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Glen win signals long awaited haircut for 'keeper Smith!
16 March 2012

Glenorchy's 2-1 victory over Oban Celtic in the opening game of the South Division 1 season was one of great relief for the entire squad, as it represented Glen's first victory in over a year. For one specific player, however, the victory was particularly significant - as it meant he could finally get a haircut!

After two defeats at the start of the Premier League last season, young 'keeper Andrew Smith (20) vowed not to get his hair cut until Glenorchy won a game. Little could he have imagined that it would be over a year before he visited a barbers again, as the Glen lost all 18 of thier league fixtures as well as being knocked out of every cup competition at the first hurdle.

"It started off as a bit of a tongue in cheek comment, but as the defeats piled up I became more and more determined to help us to a win" mused Smith. "The last time we were in the premier league we won at least one game so I was confident i'd be able to get a haircut well before the start of this season!"

Smith eventually ended up with hair so long it started to interfere with his shinty "My fringe become so long I had to pull it out of my eyes every game - a few of the lads were saying I should get a hairband but there was no way I was going down that route! It became a bit of a running joke, I don't think the rest of the team thought I'd go through with it."

Smith's Hair at the start of the Oban Celtic Match

After the opening day victory, Smith went straight to a barbers in Glasgow (where he is a student) to get his resplendant mane cut back.

"When I walked in, there were 2 hairdressers and both of thier faces were a picture when they saw me! I think they were competing to cut their current customers hair as slowly as possible so neither of them had to deal with me!"

After the victory (and a trip to the barbers!)

After this experience, Smith says he's unlikely to make such a wager in future :

"I'll not be doing it again in a hurry! The whole year the lads were ripping into me calling me Simba, Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran! I'm just glad we finally got a win under our belts and hope we can keep going and start a bit of a run."

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