForumsUK.com - it would be great if we could fill in the gaps :-)

002, 003, 004, 009, 017, 029, 034, 036, 045, 047, 049, 056, 065, 066, 071, 072, 073, 074, 080, 084, 086, 087, 088, 089, 090



05 March 2020Our Friday Stats for you .. :-) (on a Thursday)

Hi Guys, I know it's not Friday, and it's been a quiet week *but* I was offline yeterday at Cadbury World (highlight for me was the gorilla, and his rendition of 'In The Air Tonight' lol) and tomorrow, Friday, I am off for for my wifes birthday so I have not been around as much as usual this week. So here are your Friday Stats and news, on a Thursday :-)

We are watching the situation, and government advice, regarding the Corona Virus, and will obviously update you if anything changes regarding our event or our venue. The plus with our event is that it is outside and not in an enclosed environment, but we are watching the situation as it develops.

You may want to connect with our Telegram chat group at t.me/JaguarForumsUK for the latest news and info (and chat) as we approach the event.

This week in our stats you will see that our Instagram account & Telegram Chat  groups are growing, which is fantastic, and we have more people than ever registered for this years event :-)

We are also busy working on our planned 2021 10th anniversary event with a number of new features coming for everyone.. full info will be in the 2021 Event tab on the website soon.

Here are this weeks stats for you:

We have received an incredible 15,418 hits on our forum threads for this years event
We have not just 84 Jaguars signed up, but also 162 attendees
We have an incredible 21 official event sponsors
We have a fantastic 5 club stands, 10 trade stands and three club allocated areas all booked
You could win any of 7 class awards including some new fun ones you will love
Our Facebook group is growing and now has an incredible 868 members - can we make 1000?
Our Twitter account is stable as is our LinkedIn account
Our Telegram Chat Group is growing and has 36 members so far.

Here are this weeks Jaguar stats for you, so you know roughly waht to expect to see on the day:

By Jaguar model

D-Type x 1
F-Pace x 4
F-Type x 7
I-Pace x 1
Mark II x 1
Mark IX  x 1
Project 7 x 1                    1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type (classic) x 2
S-Type (modern) x 2
S-Type R x 4
X-Type x 4
XE x 2
XF x 8
XFR x 1
XFRS x 5
XFS x 2
XJ x 4
XJ6  x 1
XJ8 x  2
XJ12 x 1
XJ40 x 1
XJ220 x 1
XJR x 6
XJRS x 1
XJR6 x 2
XJS x  2
XK x 8
XK8 x 5
XK150 x 1
XKR x 4

and by year of production

1959 x 2    
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1972 x 1
1990 x 1
1994 x 1
1995 x 4
1996 x 1
1998 x 2
2000 x 1
2002 x 3
2003 x 4
2005 x 3
2004 x 4
2006 x 2
2007 x 5
2008 x 4
2010 x 2
2011 x 3
2012 x 1
2013 x 1
2014 x 10
2015 x 5
2016 x 5
2017 x 3
2018 x 3
2019 x 3
2020 x 1

Please note all the figures are approximate as they are based on ths info I have been supplied with, and my arithmetical abilities (which are questionable as you all know :-))

Please consider joining our Telegram Chat Group and our following our Instagram group - and if you aren't a member of our Facebook group yet - please join up :-)

29 February 2020Press coverage

We have received some press coverage - if you take a look in this weeks edition of Classic Car Weekly and look at page 23 - we are there :-) Fantastic to have some coverage of our great event..

28 February 2020Our Friday Stats for you .. :-)

It's Friday already!! As our event gets steadily closer, the weeks are really starting to fly..

Yet again, it has been a really busy week for our event and we have a lot to cover in this weeks Friday Stats.

As of this week our event has hit a milestone, as we now connect you with clubs, forums, and recommended specialists globally, in addition to incredible track experiences, our fantastic event sponsors that range from one man specialists through to global companies, and of course events that you will really enjoy around the world.

I am starting to make headway through designing and printing your Welcome Pack event information, and we are almost up to 100 registered Jaguars so far, a third of the way to our target for this years event.

In previous years we have run an SMS texting service to advise people of any changes to the itinerary on the day, or upcoming features - this year we have set up a broadcast channel on Telegram Messenger - if you are attending the event you may want to link to this in advance so you pick up on any broadcasts about the day.. you can link to it via t.me/JaguarForumsUKeventmanagement .

I have also setup a channel to help our event marshals co-ordinate everything on the day - details will go out them all just before the day.
If you haven't registered yet, please do.. the clock is ticking down (literally) to our event, and you get a great day out, with Welcome Pack, class award entry, prize draw entry, show prices, talks, advice and a chance to meet over 60 years of Jaguar production inc some rare and unusual models, obtain dealership support, and join great company :-) PLUS your registration helps us with our event infrastructure and helps us to help the RNLI and the Rotary Club to support others.. we are not for profit and the more we can do to help everyone in the Jaguar eco system and beyond the happier we are :-)

Our 2020 Event gallery has been growing and you can see more of the Jaguars that will be attending than ever before However we are still missing a few entries.. if you have an Access Pass with any of the following numbers could you please send in a pic with your access pass number and a few details about your pride and joy and I will get it popped up for you.. just email them to stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsUK.com..

The number are: 002, 004, 009, 017, 029, 034, 036, 045, 047, 049, 056, 065, 066, 071, 072, 073, 074, 080 & 084

A countdown clock has moved in on the event website, and aside from highlighting to me how much I still have to do before the event, it does show how long everyone has to register for this years event.. not as long as it seems :-)

Ok here are this weeks stats for you all:

Our forum threads have amassed an incredible 29,451 hits for this years event
We currently have 84 Jaguars and 162 attendees signed up
We have 21 incredible sponsors
We have 10 trade stands booked so far
We have 5 club/forum stands booked
We have 3 Club allocated areas
We have 7 awards you could be in with a chance at
Our Facebook group has been growing and now has 858 members
Our Instagram account is still growing and has 734 followers
Our Twitter account and LinkedIn accounts are stable

If you have an independent repair shop, parts supplier or specialist that you are happy to recommend please let me know, and the same for any Jaguar clubs that you are maybe a member of or run and I will get them listed for attendees :-)

Meanwhile please have a fantastic Jaguar weekend wherever you are, and don't forget to register for our biggest ever event :-)

26 February 2020Landmark achievement

A massive Thankyou goes out to the incredible team here at JaguarForumsUK for achieving the incredible landmark of connecting Jagsters to everything they need in order to maintain, look after and upgrade their Jaguars!

With the addition of the new 'Specialist Register' and the recent addition of the 'Club/Forum Register' we can now put Jagsters in touch with all the support they need be it clubs, forums, specialists, events and more - and we are starting to do it globally :-)

Thankyou to the team here at JaguarForumsUK and everyone who has supported us as we have developed our event to this landmark!

25 February 2020!!NEW!! Specialist Register

We have just launched our Specialist Register - where YOU get to tell us who has gone above and beyond looking after your Jaguar - and you can see the companies that other Jagsters recommend. The more Jagsters that recommend a company, the more stars they get.

21 February 2020Our Friday Stats for you .. :-)

OK everyone, We have made it to the end of another week, and are now getting very close to the date of our Great British Day Out for Jaguars, this May 24th.

Ionut Shupy has been running the weekly trivia quiz this week with some interesting questions for everyone, and will be announcing the winners later today on our event Facebook group, a massive Thankyou to him for getting involved with helping all of us (me very much included) learn a little more about our favourite marque - Jaguar!

Our event website has started listing clubs and forums worldwide (including here of course :-)) in a new Club Register, and the feedback especially from our worldwide followers has been very positive.

People have been steadily signing up Jaguars for the event and we have everything from an incredible Mark IX right through to an XJ220, a D-Type, Project 7 & 8's and more - spanning 61 years of production.

I am still working hard in the background to encourage takeup of club allocated areas, trade & club plots and setup partnerships with more clubs than ever.

The Rotary Club are currently in discussions with Soraya regarding the Marshaling for the day, and I am close to making a start on the supporting paperwork you will all need on the day..

If you haven't signed up for our ninth event yet, please do.. you will will be helping us reach our target of 300 Jaguars on the day, and helping us not only build an even better event for you, but also helping us to support the RNLI & the Rotary Club, noting that we are a not-for-profit event.

If you are wondering what our event offers - we offer far more than almost any other annual grassroots event out there - prizes, awards, talks, unlimited advice, a convoy & main event, show prices, connecting you with suppliers, clubs, forums, specialist repairers, an event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com with archive photos, threads, info, club register and more, a Telegram chat group with all the event chat and news, and an active Facebook group you can get involved in. If you have attended our previous events you will see a huge improvement with this years event - streamlined registration, more marshals than ever, more trade stands and club participation, and we already have 61 years of production signed up! :-) Oh yes, I forgot - you can also book discounted tours and experiences with Denbies to enjoy on the day, and if you need accomodation we have a unique discounted all inclusive accomodation deal for attendees so you can even make a wekend of it :-)

So go on, why not give our event a go, and treat yourself and your Jaguar to a great day out?

Here are the stats on where we are so far, so you know exactly how things are :-)

Our forum threads for this years event have hit an incredible 28,259 hits
We currently have 77 Jaguars spanning 61 years of production and 147 attendees signed up
We have 21 incredible event sponsors
We have 10 trade stands booked
We have 1  community stand booked
We have 5 Club stands, and 3 Club allocated areas booked
We have 7 great Awards you could win inc some fun ones
Our event Facebook page now has 4956 friends
Our Facebook group is growing and now has 831 members
Our event Twitter feed is stable at 621 followers
Our Instagram account is growing steadily and has 727 followers
& our LinkedIn account is connected to 500+ professionals and companies.

I was told by a very good friend some years ago that an event should only take a few months to pull together, and to watch my work/home/event balance - I listened and then ignored everything lol but we do now have a unique event for everyone, that truly encompasses ALL Jaguars from ALL walks of life, a MASSIVE THANKYOU to everyone who has helped us to get to where we are today!

19 February 2020Where are we so far?

It's a Wednesday and we are halfway through the week :-)

Quite a bit has been going on so far, primarily background work which isn't obvious, so I thought I would update you with what we are up to this week, regarding our event.

Our event website has been changing (for the better), and we have for the first year ever a Jaguar Mark IX attending - a massive Thankyou to Alan Mobbs for registering his Mark IX for this years event. So we now have Jaguars from 1959-2020 attending, an incredible 61 years of Jaguar production :-)

We are currently in discussion with two more clubs/forums that I am hoping will agree to be onsite to meet you, and another incredible potential specialist sponsor that we are hoping will come onboard.

Our event is growing steadily with Jaguars registering for this years event, and in terms of what our event can offer you. We can now link you with everything from specialist companies, to track experiences, to forums and clubs and more.. even on the day itself you can now get group discount on tours and tasting sessions at Denbies, we will have a number of discount codes in place for your Welcome Packs, specialists offering talks, some work performed on site, and you can even go home with must-haves at show prices, may win a great prize in the prize draw at the end of the day, or maybe one of the class awards we have for the day..

So go on, why not give our grass roots Jaguar event a try? ALL Jaguars are equally welcome whether you have a cherished classic, customised or modified, school run, project, or a just about kept on the road Jaguar like mine - we are a friendly crowd with an incredible can-do attitude and you will be made very, very welcome :-)

And don't forget we are not-for-profit and support both the RNLI & The Rotary Club - two incredible causes :-)

14 February 2020Our Friday Stats for you ..

It's Friday - we have made it :-) and it's time for our usual weekly stats..

We have had a busy week with our event with a lot happening on our event website - our Classified section is just starting to take off, our new Jaguar Experience page is doing well, and our new Club Register is finally fully in place enabling event attendees to find clubs and forums in their area that they can join. All the signage we have managed to purchase so far is now with me, and hopefully next week I can make a start on the paperwork inc maps, event info, sponsors and more that I need to produce for you guys.

Don't forget you still have time to book your wine estate tours, and tasting experiences with Denbies for the day remembering to say you are with JaguarForumsUK and we get the group rate.

Also, if you have been worrying about registering for this years event due to distance from you, we still have our uinique attendee only deal running with a great hotel very close to the start point, that you can book at a very good fixed rate.

This years event already has a streamlined registration system in place, and with the help we are receiving from the Rotary Club (Dorking) we can get you into the main venue quickly and efficiently than ever before.

One of our most popular pages on our event website recently is the 2020 Gallery - where, unlike most events, you can actually get to see the Jaguars you will meet on the  day before the event.

If you are a member of, or run a Jaguar club (big or small) and you are not currently listed in our Club Register on the event website please just drop me a line with the details and I will get you added in.. if you are not listed there yet it just means no one has asked for a listing, so go on, get your club added in :-)

If you would like a FREE trade plot, community plot, or club plot and/or club allocated area PLEASE drop me a line as we still have some spare capacity for stands on site for the day.

And finally, if you haven't registered your Jaguar yet, you are risking missing out on a Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners, talks, promotions, show prices, some work performed onsite, prizes, and awards  and helping us to support the RNLI & Rotary Club (Dorking).. so go on, please register your Jaguar and help us to help you have a great day AND support charity..

Did I mention that this year our event patron Frank Woodford MBE will (subject to things) will be popping in by helicopter to meet everyone and promote the RNLI?

Ok, here are the stats so you know exactly where we are with things this week.....

We have 75 Jaguars and an incredible 144 attendees registered so far
Our forum threads for this years event have received a massive 27,000 hits to-date
Our Facebook page has 4954 friends and our group 828 members
We have an amazing 21 sponsors
We have 10 trade stands & 5 club stands booked so far
Our Twitter feed is stable at 621 followers and Instagram is growing steadily with 704 followers
Our event websites top most popular pages this week are in order of numbers of hits:
Event Calendar
2020 Gallery
and Jaguar Experience

Why not check out our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com, check your favourite Jaguar Club is listed in the register and sign your Jaguar up for our biggest ever Great British Day Out...

12 February 2020Help needed with club/forum register

Hi everyone, We have finally lauched the Club/Forums register, where you can find Jaguar clubs in your area, and forums.. If you are a member of a Jaguar Club or Forum that you would like to be included please pop the details to us at Club.Register@JaguarForumsUK.com and we will get you added in :-)

10 February 2020Considering signing up for this years event?

I know some of you reading our event threads and info are wondering whether to register for this years event, as after all a large commercial event often offers far more than you would expect from a grassroots not-for-profit event.

Well, our grassroots event is not your typical event - we are not-for-profit, support not one but two charities and at the same time offer you an incredible day out for not a lot, making us perfect for anyone like me who is on a budget but wants all the bells and whistles you get with a big event.

Our event will 'blow your doors off' as Michael Caine once said in a movie about British cars, and does so on pretty much no budget whatsoever.

Our event offers a convoy/drive element as well as our main event
We have clubs, forums, specialists and national and multinational companies there to meet you
We have awards you can win including fun ones such as exhaust tone and how clean is your engine bay?
We have a prize draw with some incredible prizes you could win
We have talks and demo's by the professionals, including all the free specialist advvice you could ever need
Everything is included in your Registration except for your fuel, and lunch
Your lunch costs are discounted on the day to help you eat well whilst you are with us
You can (as an event attendee) get group discount on winery tours and tasting experiences
You can meet Jaguars from all walks of life, meet businesses who depend on Jaguars and more
On the day we may well be running our weekly 'Most Knowledgeable Jagster' Quiz - a chance to be noted by everyone as a Jaguar guru
You can even get show prices on a number of must have products and services on the day

In all this you will be helping us to support the incredible RNLI & the Rotary Club (Dorking) make a difference to so many people at sea and in the local community

And it doesn't end there - we run weekly quizzes to test your Jaguar knowledge, we have an active Telegram Chat group, we have a Facebook group you will love, and a website that not only gives you all the archive photos, threads, and more but also all the latest event news, and is expanding to encompass all the latest JLR info too.

So whilst we are a grassroots Jaguar event with no budget, and one of the lowest registration costs out there we offer you more than almost any other grassroots event out there whilst also supporting charities, giving you a great day out and inclusion in a very active community where you can get as involved as you want, at a level that suits you.

We are involved with North American Jaguar Clubs, UK Clubs and forums, a range of specialist companies and we support ALL Jaguars be they showroom, cherished classics, school run, modified, project, or only just on the road (like mine :-)) so why not sign up for this years event and come along and see what we are doing for everyone? You will be guaranteed the same warm welcome whether you have a basic or top of the range Jaguar, modified or standard, old or new model..

07 February 2020Our Friday Stats for you inc year and model data!

It's Friday and Stats day..

Our event is literally just weeks away now, and I thought it would be an idea to give everyone a more complete picture of exactly where we are with things..

Please note that we still have a number of infrastructure items to sort such as tressle tables, tent, more signage, printing and more yet to do - so if you haven't registered yet for this years event please, please do.. your registration helps us to give you an incredible experience on the day, and you will be supporting not one but two charitable causes too!

Ok here are this weeks stats for you:

Our Forum threads for this years event have already amassed 25,660 hits
Our Facebook page has 4954 friends
Our Facebook Group has grown to 821 members
Our Instagramn account is still growing and has 687 followers
Our Twitter account is stable at 623 followers
Our LinkedIn account has 500+ networked companies and professionals
We have 72 Jaguars signed up so far
We have 139 Attendees booked for the day
We have 21 incredible sponsors
We now have 10 trade stands booked
We have 5 club/forum stands booked
We have one community stand booked
We have 3 Club allocated areas booked so far
We have 7 awards you could win on the day

Now as a one off special as I cant manage this weekly like I used to be able to - here is a snapshot of what to expect to see on the day itself:

Attending Jaguars by model (noting generations are not split, and I am dependant on the info I have)

F-Pace x 2
F-Type x 7
I-Pace x 1
Mark II x 1
Project 7  x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type (classic) x 1
S-Type (modern) x 2
S-TypeR x 3
X-Type x 4
XE x 1
XF x 7
XFR-S x 6
XFS x 2
XJ x 3
XJR x 6
XJR-S x 1
XJR6 x 2
XJS x 1
J6 x 1
XJ12 x 1
XJ8 x 2
XJ40 x 1
XJ220 x 1
XK x 4
XKR x 5
XK8 x 6
XK150 x 1

Years of attending Jaguars

1959 x 1
1990 x 1
1995 x 2
1996 x 1
1972 x 1
1994 x 1
1995 x 2
1996 x 1
1998 x 2
2000 x 1
2001 x 1
2002 x 3
2003 x 2
2004 x 4
2005 x 2
2006 x 1
2007 x 5
2008 x 4
2010 x 1
2011 x 3
2012 x 1
2013 x 1
2014 x 8
2015 x 4
2016 x 5
2017 x 2
2018 x 2
2019 x 2
2020 x 1

I am not known for my statistical abilities, or event maths sometimes lol.. but these hopefully give you an idea as to exactly where we are at this moment in time - we already have a fantastic day for everyone :-)

04 February 2020NEW!! Charitable Organisation Support

Full details yet to follow but we are now proud to be officially supporting the RNLI, and our new chosen charitable cause - The Rotary Club, Dorking. You can locate them at www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/homepage.php?ClubID=1446

03 February 2020Not sure about registering your Jaguar for this years event?

Considering whether to register for our May 24th event this year?

Well, it's our ninth event (our tenth anniversary event will be in 2021) and as always bigger and better than our previous events :-)

We have a target of 300 Jaguars this year, making our event one of the largest grassroot Jaguar events in the South-East UK, and we are already on target for it :-)

We have a NEW streamlined one click Registration system
We have NEW Access Pass Syetm - everything on the day accessible with your pass
We have NEW Discounted Wine Estate Tours, and Tasting Experiences on the day
We have Trade stands spanning everything from small specialists to major international companies
We have two NEW fun awards you could be in with a chance at
For the first time ever some specialist work will be offered on site
We have Club and forums stands as well as club allocated areas
NEW this year you can even see what Jaguars are attending in advance of our event!
On the day itself we will be announcing everything via Telegram, ensuring you have all the news and updates as the day goes, and meanwhile you can get involved in all the chat about the event there too

We have more marshals than ever to help you get on site quickly and efficiently
We are for the FIRST TIME able to support the incredible RNLI & Rotary Club in their charitable work

So go on, treat yourself and your Jaguar to a Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners this May, register your Jaguar and guarantee your slot :-) I am doing my very best to make sure you have one of the best Grassroot days out  ever :-)  


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