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09 November 2018
E Hall Tripefactory Mail Order Price List - DEFRA Registered - 50lb from £30 Delivered.
City of Sunderland

We are E Hall Ltd Tripefactory
Established in 1890 and same family owned, originally setup to sell Tripe for Human Consumption, in the 1960s we saw a move to raw feeds as the owner fed his own show dogs.

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Mail Order Boxes
Buy any 2x25lb boxes, pay £10 for delivery.
Single variety or Mix & Match, your choice!

25x1lb Tripe Mince £15.00
25x1lb Chicken Mince £10.00
25x1lb Salmon Mince £12.50
25x1lb Offal £12.50
25x1lb Tripe & Offal £12.50
25x1lb Tripe & Chicken Mince £12.50
25x1lb Tripe & Salmon Mince £12.50
25x1lb Chicken & Salmon Mince £12.50
25x1lb Rabbit £25.00
25x1lb Tongue £25.00
25x1lb Heart £17.50

Breeder, Dog Handler, Gamekeeper pallets
**Free 24 Hour Pallet Delivery**
Go for a set pallet or mix and match, your choice.

1000x1lb Tripe £600
1000x1lb Chicken £400
1000x1lb Tripe & Chicken £500
1000x1lb Tripe & Salmon £500

Smaller Pallets 150lb to 750lb. Meat price plus £35-40 delivery cost.

Treats available (On pallets only)
2KG White Fish Pieces £2.00
5x Chicken Carcasses £2.50
4-5 Small Mackerel in a Bag £1.00
Salmon Heads £1.00 each, 10 for £8, 20 for £14

Price List
1lb Chicken Mince 40p/lb
1lb Tripe Mince 60p/lb
1lb Salmon Mince 50p/lb
1lb Offal Mince 50p/lb
1lb Rabbit Mince £1/lb
1lb Tongue Chunks £1/lb
1lb Heart Chunks 70p/lb
1lb Tripe & Chicken 50p/lb
1lb Tripe & Salmon 50p/lb
1lb Tripe & Offal 50p/lb
1lb Chicken & Salmon 50p/lb

Our main despatch day is Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. If this does not suit you please contact us.

We take Paypal or Bank Transfer when you receive the goods, not before.

**Do not be fooled by our low prices, we have a strong reputation of supplying quality meats, our stock is refreshed daily. You are buying direct from the manufacturer, cut out the middle man, we pass the savings directly onto the customer.**

E Halls Tripefactory Sunderland
Telephone 0191 565 6370

DEFRA Number 30/764/8006

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