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Burials 1726-1879

Lidia buried June 29th 1726

Frances buried March 13th 1727

Edward buried August 22nd 1728

Mary buried February 23rd 1729

Ellen buried March 2nd 1729

John buried March 31st 1729

William buried December 23rd 1729

Captain William buried March 16th 1730

Mary buried March 6th 1731

Mary buried May 4th 1732

William buried January 16th 1733

John buried February 15th 1733

John buried March 13th 1735

Sarah buried January 12th 1737

Job buried March 22nd 1742

Frances buried May 18th 1742

John of Northedge buried September 15th 1745

Joseph buried May 24th 1747

Matthew buried June 3rd 1752

Thomas buried March 11th 1755

Thomas buried January 25th 1756

Anne buried April 25th 1756

Anne buried October 9th 1757

Sarah buried February 22nd 1758

John buried July 5th 1758

John buried July 4th 1760

Mary buried October 10th 1760

John buried September 17th 1762

Alice buried May 3rd 1763

Thomas buried June 10th 1764

Child of John buried February 2nd 1765

Two boys of John buried September 18th 1765

Anthony buried May 19th 1767

Wife of Joseph buried October 18th 1768

Joseph buried October 24th 1768

Widow Hopkinson buried June 28th 1769

Child of Hannah buried January 3rd 1770

Child of George buried January 28th 1770

Child of George buried February 4th 1770

Wife of John buried April 26th 1770

Child of Thomas buried January 12th 1771

Daughter of Ann buried March 12th 1772

Child of Hannah buried March 15th 1776

Sarah of Dicklant buried March 16th 1776

Son of John of Slack buried February 26th 1777

Wife of Edward buried October 11th 1777

John of Slack buried February 14th 1779

Sibbil of Ashover Hill buried March 16th 1779

Paul of Ashover Hill buried August 9th 1780

Wife of William of Highordish buried April 18th 1781

Margret of Alton buried April 11th 1781

Wife of Anthony of Alton buried October 25th 1781

Widow of Ashover Hill buried February 17th 1782

John son of John of Ashover Hill buried July 28th 1785

Grace daughter of John & Betty buried May 26th 1787

Child of John of Dicklant buried January 4th 1789

Wife of John of Ashover Hill buried January 25th 1789

Ann of Kelstedge buried November 21st 1789

Anthony of Alton buried April 18th 1790 aged 73yrs

Sarah of Alton buried August 31st 1790 infant

Sarah of Milltown buried May 12th 1791 aged 41yrs

Edward buried March 3rd 1792 aged 79yrs

James of Green End buried July 25th 1792 aged 4mnths.

Rebecca of Stonedge buried December 5th 1792 aged 72yrs

Ann of Matlock buried July 9th 1793 aged 76yrs

Ann of Clay Cross buried June 25th 1794 aged 18mnths.

Sarah daughter of Matthew & Lydia buried January 8th 1795

Son of John buried January 13th 1796

Elizabeth wife of John buried January 29th 1796

Mary of Press buried February 23rd 1796 aged 35yrs

Infant of John of Northedge buried June 24th 1796

Mary of Rattle buried March 23rd 1800 aged 61yrs

Elizabeth wife of Richard of Alton buried June 14th 1801 aged 48yrs

Matthew of Stonedge buried January 26th 1803 aged 26yrs

Anthony of Alton buried January 25th 1804 aged 16yrs

Ann daughter of John & Frances buried September 30th 1804 aged 3yrs

William of Northedge buried February 1st 1805

Henry of Ashover Hill buried December 12th 1806 aged 22yrs

Mary daughter of Matthew of Stonedge buried July 10th 1807 aged 18yrs

John of Ashover Hill buried October 22nd 1809 aged 57yrs

Mary wife of John of Chesterfield buried February 18th 1810 aged 38yrs

Ann of Ashover Hill buried July 24th 1810 aged 68yrs

Ann daughter of Thomas & Sarah of Ashover Hill buried October 6th 1810 aged 8yrs

William son of Thomas & Sarah of Ashover Hill buried October 13th 1810 aged 6yrs

Jane daughter of John of Chesterfield buried January 2nd 1811 aged 4yrs

Dorothy daughter of John of Chesterfield buried January 27th 1811 aged 8yrs

Joseph of Fallgate buried May 22nd 1813 aged 55yrs

Elizabeth of Yew Tree buried December 8th 1813 aged 75yrs

Matthew of Stonedge buried May 1st 1814 aged 60yrs

William of Stonedge buried January 1st 1815 aged 90yrs

Isaac son of Mary of Fallgate buried April 13th 1815

Rebecca daughter of George & Mary of Walton buried December 4th 1816

Ann wife of James buried April 24th 1818 aged 71yrs

Thomas son of Thomas & Julia of Fallgate buried December 11th 1818 aged 1yr

Dorothy buried June 19th 1819 aged 75yrs

Mary of Stonedge buried November 19th 1820 aged 70yrs

Elizabeth of Fallgate buried April 27th 1821 aged 32yrs

Mary wife of George of Walton buried May 3rd 1821 aged 33yrs

Matthew of Fallgate buried September 20th 1822 aged 61yrs

James of Stonedge buried June 3rd 1824 aged 44yrs

Mary of Stonedge buried July 31st 1825 aged 2yrs

James buried September 11th 1825 aged 80yrs

Ann of Milltown buried September 11th 1825 aged 16yrs

Son & daughter of Thomas & Julia of Fallgate buried April 19th 1827

Thomas of Fallgate buried November 26th 1827 aged 42yrs

Eleanor of Walton buried January 3rd 1828 aged 72yrs

John of Milltown buried April 17th 1830 aged 58yrs

George of Chesterfield buried December 31st 1830 aged 73yrs

Fanny of Yew Tree Milltown buried April 5th 1833 aged 62yrs

Elizabeth wife of Richard of Alton buried June 4th 1834 aged 85yrs

John of Chesterfield buried June 13th 1834 aged 65yrs

James son of Jane of Fallgate buried February 19th 1835

Fanny wife of John of Badger Lane buried February 27th 1835 aged 87yrs

Catherine wife of Matthew of Fallgate buried June 14th 1836 aged 73yrs

George of the Poorhouse buried June 28th 1839 aged 51yrs

Hannah of Fallgate buried August 13th 1839 aged 86yrs

Anne of Slack buried September 9th 1845 infant

Mary Anne of Goss Hall buried October 12th 1845 aged 3yrs

George of Slack buried December 26th 1847 aged 16mnths

Joseph of Littlemoor buried July 28th 1850 infant

Henry of Littlemoor buried October 5th 1850 aged 3yrs

Richard of Alton buried December 7th 1850 aged 35yrs

John of Alton buried February 15th 1851 aged 58yrs

William of Chesterfield buried May 1st 1851 aged 56yrs

Richard of Alton buried April 8th 1853 aged 91yrs

Anthony buried September 30th 1853 aged 67yrs

Harriett of Alton buried January 18th 1855 aged 2yrs

Elizabeth of Alton buried March 11th 1855 infant

Henry of Dale Bank buried February 18th 1861 aged 10mnths

Mary of Alton buried January 24th 1864 aged 69yrs

Sarah Jane of Clay Cross buried April 25th 1864 aged 3yrs

Thomas of Goss Hall buried June 3rd 1864 aged 74yrs

Ann of Milltown buried July 24th 1864 aged 70yrs

John of Clay Cross buried January 18th 1865 aged 12yrs

Annie of Dale Bank buried January 22nd 1865 infant

Louisa of Overton buried March 28th 1867 aged 22yrs

Mary of Goss Hall buried April 11th 1867 aged 79yrs

William of Overton buried May 10th 1867 infant

Dorothy of Goss Hall buried October 12th 1867 aged 6mnths.

Joseph of Goss Hall buried June 4th 1869 aged 17yrs

Lillie Northedge of Dicklant buried October 30th 1870 infant

Mary of Overton Lodge buried June 27th 1872 aged 55yrs

Elizabeth Hannah of Press buried November 22nd 1872 Aged 22yrs

Gregory of Rattle buried February 5th 1873 aged 5weeks

Ellen buried October 2nd 1873

Zillah buried November 25th 1875 aged 7yrs

Arthur of Rattle buried February 28th 1876 aged 6 weeks

Edward of Goss Hall buried October 16th 1878 aged 38yrs

Joseph of Far Hill buried January 4th 1879 aged 9yrs

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