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William Hopkinson d.1619
In the name of god Amen the one and thirtieth day of December in the year of our lord god 1618.I William
Hopkinson of Alton the elder in the parish of Ashover in the county of Derby,husbandman,whole in body and of good and perfect remembrance,praised be almighty god,do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, first I give and bequeath my soul unto the almighty and everlasting God,trusting by the merite of the death passion and blood shedding of our lord Jesus Christ,to be accepted among the number of the elect people of God in his celestial kingdom.And I bequeath my body to be buried in the churchyard at Ashover so near to my ancestors as conveniently
may be.And whereas the right Worshipful St.Thomas Revesbi of Thryber in the county of York,Knight for and consideration of the sum of ten pounds to the said St.Thomas Revesbi,by me the said William Hopkinson in hand paid in and by his note under his hand and seal bearing date the fifth day of February
in the year of our lord God 1607.hath granted to me my executors and assigns and is contented that my
executors and assigns shall enjoy all that farm house and garden I now dwell in and all ground there unto belonging for and during one whole year next after my decease as in and by the said note now at large it appeareth.Now I the said William Hopkinson do by these presents give and bequeath all my Right Title and Interest of and in the said farm and lands thereto belonging for one whole year next after my decease unto Joane Hopkinson now my wife and unto Gyles Hopkinson now my son to me and occupy the same jointly together for their better help and ?- - -ferment after my decease.Item 1 give and bequeath unto my son Gyles Hopkinson one - - - - - - - - - - bourde weare,three yokes and an ox harrow, and a horse harrow, and a pair of clivetes,and two muck hooks.Item I give to my said son Gyles Hopkinson one long table and a form,one high bedstead and a - - - - - - - and the increase of tenn five sheep.Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rose Hopkinson one great pan.Item I give and bequeath unto my son-in-law John Waterhouse ten shillings out of twenty shillings which he oweth me.
Item I give and bequeath unto Joan Hopkinson my wife the best cow and the best bed that I have at my decease. Item I give and bequeath unto every one of my son Thomas Hopkinson his children 111s 1111d.Item I give and bequeath unto the three children of my son William Hopkinson to every one of them 111s 1111d.The rest of my goods not hereby bequeathed I being honest brought home and my debts paid of my whole goods I wholly give and bequeath the same unto Joane now my wife and unto these now my children whose names are hereafter expressed.That is to say unto Thomas Hopkinson, Gyles Hopkinson,Christopher Hopkinson,William Hopkinson,Godfrey Hopkinson,and Rose Hopkinson to be equally divided amongst them after my decease.Item I make and ordain Joan Hopkinson now my wife and Gyles Hopkinson my son my true and lawful executors to perform this my last will and testament. Item I make and ordain my very good friend William Sorsbie and Godfrey Bacon of Alton aforesaid husbandmen my true and lawful overseers of this my last will and testament,to see the same affirmed fulfilled and kept in witness whereof I the said William Hopkinson have here unto put my hand and seal the day and year first above written.
Sealed and delivered in the presence of Francis Allen the Elder,Godfrey Bacon,Job Allen,Gyles Hopkinson.

William Hopkinson d.1638
                                                              William Hopkinson
                                                                   of Holmgate
                                                                  Inventory - 1638
A true inventory of all the goods and chattels of William Hopkinson of Holmgate in the parish of North Wingfield lately deceased seen valued and appraised in and upon the tenth day of October in the fourteenth year of the reign of our sovereign lord Charles by the grace of God of England,( Scotland ),
France and Ireland.King defender of the faith - - - - in the year of our lord 1638.
First,His apparel and money in his purse.
Item,two pigs.
Item,one calf.
Item,five geese.
Item,in the house one cupboard,one table and frame,one chair,five stools with dishes and tranchers and other (little) implements of wood.
Item,two kettles,one wash tub,three piggins and a siledish.
Item,eight pewter dishes,one pewter pot,four brass ( franes ) and one pewter candlestick.
Item,five cushions,one landiron,one brandiron,one fire shovel,one pair of tongues,one pair of pothooks with rackentine,one forging iron and one iron hook.
Item,one brass pot,three brass kettles,one skillet,one skimmer.
Item,in the parlour,three bedsteads,one chest,one spinning wheel,one loom,two cakestones,one wiskitt,
one pair of stirrup irons,one form.
Item,four coverlets,three blankets,two bolsters,three chaffbeds,three pairs of old sheets.
Item,in the buttery,one great turnwheel,one spit,one pair of cupboards,two looms,one churn,three trunks,three milk bowls,one frying pan,two ceckats,four earthen pots,one bottle,one heckle.
Item,in the chamber over the house,one bedstead,three coffers,one flesh tub,one strike,one - - - - -.
Item,one trucklebed,one bolster,two pillows,one coverlet,two blankets.
Item,one bag with wool in it.
Item,in the chamber over the parlour,two bedsteads,three spinning wheels,one wood wheel,four sieves,
one old arch,one pair of wool weights.
Item,one coverlet,two blankets,one old winnowing sheet,seven slippings of hards,one pouffe of feathers.
Item,four old sifles,one old saddle without a panel.
Item,old fire ( pullw ) of a pair of wheels.
Item,in the husbandry,wa- - - and yokes,teams,ploughs,harrows and all such like implements belonging
to husbandry.
Item,hay within doors and without.
Item,corn and straw.

Robert Redfern
John his mark Alwood
Richard his mark Holleby          Appraisers
Edward Bradshaw
Samuel Wheatcroft

                                                 Rooms And Buildings
Chamber over house
Chamber over parlour

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