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Hasselt trial
07 May 2014

A Border collie trial was held at Hasselt last weekend... The utubes I have been sent reveal very differant sheep than the ones we normally see on trial utube clips! In groups of 6 as far as I could see, a group, any way,  they were held at the top of the field. Beginner border collie handlers and all breed handlers struggled to settle the sheep and the dogs enough to get any coherant work. With the dogs well off and asked to, and taking, their stops, there were signs that the sheep would have settled enough to get round the course. But they were never going to follow the handlers round like puppies! These were, in my terms, good sheep! But experience is required to handle them.


Don't give up in dispair though! Owning a border collie is not the only key to success! But a full working understanding of sheep, and the dog's relationship with them, is essential. Only working with what you have, and taking on the occasional big challange, as you did this weekend, and learning from it, is! I saw potential succes in all the videos, marred by inexperienced handling, nerves and consequent over excitement and 'takin over' by otherwise well started dogs!


Thanks for sharing your vids!

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