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tesco vouchers
We are now collecting Tesco vouchers for the group. The collection box will be in the hut shortly.
Thank you
Posted by Denise on 11 March 2009
County Cooking Competition
On behalf of Bride Valley Scout Group in West Dorset, well done on winning the County Cooking Competition, and we wish you good luck in the Regional Cooking Competition.
Posted by Ash on 24 February 2009
Thank you everyone for your messages regarding the cooking comp.
I know that Sam, Jessica, Mathew and Emily (sadly Katrina not able to attend)are hoping that they can bring the trophy back to Dorset. We will post the details on this site for you all to see.
thanks again
Denise ASL
Posted by on 27 February 2009
County cooking comp
Feb 22nd, county cooking comp. This year we have Sam, Jessica ,Mathew and Katrina competing do their best. And hopefully i will get to take the shield to be engraved again,with 9th Bournemouth. Good luck.And enjoy the day guys.
Posted by Denise (mumzie) on 18 January 2009
Well Done for Winning the County Cooking Competition. Good Luck for the Regional Cooking Competition in 2 weeks time. Try your hardest and bring the Trophy back to Dorset.
Posted by Joker on 22 February 2009
Town Cooking Comp
Well done to sam, jess, mathew and katrina on winning the stour district cooking comp. On saturday 15th nov.
Now looking forward to county cooking comp next year.
Posted by Denise (mumzie) on 16 November 2008
camping comp
Good luck to sam, rachel, jessica, martyn, mathew and kirsty this weekend at the camping comp.
Posted by Denise on 07 May 2008
Well done to all for managing an overall third place. A young team that will no doubt go far as they can only get better!
Posted by Mufasa on 17 May 2008
Cooking Competition
Posted on 20 February 2008
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Posted on 03 June 2007
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Posted on 17 January 2007
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Posted on 30 October 2006

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