Latest Event News.

Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here.

(If you have any Jaguar orientated news you would like mentioned here please just email the details to News@JaguarForumsUK.com)



21 January 2020Mid week Update - so much is going on...

Hi everyone - Yes, I know it isn't a Friday and it's not your idea of a Tuesday reading long posts - but so, so much is going on currently with our event a mid week update is needed :-)

Our event website is about to gain a Club/Forums Register page, where you can list your club or forum - just email the details to club.register@jaguarforumsuk.com and we will get you added in. We have a new member of the team looking after this - Neil Allen.. please join me in welcoming him to the team.. you can contact Neil directly at neil.allen@jaguarforumsuk.com. A massive Thankyou to him for this.

Our infrastructure is coming along in leaps and bounds with the help of your registrations, and we have just ordered the flag for the start point of the convoy element to save people the usual issue of locating me :-) In addition to this we have a banner for the roundabout exit to Denbies, and another banner for the Organisers tent/stand.. I am still working on sorting our tressle tables (our last one lasted seven years would you believe), directional signage, and our printing costs. We are a grassroots event, always have been so what we don't manage I will work around, but so far we have a massive improvement for everyone with the event.

Our 2020 Gallery is doing really well, and is well worth viewing.. however we are still missing some Jags there.. if you have one of the following Access Pass numbers could you send an image in along with some descriptive text if at all possible as it would be great to have everyone listed there.. 002, 004, 009, 010, 017, 029, 034, 036, 041, 042, 045, 047, 049, 056, 065, & 066.. Massive thanks in advance :-)

For the first year ever we have the Jaguar Drivers Club involved which is incredible .. They have asked for a club plot and an allocated area - please join me in making them feel very welcome.

On a lighter note, on looking at the list of attending Jaguars you may note that I have purposefully skipped 013 and 069 for obvious reasons :-)

A massive Thankyou to everyone - you have such a huge effect on what we can do for you by registering, supporting, sponsoring, and helping with our grassroots event :-)

16 January 2020Friday Stats - a lot has been happening this week too

Ok, OK.. I know it's not a Friday, and this IS the Friday Stats, but I am not around tomorrow so am giving you your weekly top up of event goodness a day early :-)

It has been quite a week for our event with lots going on not just behind the scenes but publicly as well.

I am happy to be able to announce that Nextbase are working with us again, and have just signed up with us for our 2020 event. I believe we are looking at an incredible prize for the Prize Draw on the day and possibly a discount for anyone who misses out on it on the day - a massive Thankyou to them for their support.

Peter Simpson has been incredible, not only testing the trivia knowledge of all of us, but also educating us with incredible facts such as how many Jaguar leapers there have been, what seat frames can be made of, top speeds and so so much more - a genuine Jaguar Trivia Guru.

Ionut Shupy has joined our event team and is working on our event website - already we have seen huge changes in our website - a massive Thankyou to him for his work, and please join me in welcoming him onboard.

Our WhatsApp chat group is growing quickly and is becoming quite active - we will be running a sister chat group alongside it on the day of the event for all event announcements - replacing our old texting service.

I will be starting on the event paperwork in a couple of weeks to ensure all the info you need on the day is ready for you and in your Welcome packs, and am just about to start promoting our FREE trade and club/forum plots to bring up the number of companies and organisations you can meet on the day.

I can also announce that we have our first Canadian Jaguar owners coming over for our event this year - please join me in making them feel very welcome.

Our events aim is to connect Jagsters worldwide with the incredible support netweok available to them, so if you run a community service for Jaguar owners please drop a line to the.jagster@jaguarforumsuk.com and get yourself listed - also if you are a Jaguar specialist and are not currently working with us please get in touch as we would love to be able to connect you with our Jagsters - just drop a line to info@jaguarforumsUK.com.

So much is going on with our event, no longer just in May :-) So please, check in on us regularily right through the year :-)

OK here is what you have been waiting for - this is where we are currently in figures:

Our Forum threads have amassed a huge 21,717 hits
Our Facebook Group has 807 members
Our Facebook Page has 4951 friends
Our new Telegram Chat Group has 9 members
Our new WhatsApp group has 32 members
We have 61 incredible Jaguars registered so far and 114 attendees
We have 20 sponsors
We have 9 Trade Stands booked
We have 2 Club Allocations that are filling up
We have 4 Club/Forum stands booked
We have 5 awards confirmed so far
We have 1 Talk by The Pros booked so far

If you haven't registered yet, please, please consider doing so - your £5 registration goes towards helping us do even more for you and enables us to support the RNLI in their incredible work.. we are not for profit.

15 January 2020New Team Member

I am please to be able to announce that Ionut Shupy has just joined the Team, bringing his links to JLR, and IT skills to our event. Plese join me in welcoming him. He can be contacted at Ionut.Shupy@JaguarForumsUK.com if you have any queries at all regarding our website..

13 January 2020Free Access Passes draw, and new developments

Firstly - we currently have a draw running for a chance at one of two free Access Passes for our May 24th event - it closes on Friday 17th - so if you have yet to register your Jaguar - this draw is for you :-) Winners will be drawn out of a hat over the weekend.

Also, we are above all a community (OK, OK we are an event :-)) but the basis we work on is helping ourselves - and I don't mean that as in helping ourselves but helping each other - yes I even confuse myself lol

So, a couple of things - one is that a lot of us have received gifts for our Jaguar over the Chriswtmas period - we are looking for review articles of these items so other Jagsters will know what is a must-have, or must-not.. and it isn't so much down to pricing, as usability, and practicality.. any ideas for reviews, or articles - please email them to me at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com

And the second thing is know-how.. we all have something that we have figured out about our Jaguar, that is tricky if you do not know how to do it, some of us have specialities in aspects of our Jaguars - we are looking for articles that will help other Jagsters to do work on their Jaguars - things that there may be a knack to doing, or where you need to know what you are doing prior to trying it.. your name will appear against the article, and you will be helping fellow Jagsters which would be great... any ideas for articles, or articles please drop an email to the.jagster@jaguarforumsuk.com


10 January 2020Our Friday Stats - warning a bit of a long read

Despite a dose of 'manflu' earlier in the week, I have made it through to Friday :-) and it is a good job too, as so, so much has been going on this week that I need to fill you in on..

This morning I checked on how many days we have until the day, and it is just 135 days!

It sounds like a long time, but I have a lot of things to bring into place yet.. if you haven't registered yet, please consider registering sooner rather than later as your registration helps with printing costs, infrastructure costs, website and email costs and so much more - all of which I need to get sorted in less than 135 days now. Plus whatever we have left at the end of the day will be going to the RNLI, and possibly the Rotary Club to help them in the incredible work they do.

The number of Jaguars registered for this years event is steadily increasing and we curently have 60 Jaguars signed up and you can already meet some incredible and unique cars on the day including a Project 7, Project 8, and an XJ220.

This week SNG Barratt officially re-signed with us, which is incredible, and I am still waiting on one other sponsor to progress from a promise to, to officially re-signing. As you know only approx 50% of what I work on comes into place with our events, but I am (as always) hopeful.

This week I identified which areas of the events website have been struggling and in need of more TLC, and as a result Kat Collins & Graham Tongue (the original Jagster) have joined the team to help look after and develop those areas. A massive Thankyou to them for getting involved, and helping make a difference for Jagsters.

If honest I had a shock this morning when I checked how many days we had left - 4 months off sounds far longer than 135 days LOL

OK, so where are we with things? We have the signage for the roundabout, signage for the organisers tent, believe we have located a tent we can borrow, and we have high vis vests, and our website, Instagram & Twitter feeds, chat groups, Facebook group, email and so on are all stable and under control. The hit list of the basics we still need to buy/pay for is printing, additional signage for the road going into Denbies, a stand up flag for the Convoy start point & two tressle tables. Additionally jobs on my list include more trade/club signings, encouraging more use of our trade and club/forum plots, starting to gather  Welcome Pack contents, working hard on getting us to the planned 300 Jaguars for the day, and working on plan B's for everything lol

If anyone would like to help with any of the above please get in touch, any donations towards our costs, or offers of help in exchange for advertising would be very, very welcome.

Our event Telegram and WhatsApp chat groups have been becoming more active, and our Facebook group has been very active. The event website is now averaging 20 or so visitors a day, and our UK visitors are now three times as many as European visitors. Additionally our accomodation deal, exclusive to our attendees has had a much bigger takeup this year than previously so there is the possibility of something going on the night before the event too.. I am open to ideas, and happy to organise anything you guys would like (within reason lol)

As of next week I will be starting to follow up with our event sponsors and encouraging a takeup of our Trade plots , and if any of you are a member of a club that is not yet working with us could you please put them in touch with us as we offer free club/forum plots, free allocated areas, free inclusion of advertising in the Welcome Packs, plus a free feature page on the event website.

Also next week I need to follow up with the Rotary Club (Dorking) regarding their possible involvement with us, and start to collate the information on the convoy/drive and main event, ready for printing.

So, as I mentioned we have lots going on, and any offers of help or support would be very gratefully accepted as we approach the event :-)

OK, so here are the current stats for our event so you can see in figures how we are doing:

Our forum threads have received an incredible 20,267 hits
Our Instagram feed has 618 followers
Our Twitter feed has 622 followers
Our Facebook page has 4952 friends
Our Facebook group has an incredible 800 members
Our Telegram Chat Group has 9 members
Our WhatsApp Chat Group has a growing membership of 29 members
We have 60 Jaguars signed up so far (and are looking for another 240 :-)) and 113 attendees
Our 2020 Gallery has been filling up only has a few gaps now and is well worth checking out
We have Jaguars spanning from 1967 right through to 2020 already booked with us
We have 19 incredible sponsors
We have 9 trade stands booked so far
We have 2 club allocation areas that are filling up
We have 4 club/forum stands already booked
We have 1 Talk by The Pro session booked so far, with more to follow
We have 5 Awards confirmed so far

Thankyou to everyone involved with our event - whether it be as an attendee, sponsors, supporter, a team member or just following our progress - without you we genuinely would not have the event we have :-)

If you feel able to help out in any way whether it be by giving our event some of your time, expertise or financial help please just drop me a line.. meanwhile we genuinely have the biggest grassroots event ever ahead of us and a Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners for you :-)

08 January 2020Please make our new team members feel Welcome

Yesterday our event gained two new team members - please join us in making them feel welcome.

Kat Collins is now looking after our Event Calendar which has been in need of some TLC for some time now
Graham Tongue aka The Jagster is now looking after our Classifieds section

A massive Thankyou to both of them for their help :-)


03 January 2020Friday Stats - our first one of 2020!

It's Friday already? And a New Year? Welcome to the first Friday Stats day of 2020 then.. :-)

For those of you new to our event - we do this every Friday to ensure that everyone knows how we are, or are not, doing - it means that you always know what your Jaguar event is up to.. I may organise the event, but the event is Yours.. as it is everyones involvement with our event that makes it what it is..

It has been quite a week already with the beginnings of a steady stream of people registering for our May event, our new WhatsApp chat group growing, and discussions currently ongoing with two potential sponsors.

We have a target of 300 Jaguars, and 500 attendees for our May 24th event, and we are currently up to 57 registrations, already ahead of this time last year, which is fantastic.

Don't forget to register your Jaguar sooner rather than later to ensure your slot, as we will be limiting the numbers to 300 this year to make sure everything we have in place works smoothly for everyone. Last year we had a few issues as you know, and we are making sure we offer you the smoothest, best Jaguar experience we can before we look into possibly 400 Jaguars for our anniversary event in 2021. And yes, plans for our 2021 event have already been ongoing for a few months now :-)

Also, for those of you new to our event - everything to do with our event is free with the exception of the main event in May. It costs £5 to register your Jaguar for our annual event, but that then gives you access to our convoy/drive, free Welcome Pack, entry into the main venue, free Talks by the Pros, Show Prices, Oodles of free specialist advice, some incredible (and fun) awards you could be in with a chance at, and of course our free Prize Draw :-)
You may be wondering what happens with your £5 registration fee.. it covers our printing costs, website hosting, email hosting, signage and other infrastructure hardware with any remaining funds going to the RNLI (we are in talks with the Rotary Club too). We are a not-for-profit grassroots event purely there to support You and your Jaguar. Everything other than registration for the main event is FREE and will remain so.

So, please make good use of the incredible community we have with our event :-)

OK Jagsters.. here are the stats on where we are currently :-)

Our forum threads have amassed an incredible 19,869 hits
Our WhatsApp group is still growing and has 27 members
Our Telegram group has 9 members
Our Twitter feed is stable at 620 followers
Our Instagram feed has grown to 598 followers
Our Facebook group has grown to 793 members
Our Facebook page has 4951 friends
Our LinkedIn account now has 813 people/companies in its network
We have 57 Jaguars spanning from 1967 - 2020 registered, and 105 Attendees

02 January 2020Our target is 300 Jaguars this year

Happy New Year Jagsters - The push to get our event to 300 Jaguars has started as of today, and through the next couple of days I will be following up on our potential new and re-signing sponsors.. if you know anyone with a Jaguar please encourage them to register with us - we offer discounted fixed price accommodation, can team up people without their Jags with attending Jaguars and we have so much on the go for the day itself (inc our event patron attending via helicopter 🙂) and if we can hit the 300 Jaguars target this year it would be fantastic.. some specialists are offering to do some work on site, we will have show prices, oodles of advice, awards, prize draw and more 🙂

31 December 2019HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

Just a quick note to wish everyone (that includes you) involved with our grassroots Jaguar event a very Happy New Year!! Please don't forget to register your Jaguar (via the Register Here tab) to join the anticipated 300 Jaguars and 500 attendees on the day, and if you support Jaguars, or depend on Jaguars for your day to day work please get in touch with us and get involved and meet our jagsters on the day.

27 December 2019Our Friday Summary and Stats for you...

OK, I admit it, I had forgotten it was 'Stats Friday' today.. lol.. two days off from organising and I forget everything lol

This week we have seen far more activity than I would have expected for this period, Thankyou everyone for keeping up to date with our event even on Christmas day!! Yes, I was offline, but still tried to keep an eye on things - it takes more than Christmas to disengage me from my job here lol

Don't forget to register for our next event, if you haven't already, as we have a Great Day Out for you and your Jaguar planned, and we have streamlined everything this year to make your time with us even better than ever :-)

You can register at our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com, and don't forget all the archived threads, and photos of all our previous events are there too..

Ok, here are this weeks stats, and please keep an eye out for our Synopsis of our year, 2019, hopefully appearing online New Years Eve - so, so much has happened this year :-)

Our forums threads have received an incredible 18,787 hits to-date
We have 54 Jaguars and 100 Attendees signed up (planning for 300 Jaguars/500 attendees this event)
We have an incredible 18 sponsors
We have 9 trade/specialist stands booked so far
We have 4 club/forum stands booked
We have 2 presentations booked
There are 5 awards confirmed so far
Our Facebook group is growing and now has 788 members
Our Instagram feed has 585 followers
Our Twitter feed is fairly constant at 620 followers
Our new Telegram Chat has 8 members
Our new WhatsApp group has 22 members

Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone!

27 December 2019Event Trivia This Christmas

Here is some event trivia for you - over the Christmas period we not only had people taking time to visit the event website even on Christmas day, but over the past week it has had more visitors from Germany than the UK.. noting that contingents from Europe and around the world are very welcome, and we would love to be working with not just UK clubs and Forums but also clubs and forums around Europe and further - wherever there are Jagsters :-)

20 December 2019Our last Friday Stats before Christmas :-)

Hi Everyone, and Welcome to the last Friday Stats post before Christmas day!

Hopefully everyone is setup for the big day, and I am really happy that we were able to help make Christmas for three Jaguars this year :-)

Christmas is generally accepted as a period when there is no event activity at all, but our event (as usual lol) is not your average event, and not only has a lot been going on, but I have a stackload of things to sort too, for it over the period :-)

In this weeks trivia quiz we had an almost never known situation, with no-one managing to get all three questions correct, but we have been really stretching peoples knowledge of Jaguar over the past few months, and this weeks questions were incredible.. I have no idea of where Peter Simpson of Jaguar Breakfast Club fame, and our resident quiz master, gets them from, but for me at least (and I think a lot of people) every Monday is no longer a blues day, but a day when I am learning something new about our favourite marque (and usually going Wow, I never knew that).

This week we started a Chat group for the event on Telegram (my preferred option), and it has done well. Then people started requesting a chat group on WhatsApp, so we started a chat group there too with the plan that we would stick with whichever one had the best takeup. They both did well, so we now have not the planned one chat group, but two.. The Telegram one is a quieter chat area for those of us that don't want too many messages, and the WhatsApp group for those of us that are more social and happy with activity. If you haven't joined one or the other yet, they are well worth joining, and you will get all the event news and info before it hits the event website or Facebook group.

Because so much has been going on with our event, generally, since May I haven't had much of a chance to keep in touch with the events' incredible sponsors so as of yesterday, and through the Christmas period I am making contact with everyone past and present.. I am working alphabetically and through email contacts before I hit the Facebook contacts, and have made it to R so far.. lol.. it's going to take me a while to get round everyone.

Some good news for everyone this week, Jaguar Parts 24/7 have signed up for a Feature page, which I am currently working on, and for a trade stand on the day itself, AND will be bringing a gorgeous classic Jaguar with them. Next Base, who were with us two years ago have seen our growth and have agreed to re sign with us in January and I believe will be bringing a discount code and an incredible prize for the Prize draw, and I am working on a few other companies for us too..Ohh, almost forgot - one of our incredible long term sponsors, Bag World, have said that they will try to be with us on the day so we can meet the team, and see how they manufacture their incredible luggage that we all love.

Over the next week I am hoping to be working on the synopsis of the year for everyone.. as so much has happened this year, it's incredible that a Grassroots Jaguar event can be grassroots, once a year, and have so much going on lol

Finally, before I let you loose on the actual Friday Stats that I know you have all been waiting for (patiently) our event has got to the size where we need a collective term for members/attendees - bearing in mind that not everyone involved with our event gets the opportunity to attend on the day, and we are not a club with a membership or members - so we put it to the vote earlier in the week with everyone putting their ideas in, and then everyone voting for the phrase or term they preferred.. and the winner was 'Jagsters' so whenever you are at another event - look out for fellow Jagsters, as you will find them everywhere, not just in the UK at events, but also around the world. Because of this our annual event has now changed from just an event, a Jaguar one at that, but it is now the place where all the Jagsters come together for an incredible day out :-)

And very finally... a massive Thankyou to everyone involved with our event - you have created what we have, and will have for 2020 and onwards - an incredible Grassroots Jaguar event we can not only enjoy on the day, but right through the year with an incredible community and so many ways for people to get involved at whatever level suits them.. THANKYOU

OK, OK, you can wake up now after having dozed through most of that :-)

Here are this weeks Friday Stats, and please keep an eye out for next weeks synopsis of the year (that I have yet to write - gulp :-))

Our event forum threads have received an incredible 17,741 hits to-date
Our Facebook page has 4950 friends
Our Facebook group has 787 members
We have 54 Jaguars registered so far and 100 attendees
We have 18 fantastic sponsors
We have 4 club/forum stands booked so far
We have 9 trade stands booked
We have 2 club/forum allocated areas prebooked
We have 5 confirmed awards for you
Our WhatsApp chat group has 22 members
Our Telegram chat group 7 members
Our Instagram feed has 579 followers
Our Twitter feed has 616 followers
The top countries visiting our event website this week are (in order of numbers) Germany, UK, France & USA


19 December 2019Please keep an eye out for this weeks Friday Stats

This week has been the busiest week of the month, so please keep an eye out for the usual Friday Stats here in the news, and in all the usual places as there is a lot that you all need to know about our event and where we are currently :-)

17 December 2019Voting on our memberships name

We currently have a vote in place on our Facebook Group - please feel free to get involved and vote for your choice.

We are not a club so cannot have members, and despite being an event the phrase attendee doesn't apply either as we do so much more and not everyone gets the opportunity to attend our annual event, so we are looking for a suitable name or phrase to use in place of attendee or member :-) There are a number of choices in the mix, and if you think you have a better name or phrase please add it to the list of options there and let's see what everyone agrees on being the best for us :-)

16 December 2019New Telegram and WhatsApp Chat group for attendees

OK guys, I have been monitoring how things have been going with the new chat group and have concluded that I need to set up a WhatsApp chat group for our event, and see which one of the two is the most popular.. so we now have a Telegram group at t.me/JaguarForumsUK and a WhatsApp group at https://chat.whatsapp.com/IULNwaC9stA3TgDwrSPzlg .. please feel free to select which one suits you the best, and whichever is the most popular we will run with

13 December 2019Some great event trivia for you :-)

As it's a Friday close to Christmas I thought I would share some event trivia with you all - you never know when you could use one of these in Jaguar conversation :-)

Our 2020 event is anticipating 50 times the number of Jaguars that we had at our first ever event!
We have changed event name three times and still haven't managed to find a short roll off the tongue name for our event
Our event has followers from right around the globe including Australia and New Zealand
We have always been, and will always remain a Grassroots event, NOT Commercial
We already have a Project 7, Project 8 and XJ220 registered for our next event
Our gallery of attending Jaguars (I believe a unique feature for us) lets you see attending Jaguars before the day itself
The most popular pages on our event website, in order of views are: Home Page, News page, Marque page, 2020 Event Page, & 2020 Gallery
One year I was between Jaguars until just before the day of the event and almost attended in my school run Citroen C1
We started with one forum thread and now have three Forum threads, a Facebook Page and Group, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter feeds, an event website, and now a Telegram Group
We made our first ever link to another group this year, linking with the Jaguar Breakfast Club
We managed six years without a logo! This is our first year with not one logo but two, so you always recognise the event
We are the only event I know of that runs a weekly trivia quiz for attendees
For the first year ever we have been able to start investing in our infrastructure, and have started supporting the incredible RNLI and are hoping to also be working with the Rotary Club

Our event is unique, and has been made what it is by everyone involved with it as attendees, supporters, administrators, marshals, sponsors and so much more - it has been an incredible seven years so far of looking after everything for everyone, and we have so much ahead of us with our 10th anniversary event in 2021, new planned features, more happening right through the year, new collaborations, more club and forum involvement and so much more - A massive thankyou to everyone for your support of our event, & I hope we can manage another 7 years of developing exactly the grassroots Jaguar event you want :-)

13 December 2019Our Friday Summary and Stats for you...

Welcome to Stats day! It's Friday and we have made it through the week, with two days of Jaguar time ahead of us :-)

As usual our event has been busier than you would expect for the time of year, with a host of things going on publicly, and in the background as we build up to our next annual event in May.

Yes, I know - the theory around events is that this is a quiet time of rest for organisers, family time, and chilling out before getting everything on the go around February - but that isn't me, and hey, we could all use more Jaguar time :-)

Our event has finally managed to get a great deal on email hosting and now has unique email addresses for everything from the news section, through to event, info and more making it easier than ever to get in touch with us, and for me to process things - our existing provider had a Black Friday deal meaning we are paying pretty much the same as we always have for our event email - I took a massive advantage of it and even managed to get the migration between packages done free for us :-)

Our events Facebook page has a very active Eastwell Manor chat section (by invite only by Frank Woodford MBE), showing that it would be great if we not only had our static information, and limited chat via our website, Facebook group, and forums, but also a chat channel with all the event chat, news and more. So, we have just launched a new Chat group for everyone - as always with us it is free to sign up for too :-)

If you go to t.me/JaguarForumsUK you will be made very welcome, and you can catch up with all the chat, discussion, news and more in real time with everyone else involved with our event.

Additionally this is the new medium that we will be using on the day of the event itself to ensure everyone knows of any problems, issues, timing changes, and news quickly and efficiently, replacing the Text-Me service we used to run at events.

I am currently in talks with two potential sponsors - I will of course let you all know if they pan out for us, and talks with the Rotary Club (Dorking) are still progressing with a view to us working with them as well as the RNLI.

I know, you are thinking this is along post, and Christmas is coming.. so, here are the current event stats for you, so you know exactly where we are with things :

Our Forum threads have had an incredible 16,604 hits so far
Our Instagram feed has 575 followers
Our Twitter feed is stable at 618 followers
Our Facebook group has an incredible 772 members
Our LinkedIn account has been growing and now has over 500 contacts in it's network
Our NEW Telegram group has 4 members
We have 53 Jaguars and 98 attendees already registered
We have 18 industry sponsors
We are in talks currently with 2 companies that may get involved with our event
We support the RNLI, and are still in talks wih the Rotary Club (Dorking)
We have 8 Trade Stands booked so far
We have 4 Clubs/Forums attending our event
We have 5 awards confirmed so far

Finally, our website has been busy, and here are the top countries (in order of visits)


Hungary is new to the top four countries visiting our event website - I am hoping we can get some clubs from there involved with our event :-)

I think that's everything covered for this week :-) Please consider signing up for our Telegram group - it would be great to see everyone there, and on the day of the event it will be the main point of contact for all the news and updates on the day too.

Have a great weekend guys, two whole days of Jaguar time.. and then, don't forget we will have the Monday Trivia Quiz to help you survive the start of next week :-)

12 December 2019New Group Chat for attendees

I have just launched a new way for attendees to keep in touch with our event - enabling you to chat in real time with other attendees, pick up news, info, and more on the fly all about our event. I have chosen a chat package that you can use on your phone when on the move, as well as on your desktop PC or tablet.

We have an event group on Telegram at t.me/JaguarForumsUK - why not sign up there and join in everything there between now and the day of our next event?


05 December 2019Our Friday news and update

OK Guys, I am not around tomorrow for our usual Friday Stats day, so I am running things past everyone a day early this week..

Welcome to a stats Thursday (yep, definitely does not have the same ring to it.. sigh) :-)

This week, there has been quite a bit going on regarding our event, disproving the theory that Christmas time is a dead period for Jaguar events :-)

We ran a Black Friday promotion, which a few attendees took advantage of so will definitely be running it again next year for everyone.

Our Christmas competition drew to a close. We had three incredible prizes consisting of 2 x Scratchshield Two-bucket wash systems, and 1 x Robornes Car Care Hamper up for grabs and they were won by Jane Weitzmann, Stephen Haynes, and Farhad Alerasoul - huge congratulations to all three of them, and I hope they enjoy their deliveries from Santa :-)

We already have more people signed up for our next event than ever before for this time of year! Plus we already have a Project 7, a Project 8, and an XJ220 signed up with us which is fantastic.

I have also been persuaded to start introducing our event to key people that are either in Jaguar, or have been in the past, to see if I can locate any of the rarer or more unusual Jaguars, or garner support for our event.. I am somewhat nervous of doing this, as I still do not see our event as being that big, or well known yet, but have started making enquiries and will let you all know if we do get any feedback. Equally if you have any contacts within Jaguar that you think we should be in contact with please let me know and I will follow up on things.

Things regarding our event should start to quieten down a little over the Christmas period, allowing me a little more family time, but will then pick up in January as I make a start on locating another 250 Jaguars to join us on the day lol.. I know, big plans (as always) but with the help of everyone involved with our event I am sure we can manage it. Our event registration process, and marshalling methods have all been updated for our next event, we have improved signage, and are working on a host of background infrastructure to make sure that you have the best ever grassroots Jaguar day out :-)

Please have a fantastic Jaguar weekend everyone.. and watch this space - we have so much on the go, and lots of news to come :-)

04 December 2019The winners!!


Jane Weitzmann has won first prize with the Robornes Car Care Hamper

Stephen Haynes has won second prize with an incredible Scratchshield Two bucket wash system

Farhad Alerasoul has won third prize with an incredible Scratchshield Two bucket wash system

A massive Thankyou to everyone who was involved with our competition this year, congratulations to our three winners, and condolences to those of you who missed out - but don't forget as always with our event there is always next year :-)

Also a huge Thankyou to Robornes & Scratchshield for enabling us to make three attendees Christmases that little bit more Jaguar :-)

03 December 2019Christmas competition winners announcement coming

A massive Thankyou to everyone who entered our Christmas competition.

We will be in contact with the winners tomorrow, on the 4th December, and announcing the winners publicly on the 5th of December

01 December 2019Christmas Competition now closed

Our Christmas competition has now closed to entries. The lucky winners (three of) will be announced in the first week of December

29 November 2019Our Friday Summary and Stats for you...

It's Friday! And this week has just gone so fast..

Historically this is the quietest time of the year for events, but when has our event ever been your typical event? :-)

Ok we not only have the Bag-World discount code in place for those of you considering getting some gorgeous bespoke luggage for your Jaguar, but we also have a Christmas exclusive discount in place for those of you struggling to keep your Jaguar clean in all this wet weather, courtesy of Scratchshield - a company I swear by, having used their wash system on all my Jaguars (and the C1 school run car) for years now. So if you want some time away and need luggage, and a clean Jaguar - we have you covered :-)

The number of attendees signed up for our next, biggest ever event, is still steadily growing which is absolutely fantastic, and if you look at our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com you can even get a Black Friday deal, all weekend, on registration.

Our Christmas competition giving you the chance to win one of two Scratchshield wash systems or a Robornes Car Care Hamper, closes to entries this weekend - and if you register for our next event you will be entered into it free.. giving your Jaguar a chance at it's own present from Santa :-)

Our 2020 Gallery is growing but we are still missing a few piccies.. if you haven't sent in a piccie, and a few details of your Jaguar yet, please, please consider doing so as it is great if everyone can see what Jaguars they can meet on the day, before the day.. another way in which our event is different to most :-) If you have one of the following Access Passes, you haven't popped a picture across yet 002, 004, 009, 010, 012, 017, 029, 032, 034, 036, 041, 042, 045, 047, & 049.. just email any pics and descriptive text to gallery@jaguarforumsuk.com and I will get them popped up in our gallery.

Finally, I have just received official notification the the JEC (East & West Sussex) will be running a club stand on the day as well as a club allocation area, which is great news.

And the very final reminder for you... Please remember our Christmas competition closes this weekend :-)

Ok here are the stat's you have been waiting patiently for, likely trying to stay awake through the text above :-)

Our forum threads have amassed an incredible 14,828 hits so far
Our Twitter feed is stable with 617 followers
Our Instagram feed is still growing with 554 followers now
We have 50 Jaguars registered for our next event and 92 attendees
We have 18 official sponsors
We have 5 awards confirmed so far with more to come
We have 8 Trade stands booked
We have 4 club/forum stands booked

Have an incredible Jaguar weekend Guys :-)


For the first year ever we are getting involved with Black Friday and we have an incredible offer for you!

If you register for our event between midday 28/11/19 and midnight 1st December 2019, specifically via the 'Register Here' page on our website you will get a stonking 20% off your registration, and if you register before midnight on the 30th of November you will also get FREE entry into our Christmas competition.


25 November 2019A 'quick' rundown on what we are, and what we do :-)

if you have just found us you will probably be wondering what we are, if membership of JaguarForumsUK costs, what we offer and more.. I will try to answer everything here for you, and if there is anything I haven't mentioned please, please just ask :-)

Our first event was one cold December day seven years ago. It was on Brighton seafront, was a bit like today here, grey, overcast and could have been warmer :-) We had six Jaguars if I remember, and very much needed hot mugs of tea all round :-)

We ran bi-annual events for the first couple of years with the May event Jaguar specific, and the December event open to all marques, but we quickly became too big for me to be able to organise them both to the level that we now needed and switched to annual, and just Jaguars :-)

We rapidly outgrew the Brighton seafront venue and moved to Denbies, the largest wine estate in England, and have been there ever since.

We have the ethos that we support all Jaguars, from every walk of life, and financial situation, with everyone considered equal whether they be customised, showroom, vintage, classic, modern, school run, cherished or project Jaguars. We have also been not-for-profit throughout, and after making a loss last year and being rescued by two very generous supporters, have switched from taking our income from the Prize Draw tickets, to just charging a registration fee which includes everything on the day free (except food and drink - but we event organise a discount on that for you!).

So, our event runs every late May Bank Holiday Sunday (24th may 2020 is our next one), it comprises of a drive/convoy and main event. It has a registration cost of £5 but everything with us is free on the day except food and drink.. you can register via our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com :-)

We usually run a Christmas competition for attendees and this year is no different - if you register for our next event before the end of November 2019 you get entered FREE into a draw for one of two incredible wash systems or a luxurious car care hamper, supplied by Scratchshield, & Robornes. Please note you only have a few days for this offer!!

By charging a £5 registration fee we are now able to buy in professional signage, get better printing done, new stickers, and generally develop our event after years of being unable to do so, and this has put us in a position where we can support charity for the first time :-) We support the RNLI, and are currently also in talks with the Rotary Club (Dorking) about working with them too.

Our event offers you free Welcome packs, entry in the drive/convoy, entry into our main event, inclusion in judging for a number of awards, talks by the Pros, the Prize draw, show prices on must-haves, some work able to be performed on site, trade stands, meet the clubs and forums and more - we may be grassroots but we still offer you a lot.

So please consider registering for it :-)

As the event has run we have developed a need of a webiste where you can find all the archival photos, threads, info, competitions, discounts, community help, current event info, and so much more - this is now at www.jaguarforumsuk.com. We now have a Facebook page, and group to give you guys all the news, chat, info, and more. We also run a weekly quiz, and update you every Friday with exactly how we are doing - as this is YOUR event and you should always know what we are up to for you. We have an Instagram feed, Twitter feed, and maintain three event threads carried on three major Jaguar Forum websites.

Everything we do for you is FREE, as in gratis, with the exception of our annual event which costs just £5 to register for, and the registration fee is used purely for our infrastructure, and to support the RNLI currently.. so please consider registering for our event.. we also welcome donations by Paypal if you just want to help us do what we do - stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com.

If you live outside of the UK, or are travelling some distance we do have an exclusive discounted deal for attendees at a hotel very local to the start point, with great access to the south east of the UK too. If you are travelling to us and are unable to bring your own Jaguar, we can team you up with an incredible British Jaguar owner here, to ensure you still get to have a great day out with us.. we want you to have a Great British Day Out with us :-)

That is it - our event has no official membership so is not a club, but we try hard to offer you everything a club does so we can support you not just on the day itself but right through the year and all for nothing, except for our annual event.. please enjoy your time with us, and please, any questions just ask :-) Very best regards, Steve Sheldon - event organiser (well, more of a put it together type of thing lol)

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