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Here is the latest information for our 2019 event

Welcome to our Eighth JaguarForumsUK Convoy & Meet event!

This will be our sixth year of running this event, and is genuinely the biggest, most feature packed event we will have ever run.

Our event is a great Jaguar day out for you, your Jaguar, and your family, with a convoy element, as well as main one day event - including:

Free Welcome packs
A range of class awards that your Jaguar could win
Talks on how to look after and maintain your Jaguar
Trade stands with great products & services at show prices, plus free advice.
Clubs and Forums are now participating too.
Trade demonstrations showing you the trade at work
A quiz to test your knowledge of Jaguar history and trivia (spanning 1920 - 2004), finding our most knowledgable attendee
A great prize draw (the largest prize fund to-date) with prizes ranging from must-haves to incredible treats for you or your Jaguar

Add to this a convoy/drive through glorious Sussex and Surrey countryside, a superb venue at Denbies Wine Estate (the largest wine estate in England), great Jaguars spanning all walks of life, incredible company and you have our event. And not just all this, but Denbies have a range of award winning wines you can buy and take home with you, plus a carvery restaurant with great food and drink to keep you going through the day.

So go on, treat yourself and your Jaguar to a great day out. Our event is free to sign up for and attend, with just a small fee for entering the prize draw on the day, making it ideal for you and your family, even if you are on a budget! Please feel free to take a look at our previous events to see what to expect, and what attendees thought of our event - we have a great Jaguar day out for you, and would love to welcome you to our 2019 event :-)

Please keep an eye on this thread at your favourite Jaguar forum, our event Facebook page, or via our event Twitter or Instagram feeds as any and all updates will appear there as we go. Additionally our event has a new website at www.solidlinux.co.uk giving you access to archived photos from our event, links to all our past and current threads, competition details, discount codes, and more.


Steve Sheldon 2007 S-Type 2.7TD SE (via direct) + 2
Brent Ross-Smith 1966 3.8 S-Type (classic) (via Facebook) + 2
Mark Lambourne 1995 XJR6 (via Facebook) + 2
Gary Woodhams 2001 XJ8 3.2 Sport Black + 1
George Boardman 2016 XF 2.0D Portfolio (via Facebook) + 2
Roger Grote 2008 XKR (via Facebook) +2
ETypePhil 2013 XFR (via JagChat) + 4
IanD 2017 XE 25t R-Sport (via JagChat) + 1
Colin Young 2003 S-Type R (via Email) + 1
Darren McLeod 1998 XJ8 3.2 (via Instagram) + 3
Robert Andrews 2012 XF (via Facebook) + 3
Robert Andrews 1981 Daimler DS420 (via Facebook) + 2
Richard Warwick 2010 XJ Portfolio 3.0D (via JaguarForum.com) + 2
Lee Chitticks 2004 S-Type R (via SMS) + 1
Dr Malcolm Lewis 2013 XF Sportbrake (via JaguarForums.com) + 1
TerryH 2004 XJ Super V8 LWB (via email) + 2
Terry Grange 2003 XK8 Coupe (via email) + 2
Amanda & Barry 1983 XJ6 4.2 (via email) +2
Steve1951 1966 3.8 S-Type (via email) +1
Chris De Vine 2002 S-Type (via email) + 3
Mick Wildy 2011 XKR 5.0 (via Facebook) + 2
Rod Plummer 2015 XKR 5.0 Supercharged (via email) + 2
Jeff Meade 2012 XKR 5.0 Convertible (via email) + 2
Wayne Turk 2018 F-Type P300 (via Facebook) + 2
Andrew Middlecott 1999 XKR (via Facebook) + 2
Nick & Ann Crawford 2007 XKR 4.2 Supercharged V8 (via email) + 2
Gary Wheeler 2014 F-Type 3.0S 380 AWD (via email) + 2
John Tatar 1963 Mk2 (via email) + 2
Richard Cousins 1997 XJ 3.2 Executive (via email) + 4
Graham Smith 2003 X-Type (via Facebook) + 2
Robin 1996 XJS Celebration (via JaguarForum.com) + 1
Ed Oliver 2015 F-Type V6 (via Website) + 2
Peter Sharpless 1997 XK8 (via JaguarForums.com) + 2
John Adam 2010 XK Coupe (via email) + 1
Chris Durnford 2014 F-Type V8S (via email) + 1
Scallywag630 2007 X-Type 2.2 Sovereign (via JaguarForum.com) + 3
Phil Hilder 2008 XKR (via email) + 2
Andy Jackson 1972 Series 3 V12 E-Type (via Facebook) + 2
Mark Duffell 2004 XJR (via Facebook) + 3
Yusef Mamoojee 2011 XF 5.0 S/C (via Facebook) + 2
Daniel Head 2004 XJ 3.0 V6 (via Facebook) + 2
Chris Durkin 2011 XJ L Portfolio 3.0D (via Facebook) + 2
David Miller 2001 XKR Convertible (via Facebook) + 2
Neil Haddock 2003 XJ6 2003 3.0 SE (via Facebook) + 3
XJaguar1 2003 X-Type (via Email) + 2
Alan Coviac 2007 XJ 4.2 V8 Sovereign (via Email) + 2
David Swaine 2003 S-Type R (via Email) + 1
Richard Stacey 2003 S-Type R (via Website) + 1
JEC block booking - 20 Jaguars + 24 attendees
---- Rod Plummer 2014 XKR (via email) + 2
---- Bob Martin 2000 XKR (via email) + 1
---- Judy Grant Jaguar model tbc (via email) + 2
---- Judy Grant Jaguar model tbc (via email) + 2
---- Colin Shippey 2004 X-Type 2.0D SE in Ultraviolet (via Email) + 2
---- Peter Adams 1955 XK140 (via email) + 2
---- Fred Bone 2004 X-Type 2.5 AWD (via email) + 2
---- Paul NcKeogh 1995 XJS Celebration Coupe + 1
---- Ms Learmonth E-Type (via email) + 1
---- Roger Learmonth 1938 SS100 (via email) + 1
---- Ian Spencer 2005 XK8 (via Email) + 2
---- Alan Penhallow 2006 XK8 (via Email) + 2
---- Martin Sasse D-Type or E-Type (via Email) + 2
---- Mike Huss 1974 XJS (via Email) + 2
XKEC & F-TypeEC block booking - 20 Jaguars + 20 attendees
---- Alan Clatworthy 2000 XK8 4.0 (via email) + 1
XKCC block booking -13 Jaguars + 26 attendees

---- Steve Tullett 2012 XKR Coupé (via email) +2
---- David Hollander 2014 XKR Coupé (via email) +2
---- Gavin Marsh. 2012 XK Coupé (via email) +2
---- John Diffley 2019 XKR Coupé (via email) +2
---- Jonathan Stevens 2012 XKR Coupé (via email) +2
---- Andrew Davis. 2012 XKR Coupé (via email) +2
---- Martyn East 2001 XK8 (via Facebook) + 2
---- Phil Hunt 2014 F-Type Coupe V8 + 2
---- Colin Pestell 2013 F-Type V8 in Black (via email) + 2
---- Steve Slight 2002 XKR (via email) + 2
---- Paul Jones 1996 XK8 (via email) + 2
---- Chris Barras 2014 XKR IRR Conv (via email) + 2
---- Bob Pudge 2013 XK Portfolio Convertible (via email) + 2

Jaguars: 120 Attendees: 177


Claires Vintage Treasures - Nursery Decor, Childrens Interiors & Memory/memorial Keepsakes
Autoglym - Pas5i0n for Perfection
ScratchShield - The bucket filter system
Leather Repair Company - Putting Life Back Into Leather
Robornes - The Surface Protection Experts for your Jaguar
Classic Motor Monthly - The Best for Real Enthusiasts
Professional Detailers & Valeters -The UK's trade association for skilled, proven, and insured car care professionals
Harwoods Jaguar - Harwoods Jaguar Brighton
DesignCats - The Big Cat Workshop
Julian Ferraro Jaguar Specialists - Independent Jaguar Service and Repair on all Models
Simply Performance - Jaguar Performance Parts Specialists
Haynes Manuals - See Haynes, See How
JagChat.net - The World Of Jaguar Chat
Delta Performance - Unlock the Potential of your Jaguar
Headturners Detailing - Protection, correction, refining and shining
Classic Jaguar Drives - Largest Choice of Classic Jaguar Experiences in the largest choice of cars. From just £59
SNG Barratt -The Ultimate Jaguar Parts Specialist
BagWorld -Bespoke Bags & Luggage for your Jaguar

Trade Stands:

Bub Wedding Cars -Making your day one to remember
DesignCats - The Big Cat Workshop
Julian Ferraro Jaguar Specialists - Independent Jaguar Service and Repair on all Models
Simply Performance - Jaguar Performance Parts Specialists
Leather Repair Company - Putting Life Back Into Leather
Delta Performance - Unlock the Potential of your Jaguar
Professional Detailers & Valeters -The UK's trade association for skilled, proven, and insured car care professionals
Headturners Detailing - Protection, correction, refining and shining
Harwoods Jaguar - Harwoods Jaguar Brighton

Club/Forum Stands/Representation:

JaguarForums (JaguarForums.com) (Forum Stand)
Jaguar Enthusiasts Club (jaguarstodenbies@gmail.com) (Forum Stand)
JagChat.net (Jagchat.net) (Forum Stand)
XKEnthusiasts Club (thexkec.co.uk) (Club Allocated Area)
F-TypeEC (f-typeec.co.uk) (Club Allocated Area)
XKCC (xkcc.club) (Club Allocated Area)

Presentation Slots on the day:

PVD Approved - Talk on detailing your Jaguar, followed by a Q&A session
The Leather Repair Company - Talk on Leather Repairs & Restoration
LeatherGuard - Talk about Leather Cleaning, Cleaning Products & the LeatherGuard System
Event Organiser - Presentation of awards, Numbers drawn for Prize Draw, and closing speech

Awards on the day:

The Scratchshield Best Turned Out Jaguar Shield
Mark Lambournes' Peoples Choice Trophy
The JagChat Most Interesting Jaguar Award
The JagChat Best Classic XJ Award (pre X351 ONLY)
The Best XK/F-Type (1996 - present day) Award
The Restorers Best Interior Award
The Robornes Best Exterior Award

Attendee Accomodation:

Holiday Inn Express London Gatwick Crawley, Haslett Avenue East,Crawley,West Sussex, RH10 1UA. The cost for attendees is £68 per room, per night including breakfast, parking, & wifi and you can book Fri, Sat, and/or Sunday nights as required,Please note we have a number of rooms reserved specifically for our event, to guarantee that you have no problem with booking a room, if needed, right up to a few days before the event itself. You can book a room for the event with the following info:Group Code: JAG Online at : https://www.hiexpress.com/redirect?p...wfullsite=true Or by phone on +44(0)371 423 4876

Official Event Photographer:

Rocket Photo - We Shoot Cars


Mark Lambourne - Trophy Support
Bub Wedding Cars - Convoy/Drive Management
DesignCats - On Site Marshalling at Venue

Latest Exclusive Discount Codes for You:

BagWorld - Bespoke Bags & Luggage for your Jaguar - are offering an incredible 15% discount on luggage orders for all event attendees. Please quote BW001 when ordering, and say you are from the JaguarForums event.
BagWorld - Bespoke Bags & Luggage for your Jaguar

Itinerary (Subject to changes as we approach the day):

8:30 Event registration, Welcome Pack Distribution and Welcome Speech
9:15 Transfer of Jaguars to the Convoy/Drive start point
9:30 Start of Convoy/Drive element
10:15 Arrival at Denbies (please follow Marshals instructions for parking on site)
10:30 Group Photo Shoot with attending Jaguars as the backdrop
11:00 The JaguarForumsUK Most Knowledgable Jaguar Attendee of 2019 Quiz module
11:30 Presentation by LeatherGuard on leather cleaning, Cleaning products & the LeatherGuard system
13:30 Presentation by PVD Approved with a talk & Q&A session on detailing your Jaguar
14:30 Presentation by the Leather Repair Company on leather repairs and restoration
15:00 Presentation of awards for Best Turned Out, Peoples Choice, Most Interesting, Best Classic XJ, & Best XF/F-Type
15:30 Prize Draw winners announced for some incredible prizes for your Jaguar
15:45 Quiz results announced and photo shoot of the 2019 Most Knowledgeable Attendees
16:00 End of day speech and the end of our 2019 Jaguar day out

Our event is easy to sign up for and most importantly FREE! You can sign up by posting on one of our forum threads, our Facebook page (JaguarForumsUK), our Twitter account (@JFBrightonMeets), our Instagram account JaguarForumsUK, the Contact Us page at www.solidlinux.co.uk, or even good old fashioned email (JaguarForumsUK@solidlinux.co.uk) - we just need your name, Jaguar model, year of manufacture, and how many people will likely be travelling.

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