The Corriegarth Hotel in Inverness is a popular both as a hotel and bar and like many other establishments of its kind in the city, was a private housing prior to its current role. Like many other hotels, some of its staff believe the building to be haunted. Staff report phantom footsteps, doors opening by themselves, rattling beer crates and other strange noises. However strangely enough, no one has ever reported actually seeing a ghost in the building.

The investigation itself was led by Angie with Hamish, Mike and some of the staff. The team began their investigation by visiting the bedrooms and it wasn't long before Mike began to pick up the presence of a maid who he felt was still there in Room 2. Mike felt that she was from either the 60's or 70's and but wasn't sure if it was the 17th or 18th century, he went on to give us the name of Agnes Fraser, a name which has now been verified by our historian Lyn as being a maid in the property in 1871! Further evidence to support the presence of Agnes appears to be the recording of movement and then a female voice in the room at the same time. (Room 2 – audio) However no KII or EMF readings were detected in bedroom areas.

When the team moved into the kitchen area, several KII spikes were recorded and strange unexplained light anomalies were captured on camera. Although the light effect captured could be partially explained by a longer exposure on the camera, the lack of moment from the team left everyone scratching their heads.

A final piece of audio was captured in the lounge area of the bar and appears to be that of a woman whispering. (whisper – audio) At first you may want to dismiss this as background noise, but it is clear that this voice is much closer to the audio recorder to that of the people in the adjacent bar.

Our conclusion: It would appear that the phenomena reported by the staff could indeed be that of the ghost of maid Agnes Fraser who still moves about in the building to this day.

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