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Welcome to the "Hooves Down Canter Free", website.

Founded by Emma Sommerville in November 2013, Hooves Down Canter Free, is a not for profit Equine rescue organisation specialising in the rescue of colt horses/ponys sold at auction and ultimately bound for the worlds horse meat industry simply because they are colt's!

Hooves Down Canter Free's Objectives are simple!

To secure sufficient funding to enable us to rescue and re-home as many colts as we can while expanding our current rescue activitys by way of buying colt horses/ponys at auction destined for the horse meat industry and re-homing them.

But thats not all we do!

On occassion we can accept emergency rescues for abused and abandoned equines in and around the cheshire area and for this reason we will work very closely with the RSPCA and Blue Cross.  so you see, together we can make a difference! to give these horses and ponys the loving experienced forever homes they deserve!

Based in Cheshire, the Hooves Down Canter Free Rescue centre is a small but expanding organisation where we are all passionate about making a differance in anyway we can and we will apply for receive full charity status!

Together we can make a difference!

Hooves Down Canter Free Aims;

1) To rescue colt horses/ponys from auction that are bound for the horse meat industry.

2) To geld all colts upon arrival at the rescue center or when health permitting.

3) To re-home all horses/ponys once they have been gelded and microchipped providing a safe and comfortable future.

4)  To raise public awearness on the plight of colts all over this country.

5) To promote good animal welfare via information sheets with future possible general stable management courses for young people, insurance dependant!

6) To lobby parliment on bringing indiscriminate breeders under tighter breeding controls, and reasonable general breeding restrictions.

7) To maximise the chances of a positive outcome for all rescued colts.

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