The JaguarForumsUK Facebook Group Register

As you likely know we support Jaguar owners (known as Jagsters) worldwide, and we do so through a wide number of channels. One of the ways we support Jagsters is through our active Facebook Group which you can join by browsing to www.facebook.com/JaguarForumsUK and clicking on the Join Group button there.

It is entirely voluntary - but if you are a member of our Facebook group, you can be officially listed here by emailing your name, Jaguar model & year, and country of residence to here and you will have your own unique membership number.

The information here will allow us to see where we need to supply more support for Jagsters, be it a geographical issue or even a model or year related issue, so it is well worth registering with.


0001     Steve Sheldon         S-Type 2.7TD        2007    UK
0002     Kevin Greenwell       XK8 Coupe           1997     UK
0003     Kevin Herbert          XJR                      2014     UK



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