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18 October 2018Reports from two of the Junior Sailors at the RYA Assessment Day at Loch Insh

Stage 4 Assessment Report – Iona Browne

On the 6th of October 2018 four young sailors took part in their stage 4 RYA course in Loch Insh Sailing School and all passed. The sailors were Iona Browne, Lachlann Tippet, Alastair Ritchie and Isaac Baptist. We were paired up to sail together for the day with one pair being Iona and Lachlann and the other being Isaac and Alastair.

The boats we sailed were Fusions which is a two handed sailing dinghy.  This was the first time we had sailed these types of dinghies.  Firstly we had to sail a triangular course and then had to come alongside an anchored boat.  We then had a break to get warmed up before going back out again. 

When we went back out the wind was light however we still managed to do our man overboard drill.  In the afternoon we did some more man overboard practice as the wind was stronger and also more going coming alongside.  

The last thing we did was a turtle which is when your sailing boat goes right over and the sailor has to get it back up as well as getting back into the dinghy.   

Thanks to Sophie our instructor for all her help and guidance, and all mums and dads for taking us there and back.


Stage 4 Assessment Report – Isaac Baptist

The Stage 4 sailing tests were done at Loch Insh on Saturday 6thOctober. Alastair Ritchie, Lachlann Tippett, Iona Browne and I were all there. The weather was so cold there was ice on the boats and the water. The temperature reached 5-7celsius. There was a gentle breeze, only up to 15 to 20 mph, but we got going. We sailed Fusions which are crewed boats with a jib and mainsail. They were great boats to sail.

We had four tasks: sailing round a triangular course, picking up a mooring, coming alongside a boat and righting a totally inverted boat.

We all got wet and a bit cold but overall it was a great day and we all passed the tests to get our Stage 4 certificates. Many thanks to Sophie our instructor and Janet MacLean for organising the day.

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