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DNA Health testing for dogs..
18 November 2018


This the link to the DNA testing site, including the 'ISDS@ bundle' as they call it which reduces the cost of the CEA (collie eye anomaly) IGS (the inability to absorb vit B 12) SN (a degerative disease affect puppies and youg dogs) TNS ( the trapping of white blood cells in the bone marrow, so puppies can not fight any infection) dna tests to identiy the defective gene responsible for infected or carrier parents. Using the ISDS 'bundle' commits you to sharing the results with the ISDS, who are careful to remind us that to have a 'carrier' of any inheritable defect does not mean your dog cannot breed, ONLY that partners must be chosen without that particular defect. 


The paper work is not as intimidating as it may look, and the results come back - at least if you opt for the e mail option - within a few days.

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