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Group Fund Raising

Help us to raise funds the easy way.

Watch out for details of fund raising from all sections and whole group activities as the hut is in need of urgent repair, which costs money!!

 YOU can Help!


Vouchers are available for collection
(1 per £10 spent, from the 11th February until the 3rd June 2009)
at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Choice and online.
find more details here

 Please deposit yours at the Scout Hut at every visit, and don’t forget to ask family & friends to. Literally EVERY ONE counts!


  • Aluminium Cans

  • Broken and/or unwanted jewelry

  • MOBILE Phones

  • EMPTY INK Cartridges

Crushed Aluminium Cans

Please bring us all your clean crushed can, preferably a carrier bag full at a time  -  we have someone who will pay us good money for them to be re-cycled!


We want your old, broken and/or unwanted jewellery. Please let any leader have your donation; we can get it recycled AND raise funds for the group! 
Come on now...start hunting through those drawers!

  MOBILE Phones

Bring us all the no longer used mobile phones that you, your relatives and friends have laying about in the back of a drawer and we can turn them into cash for the group.

EMPTY INK Cartridges

Likewise bring us all the empty ink cartridges that you can find, these are another great way of raising funds, with little effort.

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