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The project statement  - to re-assert the integrity of the two open spaces to provide community garden for every resident to use in safety and to ensure open access  - is an aim I wholeheartedly endorse.  

A multi-pronged approach will be needed to turn this wonderful green space from a no-go area into a welcoming area to be enjoyed by all ages.

 I welcome the plan to reinstate railings at least along the London Road boundaries.   Their return would create a stunning visual impact and  enhance this spectacular tree-lined boulevard - one of the finest streets in Edinburgh.  
With generous access points I don't see railings as a barrier.  St Andrew Square is a case in point -  in spite of a history of years of banishment, and in spite of still being enclosed by railings, the public are now freely enjoying the pleasure of the gardens in droves.

There is also the question of funding.  London Road Gardens fall within the Edinburgh World Heritage boundary and funding may be awarded  on conservation merit and may be conditional on re-instatement as original.  

Restoring Royal terrace House to provide a much-needed local meeting place  is an ideal use for an attractive but sadly neglected  feature of the gardens and I look forward to the day when this becomes a reality.

These ideas must be seen as part of a more comprehensive scheme to re-assert the lost integrity of the gardens.    This will involve the co-operation of many organisations  - Local Council ( i.e. Cleansing, Parks Dept., etc.) Lothian & Borders Police, Environmental Groups,  and local residents  - but through time it is to be hoped that the  enthusiasm  and commitment of  everyone will turn London Road Gardens from a seedy haunt of anti-social behaviour into a safe and pleasant oasis to be enjoyed by the whole community.

Ann Stark.

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