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This WebSite holds letters that shine a light on a life in Engalnd just before, during and after the Second World War; the earliest was written in 1936, so is over 80 years old; the people mentioned have mostly now been "gathered", so these letters have not been "censored" nor "redacted".

Heather was born in 1915; her sister Betty was born in 1917.  Their elder brother Peter was born in 1913, and, by the time these letters were written, had joined the BSA Police in Southern Rhodesia.

Their father was born in 1857, so was 60 when Betty was born. He had been a career soldier, and had retired before the First World War.  He had met their mother in 1912 on board ship - he, then 55, was travelling to the USA to give a lecture tour, while she, then only 23, had been taken by her father on a cruise to the Caribbean.  They found that they shared a birthday; they fell in love, and were married in October, 1912.

They travelled a lot, and in 1935 had taken their two girls, Heather and Betty, around the world.  And the following year, took them to Africa.  On the voyage home from Capetown, Betty met, on board ship, a man with whom she shared a birthday - his fate was sealed !

They were married five monhs later on 24th September, 1936, and sailed back to Africa, for his career was with the Government of Northern Rhodesia.  She was nineteen; he was twenty-nine.

So Heather, a 21-year-old "girl about town", was mad keen on horses (and young men!), while Betty was living "in the bush" in Darkest Africa, and immediately fell pregnant.  These sisters, who had always been good friends, carried on a correspondence for the next 28 years, until Betty's husband retired and took her back to England again.

This WebSite contains the surviving letters from Heather to Betty, which were kept by Betty.  Betty's letters to Heather have not been found - they were probably destroyed soon after receipt, or after Heather died in 1986.  Betty died in 2004.

Letters will be added as they are transcribed.  It's a slow process, and not high on the list of priorities.  As each is added, a "story" will be posted in the NEWS section.  If you would like to be notified each time, just leave a request on the CONTACT US page.



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