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Welcome to the web site of 23 PFA living history group

The aim of the group is to portray the historical image of the unit during the years from the 1985 - 1999 to the best of our abilities and hopefully by doing so we shall educate the general public, both visually and verbally as to what the unit did and was capable of doing whilst deployed on operations throughout the world, be they in a conflict role or providing humanitarian aid to the local population. .

We aim to present the unit in a “Living History” format, so that the general public can see medics attached to 5 Airborne Brigade set up in a life like diorama to illustrate a working military medical facility as it would have been, warts and all.

Who are we?

We are just a group of ordinary people with a desire to give as accurate a portrayal as possible of the  British Airborne Forces RAMC medical units attached to 5 AIRBORNE BRIGADE during the “Cold War” and preceding years. 

Our members come from all walks of life including, Nursing, Ambulance service, Tree Surgeon, Factory worker, Education, retired, Service personnel, etc. We also have ex serving soldiers and RAMC medics, as well as Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps nurses as part of our group of enthusiastic historians.

Although we portray a Army field medical unit and indeed have a huge amount of medical knowledge between us all, it doesn’t ultimately follow that you must have some form of medical experience in order to join our group of living historians.  We welcome anyone with a genuine interest in the Medical Corps during the “Cold War” era.

So please feel free to contact us if you feel you may like to join us or have some help and advice you would like to ask for or share.


How do we hope to achieve our aims?

Primarily we shall be putting a living history display on at public shows throughout the year with the intention of showing the general public as best we can, what an actual Airborne Medical Unit looked like in the field and what type of equipment, both medical and non medical was carried and used by those soldiers, from dressings to tea pots.

We are lucky enough to have former serving soldiers, military medics, signallers, nurses and army catering corps personnel who should be able to pass on information or answer any questions posed in both an enlightening and fun manner. Contrary to popular believe our Cooks are pretty good and again can give an insight into the issues of feeding both medics and casualties etc on operations and tricks of the trade in how to cook without common household utensils.

Our intention is "NOT" to glorify War, but rather to give an informed insight into another side of War, one which in fact is often overlooked and under appreciated.



Our intention is to portray the medical unit 23 PFA with a "LIVING HISTORY" display only. With the exception of one member of the group, no one has earned there Maroon beret attending Pre Parachute Selection training (P COY) or attended thereafter No.1 Parachute Training School (No.1 PTS) at RAF Brize Norton nor served with 23 PFA. We are "NOT" Para trained soldiers of the RAMC although some of our members do have a military background with other British Army units.

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