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Finally... the results!
30 September 2017

Here are the results From the AHBA trials 23 and 24 - 9- 17

J Williamson's Gus Herding Capability Test leg 1 Boxer

J Goulder's Zandie Herding Trial Arena Dog title Kelpie
Cookie Herding Trial Dog 1 Border collie
Valmis Jupiter HDT3 Border Collie
Chap HDT3 Border collie

D Wild Mac HCD Boxer

L McKinley Cosi HCd title Australian Shepherd

V Wong Blanche HCD title Australian Shepherd 
Cloud JHD Border collie

L Morland Roy HCD Border collie
Nell HTD 3 Border collie
Ted HTD3 Border collie

M Harper Trend JHD Border collie

L Richardson   Mirk   JHD   Border collie

Kylie Birch Finn JHD Australian Cattle dog

M Worcester Pink JHD Border collie

E Gautier Fern HTD3 leg 1 Border collie

S Plumb Tanzi JHD Border collie

To earn the 'title' from the AHBH dogs must have got enough points in two runs under two different judges. if just one run qualifies its recorded as Leg 1 and you can add the next at a different trial. So 16 out 17 earned at least one leg in their class. We also had three Pyrenean sheepdogs who did not enter trials but did a demo run and some instinct testing that quite  impressed the judges. So 19 dogs with 12 handlers supported this new venture.

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